Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Rank 3 Wyrmling

As his followers increased, Jiang Feng didnt have enough Evolution Pills to distribute to everyone. Unless his luck was so good that he could transmute ten of them.

But that would be impossible. Since the beginning of the game, he hadnt even transmuted ten of them. Even if his luck was very high, it would not be possible for him to transmute ten Evolution Pills in one day.

That was why he had to focus on himself first, and when he drew a Matter Duplication Pill, maybe he would give one away.

He ate the Evolution pill, and his body had been enveloped by a flaming cocoon it brought with it a burning sensation.

Ding! System Prompt: Fire Resistance +10%.

The systems voice came and his fire resistance had increased. The pain had also substantially decreased.

As his flesh was being forged by the flames, it started to slowly change. He could hear the sounds of his skeleton elongating in his ears.

Ding! System Prompt: Evolution successful!

Ten minutes had passed and the fire cocoon burst opened, and his body was revealed.

As he had evolved into a Rank 3 Wyrmling, his body had grown. He was now around 5 to 6 meters long, his limbs were getting stronger, and if he were to fully extend himself on the ground, he would even be taller than a calf. His dragon scales were shimmering, and his dragon beards had grown to a meter long.


A dragons roar came from his mouth, and a majestic aura spread out. His followers bowed down before him, and his normal monster followers were all cowering.

"Boss, youre so cool!" Yanhu looked at Jiang Fengs new form and gulped.

Jiang Feng didnt react to Yanhu and instead took out the Experience Pills. He ate 50 of them.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 25. Youve gained 3 free attribute points.

When he had reached level 25, he was once again back in the Level Leaderboard. He was now in the top 100. All he needed was to increase his level by one or two to be able to regain his number 1 spot.

The remaining Experience Pill could only increase his experience bar by 50%, and he didnt eat it after giving it some thought. He was going to save it to give him a boost when he needed to get to the next level after killing the monsters.

Once he had evolved, his stats had once again seen massive changes.

Character: Jiang Feng

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 87,332 Gold 29 Silver 76 Bronze

Reputation: 5,500

Honor: 290

Display Name: Level 25 Rank 3 Wyrmling

Bloodline: Giant Croc Bloodline 100%, Storm Panther 100%, Unihorn Bull 100%, Dog Race Bloodline 70%, Tiger Race Bloodline 0%, Wolf Race Bloodline 10%, Dragon Race Bloodline 0%, Bloodline Purity 0% (Evolving with a full 100% rating maximizes the increase of attributes)

HP: 71,000

Attack: 3,508

Defense: 1,550

Luck: 70

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Fire Resistance +20%

Hunger: 50%

Active Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite, Tiger Roar, Dragon Howl, Float, Illusion, Drain Blood

Passive Skills: Gale

Equipment: Requiem Bell, Spatial Bracelet, Dragonball

Equipment Skill: Requiem, Bounce

Drop: 10 slots, Account Bound: 50-100 Gold, Level 25 White Equipment, Level 25 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 25 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 25 White-Silver Equipment, Level 25 Yellow-Gold Equipment, Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment, Level 25 Spiritual Artifact

"Stats wise I should be fine now. No players are my match. But my opponents now arent players, but the entire Divine and Infernal races. Thats why I need to become even stronger!" Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at his stats, then headed towards Yan Chixia.

Once he saved Yan Chixia, the first part of his quest would be completed.

There would be rewards after every part of the quest. He looked forward to seeing what kind of rewards he would get.

"Master, Ning Caichen had asked me to save you. Come with me."

Once he was in front of Yan Chixia, Jiang Feng spoke to him through his draconic mouth.

"Oh right, I forgot that I have shapeshifted into a dragon now. You wont understand what Im saying," he smiled bitterly as soon as he had finished his sentence when he remembered something.

"I I can understand you. But Im heavily injured now, and I am too slow, it will be impossible for me to escape," To his surprise, Yan Chixia spoke suddenly.

"You know the Tongue of the Beasts?" Jiang Feng asked.

Yan Chixia nodded and said, "I have to deal with shifters, demons, ghosts and other beings. I learn a few words naturally."

"If you know the Tongue of the Beasts, that is best then," Jiang Feng said as he extended his dragon claw and gave a Large Recovery Pill for Yan Chixia to consume. Then, he used his claws to break all the branches and vines that were holding him. Next, he took out the Qiankun Gourd and said, "Master, you cannot move much. So dont resist later. I will take you into the Qiankun Gourd and get you out of here."

"The Qiankun Gourd, separated from Lianyao Flask, one of the ten Primordial Artifacts!" Yan Chixia looked at the Qiankun Gourd in his dragon claws in amazement.

"Correct!" Jiang Feng nodded.

"With the Qiankun Gourd, there is no doubt that I can leave this place. I am in your care!" Yan Chixia said as he scanned Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng nodded, uncorked the Qiankun Gourd and used the Absorb skill to take in all his followers and headed towards the outside of the wooden house for his escape.

There was no main door that led to the outside from the first floor. His original plan was to break a wall and escape from there, but he was worried that he would be discovered by Laolao. Helplessly, all he went back to the second floor and was attempting to use it to escape.

However, just when he appeared on the second floor, he then saw a dozen of beautiful female ghosts flying in from the outside. Some of them even brought players that had been bewitched. Those players had all been charmed by the female ghosts, to be drained of health and spirit by Laolao as offerings.

When they saw Jiang Feng, they were all stunned and stopped dead in their tracks and dared not to advance.

Obviously, Jiang Fengs draconic form had scared them.

To the highly intelligent NPC monsters, dragons were all-powerful beings. They could destroy them effortlessly.

"Do not let his appearance fool you! While he is a dragon, he is an amorous one, and is not that powerful!"

Suddenly, Xiao Lan appeared and stared at Jiang Feng viciously.

Hearing Xiao Lans words, the beautiful ghosts were still hesitating.

Xiao Lan however, rang her bells and charged towards Jiang Feng.

Looking at Jiang Feng, he did not fight with her. He let out a Dragon Howl, dazing all the female ghosts in the area, and then escaped through the sky using his Float skill.

Xiao Lan had rung the bells, Laolao would appear soon. If he didnt escape, then he wouldnt have escaped at all.


Just as he was in the sky, he turned back to look and saw Laolaos giant tongue had appeared. It thought that it was the ghosts that had captured the players that had rung the bell. The giant tongue separated into a dozen smaller tongues and headed towards the mouths of the players.

"Of shit, what kind of monster is this?!"


At this time, the players who had just woken up in time were frightened by the tongues that appeared in front of them. Unfortunately, the speed of the tongues was so fast that before they could escape, the tongues had already entered their mouth and drained them of all their blood. They turned into white light and disappeared.

All instant kills!

"Shit! Laolao is simply too powerful, I have to get out of here!"

Seeing that, Jiang Feng was in complete shock. He dared not to stay any longer and quickly fly towards Lanruo Temple.