Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Transmuting The Skeletal Knight Lord

After running for a while, Jiang Feng had finally arrived close to the Cave of the Undead.

As the fourth floor of the cave had been unlocked, and that it had dropped a set of level 30 White-Silver Undead Set which was sold for a high price at 800,000, it had caused an influx of players rushing into the Cave of the Undead with the hope of getting a set of high-quality Undead Set either for their own use or to be sold.

“If only the monsters could wear equipment like the Dark Shadow. Then they can all use Invisibility, and there was no need for them to hide here and there.” He smiled helplessly when he saw the number of players. He blinked into the first floor and quickly used the fifth floor’s key to enter the fifth floor.

Once he entered the Cave’s fifth floor, he could see a hundred Skeletal Knights not far away.

Skeletal Knight: Level 35 Monster

HP: 150,000

Attack: 1,600 ~ 1,800

Defense: 1,000

Skill: Bull Rush

“Skeletal Knights? Didn’t expect them to have that much HP. There were one tier higher than the level 30 Skeleton Soldiers. It’s going to take more effort in killing them.” Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at their stats.

However, he didn’t start killing the monsters but looked for the Donghuang Bell fragment on the fifth floor.

Through the use of the Divine Fate Compass last time, he knew that there was a piece of the Donghuang Bell fragment somewhere within the Cave of the Undead. He couldn’t find it on the first four floors, then it must be in the fifth.

He frowned. He had scoured the fifth floor, and yet he couldn’t find the fragment.


It was at this moment that his sight was locked at giant Skeletal Knight in the middle of the group of Skeletal Knights.

A round-shaped Donghuang Bell Fragment was lodged into the front of his breastplate.

Skeletal Knight Lord: Level 40 Boss

HP: 500,000

Attack: 3,200-3,500

Defense: 2,000

Skill: Bull Rush, Trample, Leadership, Sky-Piercing Slash

“No wonder I couldn’t find the Donghuang Bell fragment. It was on it all along. Looks like I’ll have to clear this stage.”

He was overjoyed when he saw the fragment on the Skeletal Knight Lord. He then summoned Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Thunderclap Mantis, and attacked the monster.

The Thunderclap Mantis was already at Level 18, but its attack was only in the 900s. However, it had extremely high mobility.

The reason that he summoned the Thunderclap Mantis was not for it to attack the monsters, but it was to use its high mobility to lure a monster over. He would then kill it together with Yanhu and Heifeng.

The level of the monsters here was too high. He couldn’t do what he did earlier and lured a small group of them. He had to kill them one by one. It was safer that way.

Under his control, the Thunderclap Mantis flew towards a Skeletal Knight. Once it was within its aggro radius, it would quickly retreat as the Skeletal Knight gave chase.

Once the Skeletal Knight had reached them, he would violently push himself off the ground using his dragon claws, jumped high, and bashed the Skeletal Knight’s head using his Dragonball. Yanhu’s and Heifeng’s attacks would also hit the Skeletal Knight around the same time.

The Skeletal Knight fell onto the ground in less than a minute as they continuously attacked it.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have gained a bag of virus and a Level 35 Experience Pill.

“Let’s continue!”

With that, the Thunderclap Mantis lured another monster over. One of his claws would bash it using the Dragonball while his other claw would strike at the Skeletal Knight, increasing the efficiency of his attack.

If he only used the Dragonball to attack from range, he would deal less damage per second. That was why he had the Thunderclap Mantis to lure the monster over.

In less than two hours, they had cleared the Skeletal Knights on the fifth floor. Only the Skeletal Knight Lord was left.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 23. You have received 3 free attribute points.

In less than half a day, he had managed to increase another level. Looking at the level leaderboard, he had the confidence that he could surpass those in front of him in a day or two.

Other than his level being increased by 1, he had also obtained two pieces of Level 35 White Silver equipment from the Undead Set.

“To think that I could only transmute two of the set pieces from the Undead Set after transmuting 99 Skeletal Knights. Looks like the higher level it is, the harder it is to farm!” He said disappointingly as he looked at the outerwear and the boots in his spatial bracelet.

“Both of you restore your HP. The Skeletal Knight Lord is going to be a tough boss to fight. Once your HP is almost empty, quickly retreat. Don’t die!” Jiang Feng warned Yanhu and Heifeng and gave them a Large Recovery Pill each as he stopped sulking in his disappointment.

When Yanhu and Heifeng both had recovered their HP fully, he then used the Dragonball in his hand and whacked the Skeletal Knight Lord with it.


