Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Canaans Worries

As he was on his way towards the Crouching Dragon Range, he calculated his total income.

He had sold the five pieces of equipment at 42,000, 100 Experience Pills at 500,000, a Level 30 White-Silver Undead Set at 800,000, the Guild Building Order at 7,000,000 and including the ticket money that Uncle Fu had in his possession after minus the cost, his total income this time was 8,387,000gp. It was equal to 8,387,000 yuan.

“I never thought I would earn almost ten million by just playing a game in less than half a month. Looks like this game had formed its own unique economy.”

He understood it after he gave it some thought. This game was the first holographic virtual reality game, its realism had reached 99%. It’s like humanity’s second world.

Including the importance that was attached to it by each country, the game’s value had increased by manifold. As time went by, it was possible for this game to really develop its own economics.

Of course, it was all thanks to the Monster Transmutation System that allowed him to earn so much money. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be that powerful. Perhaps he would be like the other players. Not only could he not earn any money, but he would also have to spend a lot.

At this stage, there were very few that had earned any money from the game. Like other games, only those that were the best could have earned money. Unless they had exceptional luck, normal players couldn’t earn any at all. In fact, it was quite possible for them to lose money instead.

Looking at the eight million gp, he gave it a thought and then upgraded the Imperial Dragon Auction House. He spent three million to upgrade it into a golden shop and spent another one million to expand its size.

While he was very rich, he had never thought of simply keeping the money and not using them. After all, he was a university student with excellent grades, and he knew that only by utilizing the money he had could he earn even more. If he saved them, they would simply lose value, and became less and less.

Upgrading the shop and expanding its size can be done using the Shop Management Panel. Very quickly, after spending four million, his shop began to go through a massive change.

The inconspicuous Imperial Dragon Auction house was now at the central locations of the Central Business District. Its size had also increased from two floors to five floors.

After the shop’s size was expanded, the Imperial Dragon Auction House had also become much more varied in its operation.

The first floor was the equipment area. The second floor was the pills area. And the third, fourth, fifth floors had become the auction area.

The fourth and fifth were all rooms, and there were a hundred of them. The third floor was an auction hall with levels of seating in a tiered arrangement that could seat around 5,000.

After upgrading the shop, he then spent another three million and bought Uncle Fu and Daji.

“I never thought that buying out a steward and auctioneer with an advanced A.I. would be so expensive. 1.5 million each!” Jiang Feng mumbled to himself after buying Uncle Fu and Daji. Regardless, he spent the money without hesitation. To him, Uncle Fu and Daji could bring him even greater wealth.

Looking at his remaining 1,387,000gp, he gave it some thought and saved one million in the auction house for Uncle Fu’s use. That was for buying some high-level, high-quality ores for his smithing use.

As for the remaining 387,000, he converted 300,000 into yuan and was left with 87,000.

“Whew. I’m instantly broke again. Earning money is quite hard, but it’s so easy to spend them all!” He looked at the 87,000 n his inventory and lament with a bitter smile.

Then he remembered something and grinned wickedly. “It’s fine. It wouldn’t be long until Canaan Guild sends me some money again.”

The reason he said that was because of the Guild Building Order.

Since Canaan Guild had received the Guild Building Order, then they would find a place to build their base as soon as possible. Once their base had been built, they would need to defend against monsters attacking their base.

Myth Group, Tianxia Gang, Lingyun Pavillion, and other major guilds wouldn’t allow her to simply build the game’s first guild base, and would definitely attack alongside the monsters.

At that time, Canaan Guild wouldn’t be able to stand against them. They would definitely ask for help from other guilds.

Then, all he needed to do was to appear and ask for an enormous amount of ransom, then lead the monsters to slaughter all those from the other guilds.

In truth, he already had a plan in his heart when he saw Shen Ye bidding for the Guild Building Order.

A plan to weaken the Divine and Infernal forces.

As soon as the attack on the base began, he could appear using his form as a monster when Canaan was defending her base. He could freely massacre the players to take their equipment and gain a sizeable amount of experience points as well as honor points.

Of course, he wouldn’t allow Canaan Guild to have no losses at all. That was only for him to fulfill his own needs and for his sole benefits. He wouldn’t bet his life to protect the base. As long as the base remained standing in the end and he had weakened all the guilds, he would have achieved his objective.

If he could accomplish that, then the powers of the players from the Divine and Infernal faction could not keep up with him in the short term. And with his levels far surpassing everyone, he would be at an advantageous position at the coming Great Divine-Infernal War.

“I’m sorry, Canaan. You’re very smart, but in order to restore the Shifters, I’m afraid that I’ll have to use all of you! My apologies in advance!” Jiang Feng smiled even brighter as he thought of this.

Suddenly, he felt that he was quite a schemer. But he loved the feeling of having everything under his control.

“I have to recruit some powerful followers before the Canaan Guild could complete their guild base. One I have cleared the Cave of the Undead, I need to go find some followers!” He mumbled as he increased his movement speed, running quickly towards the Cave of the Undead.

Imperial Dragon City, Canaan Guild’s Shop. All of Canaan Guild’s high-level members were celebrating.

“Yay~ Sis Li is the best! She managed to get the first Guild Building Order!” Han Qianqian happily said.

“Big Sis is so good!” Nangong Tiaotiao was also happy on Canaan’s behalf.

Many of the high-level members congratulated Canaan, but she didn’t smile. Instead, she was getting serious.

“Sis Li, what’s going on? You’re not happy that we had the first Guild Building Order? Or is 7 million too much? That’s right, 7 million was not a negligible amount. You can even buy a house in the capital city” Han Qianqian mumbled as she saw Canaan wasn’t that cheerful.

“Enough.” Mo Yi, who was sitting by the side, stared at Han Qianqian. He was also not thrilled at all.

Han Qianqian looked at Canaan, Mu Xi, and Mo Yi. Seeing that they were all serious, she asked in confusion, “What’s with all of you?”

Other than Canaan and Mu Xi, Mo Yi was the smartest out of the high-level members. He looked at Han Qianqian, then the other high-level members who were similarly confused. He then explained, “All of you really think that we can become the game’s number 1 guild after we obtained the Guild Making Order? You’ve been daydreaming. Even without calculating how much money we need to spend to build the guild base, once we have finished building it, monsters will appear to attack us. It was obvious what Shen Ye wanted when he gave up in the bidding. He didn’t want money and didn’t want us to build the game’s first guild base, so when the monsters attack the base, they would definitely attack us as well. We would then be in grave danger. Can you still smile now?”

“Um” Han Qianqian and the other listened to Mo Yi’s explanation, and all went silent. The atmosphere became instantly listless.

Canaan was quiet for a bit, then stood up. “Mo Yi, I’ll leave the base building to you. I’ll transfer the money to you later, I’m going to log out for a moment.”

With that, Canaan had logged out from the game.

“What is Sis Li going?” Han Qianqian asked.

“Sell her car! Sell her house! Get some outside help. Mo Yi, you are Lili’s smartest cousin You have to do your best,” Mu Xi said as she left the shop together with Nangong Tiaotiao.

“Sell her car? Sell her house? Did Sis Li have to go so far?” Han Qianqian couldn’t understand due to her lack of sophistication.

Mo Yi rolled his eyes at her and said, “Sis Li has bet everything she had on this for her happiness. We can’t be a burden to her. Come on, let’s go find a place to build our base!”