Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Obtaining An Evolution Pill Again

He had seen some Spiritual-level skills and equipment. He had even seen those that were stronger. However, he had never seen a Spiritual-Level Boss.

Laolao was the first one.

The moment he saw Laolaos stats, he never thought that Spiritual-Level monsters could be this powerful.

Laolaos attack could instantly kill him with only one hit.

"No wonder Ning Caichen said that Laolao is very powerful. Looks like he wasnt joking at all! I better run!"

With that thought, he wasted no more time and quickly fled towards the exit of the wooden house.

At this time, Laolaos long tongue lashed at him swiftly.


The moment that Laolaos tongue almost hit him, Jiang Feng quickly used Blink and teleported out of the window.

"You cant run!"

Xiao Lan was overwhelmed for quite some time after she saw Jiang Feng turn into a dragon. Only when she saw Jiang Feng running away did she come back to her senses.

After he jumped out of the window, tens of branches from the Locust Tree stretched towards him. He knew that the Locust Tree should be Laolaos true body. He knew that he couldnt let it entangle him, or he would die.

With that in mind, he used High-Speed Movement to zoom through the openings of the branches before they could catch him and dropped into the lake.


Once he was in the water, he was like a fish in water, and he quickly swam into the depths of the lake using its dragons body.

But what he didnt expect was that the roots of the Locust Tree would appear from the bed of the lake the moment he dropped into it, and they were heading towards him like the sea snakes.

"Damn it, why wont they give up!"

Jiang Feng cursed and summoned a normal Fire Ape from the Qiankun Gourd, and quickly used the Illusion skill that he had obtained from Xiao Lan to confuse her, so she would think that the Fire Ape was him.

As expected, after he used Illusion, Laolao thought the Fire Ape was him. She used the roots to quickly strangle the Fire Ape and brought it out of the lake.

Seeing that, he quickly swam near the Fire Ape and used the Float skill and floated near the Fire Ape, but just far enough so that he wouldnt touch the roots.

Very quickly, he followed the Fire Ape back to the wooden house. When he saw Xiao Lan leap into the water, he smiled and quickly headed back to the wooden house.


The moment he entered the wooden house, he saw Laolaos tongue shrink and enter the mouth of the Fire Ape. Instantly, the Fire Apes blood had been completely drained, and it became a dried corpse, and she threw it into the lake.


Seeing that scene, Jiang Feng took in a heavy breath and thought to himself, Laolao was just a level 50 Spiritual-Level boss. But shes too powerful. Killing a Fire Ape with 100,000 plus HP with one skill. How terrifying!

In order to not draw Laolaos attention, he quickly entered the wooden house and headed towards the first floor.

The second floor, which was where he had an encounter with Xiao Lan, had plenty of rooms but no monsters. That meant that Yan Chixia was most likely not imprisoned on the second floor, and he should be on the first floor.

When he entered the first floor, he then saw many green-skinned, hairless and terrifying female Evil Spirits.

Evil Spirit: Level 35 Monster

HP: 200,000

Attack: 1800-2000

Defense: 900

Skill: Drain Blood

The space on the first floor wasnt any smaller than the caves in the Cave of the Undead. About a hundred Evil Spirits were roaming on the first floor. In the middle of the room was a bloodied old man that was entangled by a dozen vines. Some of them even pierced through his body as they ensnared him to a stone pillar.

He didnt even have to think twice about who the old man was. That was Yan Chixia!

Yan Chixia: Level 50 Spiritual-Level NPC

HP: 145,223/700,000

Attack: 7,300 11,000 (Heavily Injured)

Defense: 4,234 (Heavily Injured)

Skill: Dao Dao Dao, Fire Lightning Technique, Sword Manipulation Technique, Big Dipper Seven Steps

I never thought that Yan Chixia would be so heavily injured. It will be problematic to get him out.

According to his understanding, once someone had been heavily injured, their stats would be reduced by around 70% to 90%. The exact stats that would be reduced depended on how heavily injured the person was.

Regardless, I need to kill all the Evil Spirits and save him first.

When he thought about this, he didnt hesitate and let Yanhu, Heifeng, all six of his followers as well as 149 normal monsters out of the Qiankun Gourd.

"Kill them all!"

With one command, all his followers headed towards the Evil Spirit.

"Tornado! Tiger Roar!"

He didnt stand there and watch, and instead used two skills with a large area-of-effect where there was a larger concentration of Evil Spirits.

In the next moment, almost thirty Evil Spirits were thrown into the air, and a beam of light went through their body. He then jumped up and hurled his Dragonball at the head of an Evil Spirit,

As all six of his followers were territory kings, their stats were higher than the Evil Spirits by a large margin. While those 149 followers were but normal monsters, but they had quite the HP. They were able to keep the Evil Spirits in check and deal some damage to them.

Within less than a minute, the Evil Spirits was being killed off.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

Jiang Feng used Transmute Monster on an Evil Spirit that fell before him.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. Congratulations. You had received one Yin Pearl and one Level 35 Experience Pill!

Yin Pearl: Low Level

Introduction: If consumed by a spirit, it can be used to increase its power.

"Consumed by a spirit? I guess Ill save it then. I can give it to my spirit-type followers late," He mumbled to himself after he looked at the Yin Pearls stat. He put it away and continued to attack the monsters.

Now that his Dragon Bloodline and Purity had reached 100%, he was looking forward to getting another Evolution Pill.

The moment he thought of that, he became even more motivated. Even his efficiency in killing monsters had increased somewhat.

After half an hour, he led his followers and had finally cleared up all the Evil Spirits. Only the Evil Spirit King was left.

He had also lost some followers when he was killing the normal Evil Spirits, of course. Out of his149 followers, 24 of them had been killed, leaving him with only 125.

Evil Spirit King: Level 40 Boss

HP: 400,000

Attack: 3,5004,000

Defense: 1,500

Skill: Drain Blood, Illusion, Corrosive Aura

"I never thought that the power of this dungeons monster would be so high despite being just the first one quest. Other players would have died a long time ago!" He said under his breath as he looked at the Evil Spirit Kings stats, and his thoughts drifted to Xiao Lan and Laolao.

"Kill it!"

But in his current state, a Level 40 boss could not threaten him. That was because his six followers could easily pierce its defense, and adding the harassment from the 125 normal monsters, he could kill a Level 40 boss without breaking a sweat.

He had used less than ten minutes, and the Evil Spirit King let out a sorrowful howl before falling in front of him.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. Congratulations. You have received one Yin Pearl, one piece of equipment, one Evolution Pill, and one Level 40 Experience Pill.

"Hm? I finally got an Evolution Pill!"

Looking at the golden pill with the alluring aroma resulting from the flames from transmuting the Evil Spirit King, Jiang Feng became excited.

"Boss, I love you!" Seeing that, Yanhu was the first one to come over.

"Boss, I love you more!" Houwang waved his tail and looked at Jiang Feng shyly.

"Boss, I"

"Im not going to give this Evolution Pill to any of you. This is mine. When I have more, Ill give them to you."

Looking at his six territory king followers flattering him shamelessly, Jiang Feng couldnt help but roll his eyes. He then threw the Evolution Pill into his mouth as Yanhu and his other followers watched and began to evolve.