Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Surrender Or Die

Crouching Dragon Range, Level 30 Brutish Gorilla territory.

Jiangfeng, Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Thunderclap Mantis had torn through the Brutish Gorilla territory and finally found the Brutish Gorilla King.

Brutish Gorilla King: Level 35 Rank 6 Boss

HP: 350,000

Attack: 2,5002,700

Defense: 1,500

Skill: Heavy Slam, Shockwave

“Brutish Gorilla King! Surrender or die!”

Jiang Feng raised his dragon head and held his Dragonball, and yelled at the Brutish Gorilla King as he lay on a tree.

“Roar! So what if you’re a dragon? If you want me to surrender, show me your power!”

The Brutish Gorilla King said to him, let out a howl, and tore toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng looked at it and violently launched the Dragonball in its claw towards the Brutish Gorilla King!

In less than an hour, the Brutish Gorilla King who had only a bit of life left cowered on the ground and said, “If you can make me even stronger, I am willing to follow you!”

Greenwind Ridge, Level 25 Poisonous Scorpion territory.

Jiang Feng yelled out coldly, “Poisonous Scorpion King. Surrender or die!”

Poisonous Scorpion King: “Die!”

Half an hour later, Jiang Feng used Transmute Monster on both the Poisonous Scorpion King and the Thunderclap Mantis.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful!

After fusing with the Poisonous Scorpion King, the Thunderclap Mantis’s had grown a long, poisonous tail. Its stats had also been greatly boosted.

Deep within the Twilight Forest, Level 30 Blackscaled Python territory.

Jiang Feng held the corpse of a Blackscaled Python in its claw and said to the Blackscaled Python King, “Blackscaled Python King, surrender or die!”

The Blackscaled Python King, which was about 33 meters long, looked at Jiang Feng with a sneer. “A mere wyrmling like you dared to challenge me? I shall swallow you whole, and transform into a dragon!”

One hour later, Jiang Feng used Transmute Monster on the Blackscaled Python King and the Thunderclap Mantis.

After fusing with the Blackscaled Python King, tiny black scales began to form all over the Thunderclap Mantis body. Its stats had once again been increased.

Xiling Valley, Level 30 Fire Ape territory.

Jiang Feng said to the Fire Ape King, “Fire Ape King, surrender or”

“I surrender!” The Fire Ape King did not let Jiang Feng finish his sentence and kneeled before him, surrendering to Jiang Feng.

“Um Why did you surrender that fast?” Jiang Feng was startled and asked it in confusion.

“All the Level 30 territory kings that are rank 5 or 6 in the Crouching Dragon Range, Twilight Forest, Xiling Valley, and Greenwind Ridge were either killed or surrendered to you. I don’t want to die, so I might as well just surrender!” The Fire Ape King cried.

“Oh? How did you know?” Jiang Feng asked inquisitively.

“Boss, all the territorial rulers could freely communicate with each other. The news had already spread. It would be difficult for you to find any other territorial kings as they had all hid somewhere by now,” Yanhu explained to Jiang Feng.

“I see. Well, we’re almost out of time anyway. Let’s finish the plot quest first and we can continue recruiting some more followers when we go to other cities.”

With that, Jiang Feng then put away the Fire Ape King and fifty Fire Apes into the Qiankun Gourd.

After seven or eight hours, Jiang Feng had gone to the four territories around the Imperial Dragon City and killed five Level 30 and Level 35 bosses and recruited three bosses, and his level had increased to 24.

The three bosses were the Brutish Gorilla King, which he gave the name Manwang. The Fire Ape King was given the name Houwang. The Crimsongold Rat King was given the name Haozi.

Every time he recruited a boss, he would recruit another fifty of the boss’s common variant.

Other than Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Thunderclap Mantis, there were three more bosses and 150 normal monsters that were in the Qiankun Gourd.

The other five bosses that he killed, he had used Transmute Monster to fuse them with the Thunderclap Mantis. He had succeeded four times and failed once.

The Thunderclap Mantis that had fused with four bosses had become very powerful. More powerful than Yanhu and Heifeng.

It was a Rank 8 monster after all, and it had gained more stats when it fused.

Of course, if the Thunderclap Mantis didn’t consume any higher level Bloodlines, its Bloodline growth could not keep up with that of Yanhu and Heifeng.

Thunderclap Mantis: Level 23 Rank 8 Monster

HP: 150,000.

Attack: 2,5002,700.

Defense: 1,100.

Skills: Thunder Slash, Poison Sting, Phantom

After recruiting three followers, the Thunderclap Mantis had finally frowned. He looked at the cooldown on Polymorph. The timing was just right.

The last time he polymorphed was last night around 8 p.m. So if he added the time he spent on the auction, the time he farmed on the fifth floor, his downtime to eat, and his time spent on recruiting followers, it was almost around twenty hours. He could polymorph again soon.

He put away all his followers and shape shifted into human form. He wore the Dark Shadow mask, and then took out and used a Town Portal Scroll to return to the Imperial Dragon City. He then headed towards the Teleportation Circle and used it to go to Luzhou City.

Luzhou City was also one of the thirty-six main cities. However, it was not as popular as the Imperial Dragon City. There weren’t many players on the streets.

He looked at his map and quickly made his way to Lanruo Temple once he found it on his map.

Lanruo Temple was located at the foot of Mount Xiling. All the monsters here were Level 30 and of the spirit type. That meant ghosts and whatnot.

And that was why the area was dark and spooky. While it was still morning according to the game time, it was night here. The sky was pitch black, and a chilling wind would howl at times, causing him to become stressed.

Just when he was on his way, he passed by a graveyard. He looked at the tombstones in the graveyard and gulped. Just as he was making his way forward, white shadows appeared from the tombstones, scaring him.

“Oh, my god”

Wraith: Level 30 Monster

HP: 150,000

Attack: 1,7001,900

Defense: 800

“The way they designed the The horror atmosphere is fairly good.”

Looking at the wraiths that were floating in front of him, he made his way around the wraiths’ aggro area and made his way to Lanruo Temple.

It didn’t take him long to see a group of Ghost Wolves. They were ones that had a ghost’s face imprinted on their forehead and were very strong.

They did not have any aggro radius and would attack anyone they see.

But he did not fight with the group of Ghost Wolves. He used the Invisibility skill of the Dark Shadow and passed through the Ghost Wolves’ territory.

He climbed up towards Mount Xiling’s peak for a little more while and finally saw an abandoned temple.

In front of the temple was a ruined stone market, and on it was written “Lanruo Temple.”

In front of the Lanruo Temple under a great tree, Ning Caichen was tying a knot on a branch using a piece of white cloth, his face full of sorrow.

Just when he made his way there, he saw Ning Caichen had put his neck through the loop made from the white fabric, and kicked away the rock that he was standing on. Instantly, his body was hanging on the white fabric, his tongue sticking out as his hands struggled beside him.

“Damn it! I was only late for a minute. Do you have to commit suicide because of that?!”

Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng cursed under his breath as he took a sword out from his inventory and slashed the fabric. The fabric was torn apart and Ning Caichen fell onto the ground.

“Cough Why did you save me? I couldn’t save Xiao Qian! Why don’t you just let me die so I can become a ghost and accompany her” Ning Caichen cried out as he coughed while holding his neck after he fell to the ground.

‘Um This is the first time I had heard of an NPC committing suicide because of love.’

Jiang Feng looked at the weeping Ning Caichen speechlessly, and then quickly comforted him, “Don’t cry. Didn’t you get the Red Sun Sword? Why didn’t you manage to save Xiao Qian? Why don’t you tell me what had happened?”