The Skeletal Knight Lord’s Defense was very high. His Attack, nearing 3,000 could only deal around 1,000 damage to it.

“Foul vermin, die!”

Being attacked, the Skeletal Knight Lord let out a chilling cry and bolted towards him riding its skeletal horse

“That’s so fast!”

Seeing that the Skeletal Knight Lord had reached him in just the blink of an eye, Jiang Feng was taken by surprise but managed to quickly use High-Speed Movement to move out of the way of the Skeletal Knight Lord’s attack. At the same time, he went behind it and attacked.



The skeletal horse let out a high neigh, raised its forelimbs, turned, and slammed on him, causing around 2,000 damage.

“Damn it!”

Jiang Feng cursed under his breath and took a Small Recover Pill, and once again attacked the Skeletal Knight Lord. At the same time, he activated all his skills on it. “Requiem! Tornado! Tiger Roar”




All the skills had caused around 10,000 worth of damage to the Skeletal Knight Lord.

And when the Skeletal Knight Lord was still stuck in the Tornado, Yanhu, Heifeng, and he quickly attacked.

Unfortunately, Yanhu and Heifeng could barely breach the Skeletal Knight Lord’s defense. They didn’t damage him much, and most of the damage was dealt by Jiang Feng.

“Sky-Piercing Slash!”

The moment that the Skeletal Knight Lord escaped the Tornado, it used its ultimate attack when it fell from the sky.






Before Jiang Feng, Yanhu and Heifeng could avoid the attack, the Skeletal Knight Lord’s attack had reached them. Three high damage values floated off their heads, causing them to enter a daze for two seconds.

During his daze, Jiang Feng could feel the pain being inflicted on his body. He knew that the Skeletal Knight Lord was viciously attacking him.


The moment that he escaped from the Daze status, he quickly blinked behind the Skeletal Knight Lord and took a Large Recovery Pill.

Because of the Skeletal Knight Lord’s attacks, his HP had dropped by 20,000. He could be killed if he was any slower.

“Yanhu, Heifeng! You two focus on interrupting it! Forget about damage, I’ll take care of it!” Jiang Feng said to Yanhu and Heifeng, then quickly used Transmute Monster on the Skeletal Knight Lord.

“Transmute, damn it!”

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster failed.

The Skeletal Knight Lord was stunned for a brief moment when the flames from Transmute Monster were enveloping it, and Jiang Feng aggressively launched the Dragonball in his claw toward it.

While the flames from Transmute Monster couldn’t cause it any damage, it could at least interrupt it.

Not to mention that if he did succeed, he wouldn’t need to fight cautiously afterward.

In order to prevent himself from being attacked by the Skeletal Knight Lord, he wouldn’t dare letting it get close to him. He stood far away, using the Dragonball to kite it, and used Transmute Monster to disrupt it every once in a while.

The fight lasted very long, for almost two hours. He had used Transmute Monster for about a hundred times. Only when the Skeletal Knight Lord’s HP was less than half did he successfully transmute it. During the battle, there were a few times when he was almost killed. He had even prepared the Life Prolonging Pill.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have received one bag of virus, one piece of equipment, one skill book, one piece of Donghuang Bell fragment, and one Level 40 Experience Pill.

Ding! Server announcement: All five floors of the Cave of the Undead are now unlocked.

“Whew~ I managed to get another piece of the fragments. There were still 31 out there. Once I’m done with the Chinese Ghost Story plot quest, I should go seek out the other fragments,” he mumbled to himself and looked at his loot this time.

The Level 35 White-Silver Undead Set’s weapon was dropped, and there was another skill book. It was a welcomed surprise.

Sky-Piercing Slash: Active Skill. Deal 200% of base damage to all enemies in front of you who are within a 60-degree angle.

Prerequisite: Warrior Classes.

“This is a great skill! Unfortunately, I can’t learn it. I guess I can only sell it then,” he put away the skill book and the equipment, then looked at the bag of virus in his hand confusingly. “What’s the use of this bag of virus? Why didn’t it have any effect on my enemies when I scattered them? Maybe I have to throw them into the enemy’s mouth? Or turn them into pills?”

He had used the bags of virus when he was fighting the monsters earlier, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any effect every time. This made him feel helpless.

“That’s fine, next time I should try throwing it into the mouth of the enemy,” Jiang Feng shook his head as he put away the bag of virus. He then looked at the time and mumbled, “There’s still around eight hours before I have to meet up with Ning Caichen. I should go and capture some minions, and fuse the Thunderclap Mantis with other monsters when I’m working on that at the same time.”

With that, he opened the map and took a peek. He then left the Cave of the Undead.