Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Xiao Lans Wiles

After he had questioned him, he finally discovered why Ning Caichen was going to commit suicide.

After Ning Caichen had gotten the Red Sun Sword, he then came back happily and gave it to the Taoist that was training at Lanruo Temple, Yan Chixia.

Yan Chiaxia swore that he would defeat Laolao, the Grandmother, and save Xiao Qian.

Unfortunately, not only did not save Xiao Qian, even Yan Chixia himself was captured. This had caused Ning Caichen, who had nothing left, to fall into despair. That was why he was seeking to end his life.

After listening to what had happened before this, Jiang Feng finally understood what was going on here.

The plots main quest was to save Xiao Qian. Of course, if he was late, Ning Caichen would die and the entire quest would end in failure. Perhaps he would need to trigger the quest again, meaning that him forging the Red Sun Sword earlier would be a waste.

Luckily, he wasnt too late and was able to save Ning Caichen before he could kill himself and gave him hope and triggered the rest of the quest.

"Young warrior, since you are that powerful, you can save Xiao Qian, cant you?" Ning Caichen grabbed Jiang Fengs arm after speaking with him. He looked at him with hope burning in his eyes.

"Of course I will, but you have to tell me how strong is Laolao," Jiang Feng said to him with confidence.

With his followers and the plot quest being for those in the twenties and thirties, he believed that it shouldnt be too difficult for him. However, he still needed to know the strength of the boss of the plot quest.

"Laolao is very powerful. You are no match for her with your current strength. Also, we do not know where the Laolao has imprisoned Xiao Qian. So, we need to first save Yan Chixia, then ask him if he managed to find out where Xiao Qian is. Also, if we could save Yan Chixia, we should be able to defeat Laolao if the two of you fight her together!" Ning Caichen said to Jiang Feng.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on triggering the first stage of the Chinese Ghost Story plot quest, Saving Yan Chixia. Will you accept it?


As one of the ten main plot quests within the game, the final rewards would undoubtedly be very good. How could he refuse?

After accepting the quest, he looked at his Quest Panel.

A Chinese Ghost Story, Saving Yan Chixia: One of the Ten Main Plot Quests.

Yan Chixia had promised to help Ning Caichen to save Xiao Qian, but he fell into the machinations of Laolao, the Grandmother. He is now trapped in a small house in the lake and is guarded by a group of evil spirits.

A small house in the lake? Evil Spirits?

"Looks like I have to start with the small house in the lake," He muttered as he looked at the quests description.

"Young warrior, I had yet to repay you for helping me forge the Red Sun Sword. I have not rewarded you for that, and I am already in need of your aid again. This bottle of Dragons Blood should be of value to you, and its the only thing that I can give you right now."

As soon as he accepted the quest, Ning Caichen gave Jiang Feng a glass bottle the size of his thumb.

Dragons Blood?"

The moment that Jiang Feng heard the words Dragons Blood, it overwhelmed him with excitement and he accepted the glass bottle with the Dragons Blood from Ning Caichen.

White Dragon Blood: Immortal-Level Bloodline

Introduction: One month ago, a White Dragon fought with an Infernal General in the skies above Lanruo Temple and was severely injured. Its blood dropped from the skies and Ning Caichen had harvested five drops of the blood.

Immortal-Level Bloodline? While it cannot be compared to a Divine Dragons blood, it should allow my Dragon Bloodline and its purity to reach 100%. Then, I can evolve again!"

As he thought about it, he uncorked the glass bottle and drank a drop of blood without hesitation.

Next, he felt a burning sensation in his body, but it had quickly gone away just as quickly it had come

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. Your Dragon Bloodline has reached 20%, purity has reached 20%.

As I thought. Only with the five drops of Immortal-Level Dragon Blood could bring my bloodline and purity to 100%. If Im correct, the rewards for the Plot Quests would always be something that the player that accepted the quest needs, Jiang Feng thought to himself as he listened to the systems notification.

Jiang Feng then consumed all the White Dragon Blood so that his bloodline and purity would reach 100%. He then turned to Ning Caichen and said, "Brother Ning, wait here while I save Yan Chixia and ask him of Xiao Qians whereabouts."

"Young warrior, please be careful!" Ning Caichen nodded and said to Jiang Feng, then headed towards the giant tree in front of Lanruo Temple. He then stood there and mumbled continuously, "Xiao Qian, Xiao Qian, where are you"

Looking at Ning Caichen stuck in his own thoughts, he shook his head and headed into Lanruo temple.

When inside, his mind kept on thinking.

"A Chinese Ghost Story is a classical fantasy story, so my guess is that Laolao is not the final boss. The Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountains should be the last boss. I wonder if they would add other plot elements into this. If they did, then this would become much more complex."

As he walked, a shadow of white flashed in front of him.

He gave it a harder look and saw a beautiful woman dressed in white satin appear before him. She was laying on the ground woefully, and said to him in a pitiful tone, "Young sir, I have lost my way. It is so scary here, can you accompany me on my way home?"

Ding! System prompt: You have been Charmed by Xiao Lan. Duration of 10 minutes. The Charm status would be removed if attacked. Due to your special condition, the Charm effects duration is 1 minute.

Hearing Xiao Lans voice, Jiang Feng felt his head in a daze. He walked towards Xiao Lan, and said to her in a monotone voice, "Yes."

He walked next to Xiao Lan and helped her up carefully, then headed deeper into the Lanruo temple being helped by Xiao Lan.

Ding. System prompt: Charm status has expired!

After one minute, Jiang Fengs mind was cleared. However, he did not show it. Instead, he followed Xiao Lan stiffly and glanced at her.

Xiao Lan: Level 35 Female Ghost

Introduction: A female ghost nurtured by Laolao, the Grandmother, with the aim of charming men.

Hit Points: 180,000

Attacks: 1,4001,600

Defense: 800

Skills: Charm, Drain Blood, Illusion

While Xiao Lans stats werent that high, she had plenty of skills. And all of them were high-level skills.

"As expected of Laolaos servant. This plot was quite similar to what had happened in a Chinese Ghost Story."

Looking at Xiao Lan swaying her hips, he gulped.

He felt a bit hot watching the scene in front of him as he was still a virgin.

It made him very surprised that he would have this kind of reaction inside the game. He thought to himself, Can I really do that kind of thing in the game? Looks like I might have a use for that. I wonder if I could use it on an NPC?

He looked at Xiao Lan and wanted to try the Youth Stealing Technique[1] on her to see how much effect it had.

While he had a reaction towards a bunch of data, he only treated it as a purely biological reaction. It was the kind of feeling when you looked at that kind of video. He wouldnt fall for some data, just as he wouldnt fall for an adult video actress.

"If the Youth-Stealing Technique could really increase my stats, I should give it a try. Since this is just a game, she was a data, and I am a data too!"

The Youth-Stealing Technique was a Divine-level skill. His guess was that once the skill was triggered, his stats would increase greatly. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to try!

[1] It should be The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy. The author used the term Youth-Stealing Technique and The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy interchangeably (probably because its full name is a mouthful).