Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Berserk Pill Vs Double Stats Pill

The entrance of Lanruo Temple, under the giant tree!

After Yan Chixia taught Jiang Feng his skill, he then ate the Life Prolonging Pill and sat cross-legged under the tree to heal himself.

As Yan Chixia ate the pill, he began to emit a soft yellowish-green glow as his wounds began to heal.

Jiang Feng lay down on the ground next to them and looked at the new skill that he had just learned.

Dao Dao Dao: Spiritual-Level Skill

After activation, it requires the user to chant. As long as the chanting does not stop, the attack will continue. Each attack deals 150% base damage. When drunk, the damage is doubled. Each attack will deal splash damage, dealing 120% damage against enemies within 3 meters. Have your own BGM. Cooldown of 1 hour.

"Hot damn, this is a wonderful skill!"

Seeing this skill, he remembered the scene in the classical A Chinese Ghost Story where Ng Ma did his sword dance in front of Lanruo Temple, and he felt himself getting excited.

He remembered that in the movie, Ng Ma had spent one-minute chanting. So that meant that the skill should have a duration of 1 minute.

One minutes worth of 150% damage, and 300% damage when being drunk. It even dealt splash damage. It could be said that this skill was extremely OP.

"Whew~ No wonder its a Spiritual Level skill, its so powerful! Its worth the Life Prolonging Pill!" He took a deep breath and said with eyes beaming after looking at it for a while.

"Haha! As expected of the Life Prolonging Pill! My power has increased once more!"

Just as he was looking at the spiritual-level skill, Yan Chixia let out a burst of loud laughter. It looked like his wounds had been completely healed.

Driven by curiosity, he looked at Yan Chixias stats.

Yan Chixia: Level 50 Spiritual Level NPC

HP: 900,000

Attack: 73,00083,000

Defense: 42,340

Skills: Dao Dao Dao, Fire Lightning Technique, Sword Manipulation Technique, Big Dipper Seven Steps

"Hes so strong!"

Now that Yan Chixias Heavily Injured status had been removed, his original 70,000 HP maximum had been increased to 90,000. His Attack had also increased. Looks like the Life Prolong Pill had been beneficial for him.

"Master, now that you have become so powerful, you should be able to face Laolao, right?" He asked him as he looked at Yan Chixias stats.

"I will be able to fight her body doubles, yes. However, fighting her true body would still be difficult. I will go and find a mystic treasure to weaken Laolao for the next two days. Find Abbot Lanruos Golden Body. I will meet you here in two days, at this time!"

With that, the Red Sun Sword appeared in Yan Chixias hand. He threw into the air, jumped, and flew through the night sky as he stepped on the Red Sun Sword.

"I should go and find Abbot Lanruos golden body," Jiang Feng muttered to himself as he saw Yan Chixia left and headed into Lanruo Temple.

According to the description of the quest, Abbot Lanruos golden body should be in the dungeon.

The dungeon was located behind the golden Buddha statue in Lanruo Temples Mahavira Hall.

After he said his farewell to Ning Caichen, he came to the Mahavira Hall.

The Mahavira Hall was in serious disrepair. Its plaque was broken in half and on the ground. Half of the halls walls had crumbled.

Luckily, the golden Buddha statue was not damaged and was still in the middle of the hall.

He went towards the back of the golden Buddha statue, and he found a passage down. He crept in with his claws clawing on the ground.


As he entered the dungeon, the braziers had been lit up automatically and lightened up the entire dungeon.

He saw that the dungeon was filled with monsters, and they all gathered at the heart of the dungeon as if trying to protect something.

In the middle of the monsters was a prayer mat. On the prayer-mat were skeletal remains. The skeletal remains were gold in color and emitted a soft golden light.

He didnt have to think twice to know that the skeleton was Abbot Lanruos golden body.

Violent Monk: Level 40 Normal Monster

HP: 250,000

Attack: 4,5005,500

Defense: 2,300

Skill: Palm of Great Compassion

"Yanhu, Heifeng, Manwang, Houwang, Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, come!" Jiang Feng slightly frowned as he looked at the two hundred Violent Monks and unleashed all his six underlings.

