Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 8

Chapter 8


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An Evolution Pill!

He couldn’t count the times that he had used Monster Transmutation before finally transmuting an Evolution Pill.

Looking at the golden pill in his paw, he became excited.

“So fragrant!”

He smelled the golden pill and a refreshing fragrant burst towards him, and it made him a bittipsy.


When he was in his drunken state, the roar of the tiger caused him to awaken immediately.

He raised his head and looked over to where the roar originated from, only to see a hundred over Piebald Tiger walked towards himsalivating.

1And among these hundred Piebald Tiger, there was the Piebald Tiger King that was twice as big as the other Piebald Tiger.

He didn’t even have to guess to know that the roar just now came from the Piebald Tiger King.

1Piebald Tiger King: Level 12 Monster

HP: 8000

Attack: 500

Defense: 250

Skills: Tiger Pounce, Bite

“So strong!”

Jiang Feng gulped as he looked at the Tiger King’s stats.

He only had a thousand over HP. The Piebald Tiger could finish him offin two or three hits and kill him instantly. He was not its match.

“I wonder what will happen if I eat the Evolution Pill now. If I am killed by the Piebald Tiger King when I’m evolving, it could cause it to fail. I better find a safer place to eat it.”

As the thoughts crossed his mind, he placed the Evolution Pill into his Drop Panel, then turned tail and ran.

But he only managed to run for a few steps before a voice came from behind, stunning him.

“Hey, dog bro. Don’t run, I won’t kill you.”

3He turned and looked, it was the Piebald Tiger King that was talking to him with its mouth.

It was the first time that he could understand a monster’s speech, it was something new to him and also quitesurprising.

He didn’t realize that the Tongue of the Beasts was actuallyuseful, and allowed him to understand the Piebald Tiger King’s words. ‘Hehe, you won’t kill me? I don’t believe it. But if you want to play around, then this dog king will follow suit. You can’t be smarter than a human, can you?”

After giving it a thought, he didn’t run and turned back. He walked confidently towards the Piebald Tiger King, and said calmly, “Yo, what a coincidence. Isn’t this the Tiger King? Since you have called me, what do you want?”

Even though he was speaking, all that came out were the sounds of barking.

“I have something to ask you about.Why don’t we go to my place first?” The Piebald Tiger King said with a grin.

“Lead the way.”

Jiang Feng wasn’t afraid. Since he had Transmute Monster, if the Piebald Tiger King wished to do him harm, he would fuse with it directly. If he failed, he would only lose one level.

5Following the Piebald Tiger King, he entered the depths of the forest and reached the side of a hill. On top of the hill was a hidden pathway, and after going through the pathway he came to a paradise with beautiful scenery.

D*mn, why would a monster in a game have such a great place to call its home?

Jiang Feng stared with his eyes wide as he looked at the mountains and the rivers, the flowers, and the grass. He couldn’t believe that this was a monster’s hidden home.

“How did you do it?” Jiang Feng asked it curiously.

“You mean this place?” The Piebald Tiger King said proudly, “All of this place here is my territory. I found it when I was patrolling once, and I moved in afterward.”

1‘Patrol? Look how proud you are!’

Jiang Feng felt that he wanted to bite the Piebald Tiger King as he looked at its prideful expression.

“Hm? If you are staying here, how would you know that I am outside?” Jiang Feng asked with uncertainty.

“My minions will tell me whenever someone comes to my territory, I know as soon as you’re here. But the Lord God had explained to me thatI can only appear when a human kills my minions and triggers the condition. So normally, I wouldn’t appear. If it wasn’t because of the fragrance of that pill, I wouldn’t have gone out.” The Piebald Tiger King said.

Hearing the Piebald Tiger King’s explanation, he knew that the other kings of monsters were just like it. The king of monsters would only appear after the humans had fulfilled certain conditions, to increase the difficulty level for the players.

At the same time, he had also realized the benefits of having minions.

‘Maybe I should gather some minions to help me farm the monsters? Er Nevermind. All the Level 1 Wild Dogs are freaking cannon fodder. If I can subdue the Piebald Tiger King to help me, that would be different.’

1‘To subdue the Piebald Tiger King?’

He grinned widely and started thinking of ways to subdue the Piebald Tiger King.

“Bro Dog, why are you grinning like an idiot? Why did you stop speaking?”

The Piebald Tiger King asked him uncertainly when it saw him grinned.

“Nothing. You said you have something to ask me earlier. What is it?”

“Hehe, it’s like this. Can you give me the golden pill that you have just obtained?”

“No, that golden pill is mine!”

“Bro Dog, don’t be that selfish. Why don’t we do it this way? If you give me that golden pill, my minions will be yours to command. They will also become yours to kill!”

“You’re not worried that it will cause an uprising among your minions?”

Looking at the Piebald Tiger King’s insidious smile, Jiang Feng felt the chills for its minions.

“No. Even if they die, the Lord God will revive them.”

Jiang Feng looked at the Piebald Tiger King and strode on the grass back and forth.

The Piebald Tiger King’s conditions were quiteattractive.

1He only needed to give the Piebald Tiger King the evolution pill and not only could he command the Piebald Tigers, but this would also allow him to increase his speed and could even transmute a lot of bloodlines and evolution pills.

Since if he could use Transmute Monster on a group of Piebald Tigers that wouldn’t fight back, the success rate of Transmute Monster would definitely be very high.

At that time, no matter if it was transmutation or fusion, it would be greatlybeneficial to him. Maybe by increasing the success rate, even the chances of him obtaining bloodlines and the evolution pill would increaseas well.

But the precondition was that he would have to give the Piebald Tiger King the evolution pill. Once it evolved into a monster that was even more powerful, it could verypossibly turn back on its words and kill him instead.

2While the Piebald Tiger King did not show high intelligence on the surface, he wouldn’t show his hand just in case.

“I won’t give you the pill thatI’ve gotten just now. But I can promise you, I can give you the next golden pill that I have transmuted.If you have your minions work with me, I could create another one veryquickly.”

2“What? You can create another one of those golden pills again?” The Piebald Tiger King asked delightedly.

“That’s right, but it has a high rate of failure. If you can have your minions cooperate with me, the rate of failure would be greatly lowered.”

“Alright, I promise you!”

1The Piebald Tiger King did not hesitate and promised Jiang Feng as his eyes were filled with sparks of excitement.

‘He agreed to it just like that? That’s too easy!’

Jiang Feng blinked and stared at the Piebald Tiger King in disbelief.

He originally thought thatif the Piebald Tiger King wouldn’t agree, he could use another way to make it agree to it. But it looked like the other plan was no longer needed then.

The Piebald Tiger King let out another roar veryquickly, and a group of Piebald Tigers came before it through the pathway in the hill.

These Piebald Tigers did not have much intelligence and only knew to follow the Piebald Tiger King’s orders blindly.

“He is now the second-in-command here. You will all listen to him!” The Piebald Tiger King said to the group of Piebald Tigers.


The Piebald Tigers did not possess much sentience. They could not even talk and roared at Jiang Feng as they lay before him.

“Haha, alright!”

Jiang Feng was thrilled as he saw this.

Next, he walked towards the front of a Piebald Tiger. He used Transmute Monster, hoping to once again obtain either an evolution pill or bloodline.