Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 79

Chapter 79 The Powerful Youth Stealing Technique

Ill do it!

After giving it much thought, he had still decided to try the Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy.

Other than his biological needs, his other temptation was power.

The ghost Xiao Lan was also part of this plot, and her main goal was to lure him to the small house in the lake.

He followed behind Xiao Lan, and exited the Lanruo Temple and arrived at a lake.

The lake wasnt large, and it was settled in a gap at the foot of the mountains.

There was a huge Locust Tree, and on the branches of the Locust Tree was a small wooden house. When they said that it was a small house in the lake, they didnt mean it literally and that the house was at the center of the lake. What they meant was that it was on a Locust Tree by the lake.

Xiao Lan pulled his hand and jumped, landing on the tree branch. She waved her hand and the door to the small wooden house. She then pulled Jiang Feng in as she flew.

Hm? Ghosts can fly? She didnt have this skill in her stats. Is this a passive skill? Seeing that Xiao Lan could fly, he thought to himself with uncertainty.

At this time, Xiao Lan brought him into the wooden house.

As soon as he entered the wooden house, he was astonished. Before he came in, he saw that the wooden house was very small. At most, it would be 220 meters square wide[1]. However, when he entered, he saw that the wooden house was separated into two floors. He was on the second floor, and the first floor was under him.

There were many rooms on the second floor. Xiao Lan brought him into one of the rooms, and the room wasnt any smaller. In the middle was a swimming pool, and there were many rose petals floating on the water.

To the left of the pool was a giant bed, and to the right were many candles. It was particularly romantic because of the low lights.

Ten minutes had passed and he pretended to have awakened, then asked her suspiciously, "Young miss, where is this place? Why was I here all of a sudden?"

Xiao Lan then removed the thin satin on her and stood next to him naked. Her hands began to move up and down on him, and she said, "Young sir, you were the one that brought me home, have you forgotten?"

"Um No, I did not," Jiang Feng looked at her body, and he felt hotness in his own body. He then pretended to smile dreadfully as he scanned her.

"Young sir, there is no one at home tonight. I am so scared, living here alone. Can you stay back and accompany me?" Xiao Lan whispered into Jiang Fengs ears.

Xiao Lan blew into his ear, and he felt his ear tingle, but his heart tingled even more.

"Damn it, while Im good at my studies, Im also a man! Who said a nerd cant do a ghost? Sh*t, Im going to do it!"

As time went by, Jiang Feng used the Youth-Stealing Technique, and a voice from the system rang.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. You have absorbed 20% of Xiao Lans base stats, and you have received the Drain Blood and Illusion skills.

It was the first time that he had such feelings. While he does not know the difference it had between the game and reality, he had lost himself in the desire of the flesh. However, the systems voice had caused him to awaken.

What? 20% basic stats and two skills! He never thought that the Art of Yin-Yang Union of Joy would be that powerful!

Xiao Lans HP was around 150,000, Attack was 1,400 1,600, and Defense at 800.

He had absorbed 20% of all her stats, which meant 30,000 HP, 280-320 Attack, and 160 Defense.

While his Attack and Defense didnt increase by much, but his HP had increased substantially He originally only had 36,000 HP, and he now had 66,000 HP. What made him excited the most was Xiao Lans two skills.

Drain Blood: Active Skill. On activation, absorb 10% of the targets HP and heal yourself by that amount. Cooldown 30 seconds.

Illusion: Active skill. On activation, create an illusion to make the enemy lose themselves. Duration 5 minutes. Creating an illusion requires full concentration, or it will automatically be dismissed. It is less effective on targets with a strong will. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Two great and very practical skills. From the effects of the Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, it seemed that having a relationship with someone low level would have limited effects. However, if I were to make out with someone mid-game or late-game, then the stats increase would be crazy! Jiang Feng thought with a smile.

If he were to make out with a level 100 NPC, it would be possible for him to gain several million HP and hundreds of thousands in Attacks. That was just how powerful this skill was.

"What what did you do to me?!"

Xiao Lan, who was in the bottom of Jiang Feng, felt her stats fell. She became angered and pushed him away, questioning him with blood-shot eyes.

"Nothing. I simply did what you wanted to do to me," Jiang Feng clothed himself with a smile as he brushed the edge of his lips.


Xiao Lan pointed at Jiang Feng and then prepared to drain the blood and energy from him. However, what she didnt expect was that not only did she not absorb Jiang Fengs blood and energy, she herself kept on losing her own. Just as she wanted to ring her bells to summon Laolao, Jiang Feng already held the bells. She couldnt ring it. And that was how Jiang Feng executed his plans.[2]

"Ill kill you!" Xiao Lan quickly rang the bell on her ankle angrily.

Ring. Ring.

The bell rang. But Jiang Feng did not stop her and smiled as he looked at Xiao Lan ringing her bell.

Now that she had more power, he wished that Laolao would come. She would defeat Laolao and find out where Xiao Qian was. Perhaps he could skip a few side quests and directly attempt the main plot quest.


After the bell rang, the window of the room suddenly opened. A giant, sticky tongue zoomed in and went towards Jiang Fengs mouth straight.

"You want to drain my spirit and blood? No way!"

Jiang Feng yelled out coldly and dismissed his polymorph, which had a few minutes left, and returned to his Rank 2 Wyrmling form. He took out his Dragonball and thrust it towards the tongue.


"Oh, shit!"

Looking at the damage he did to the tongue with the Dragonball, he was shaken up.

His current attack had reached 3,270. But he did not expect that he would only deal 1 point of damage. He couldnt accept it and quickly used Identify on the giant tongue.

Laolao: Level 50 Spiritual-Level Boss

HP: 800,000

Attack: 50,00070,000

Defense: 30,000

Skills: Drain Blood, Drain Spirit, Shapeshift, Illusion, Summoning, Variable Spiritual Techniques

Uh A Spiritual-Level Boss! With such high stats and so many skills, how am I supposed to fight her?

Jiang Feng was originally full of confidence but he instantly became speechless when he saw Laolaos stats.

[1] The author didnt give an exact measurement. Raw is "20 square." Square ft? Square yard? Meter square? I really want to strangle him at times. I assume that hes using 20 zhang square, which is around 220 meters square. Thats almost half the size of a basketball court and I wouldnt exactly call it small if its on a tree.

[2] Some kind of mistake in the raw. So is Jiang Feng still holding her bells, or did he not? Is there a missing paragraph here? Or maybe she has two sets of bells?