After he let them all out, he said to them, "The Thunderclap Mantis will lure one of them over. Kill them one by one, I will come to help you later!"

After giving them his orders, his six underlings then thrillingly went to fight against the Violent Monks.

Seeing that they had started fighting with a Violent Monk, he then brought up the Monster Transmutation System and started drawing from the lottery.

He didnt draw anything when he evolved last time. Facing so many high-level monsters, he hoped that he would be able to get something useful to increase his powers somewhat.

He started the lottery, and the indicator started to spin.

"Please give me something useful. This plot quest is too difficult. If my power doesnt increase, I could never finish the later parts," he started praying as the indicator started to spin.


Just as he was praying, the indicator had already stopped in the Special area. Next, a colorless treasure chest appeared in front of him.

"That fast?"

The lottery didnt even last 3 seconds. Normally, it would spin about a dozen seconds before stopping. He was getting suspicious.

He curiously opened the treasure box, and inside the box was a piece of paper. A line of words was written on it.

"You are rewarded with two special draws for the lottery."

"Um damn, theres actually a "two more times" feature?" He got excited as he looked at the words on the paper.

He was only supposed to draw once, but now that he had the chance to draw twice, how could he not be excited?


As he had two chances to spin for the lottery, he noticed that an extra button had appeared on the spinning wheel when he was going to have another go. The button had a "1" written on it.

He pushed it curiously, and the word changed from "1" to "2". When he pushed it again, the "2" became "1."

"Does that mean I can draw it twice? And whatever I draw will be doubled?" He looked at the button and thought to himself with uncertainty.

Whenever he evolved previously, he would spend that lottery draw immediately. He had never saved any of it.

His guess was that the button in the center of the spinning wheel had something to do with how many lottery spins he had left.

That meant that if he had two spins left, the wheels button would have the double button appear. If he had three spins left, that meant that it was possible for the wheel to have a triple button.

If I knew that the lottery had this feature, I would have saved all my lottery spins. After saving 7 or 8, it would be great if I manage to get the Matter Duplication Pill! Jiang Feng regretted the fact that he had spent all his lottery chances after his evolution every time.

"Oh well, the past is in the past. Now that I have two more chances, hopefully, I can get two Matter Duplication Pills or something better!" He mumbled as he pressed the button on the spinning wheel and spun for a double.

The indicator spun, and this time it took longer for it to stop. It spent half a minute spinning until it finally stopped at Pills.

Next, a golden treasure chest and a diamond chest appeared in front of him.

"Hm? Did I get it wrong? The rewards I get from the double draw are different?"

Looking at the two chests of different colors, he opened both with curiosity.

The golden chest produced a red pill, while the diamond chest produced a silver pill.

He then curiously checked the stats of both pills.

Berserk Pill: After use, Defense becomes 0, and Attack doubles. Duration of 1 minute.

Double Stat Pill: After use, double the value of one stat!

"What powerful pills! If I used the Double Stat Pill on my attack, it would increase my attack to 7,000, If I used the Berserk Pill, my attack would be 14,000! This is OP!" Jiang Feng said excitedly as he looked at the two pills in front of him and gulped.

He did not hesitate and ate the Double Stat Pill.

His power was still too weak. The stats of a player with a complete set of White-Silver equipment would be similar to his. With his current stats, he could never restore the glory of the Shifters. He desired for higher stats and more power.

The appearance of the Double Stat Pill had solved his predicament.

He consumed the Double Stat Pill, and his stomach began to burn. The systems voice came to him after a short while.

Ding! System Prompt: Please choose the basic stat to double.


Ding! System Prompt: Attack has been doubled.

He quickly checked his stats after the system had confirmed.

And he saw that his attack had really doubled. His original attack of 3,508 had become 7,016.

Looking at his attack in the seven thousand, Jiang Feng smiled. "Now this looks like the attack of a Rank 3 Wyrmling!"