Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Abbot Lanruos Golden Body

Chapter 84: Abbot Lanruos Golden Body

After he had consumed the Double Stats Pill, Jiang Fengs attack had doubled. He was thrilled.

In truth, if he were to use the Double Stats Pill at the later stages of the game, he would get more value out of it.

If he could arrive at the later stages. If he didnt even have the power in the early stages, how could he compete and get more power in the later stages?

That was why whenever he had something that could directly increase his power, he would use it right then and there. Only when he becomes powerful in the early game could he become powerful late game.

Not to mention that this game had just begun. He still had a long road ahead of him. Perhaps he would get something even stronger than the Double Stats Pill.

To make a long story short, why would he delay becoming stronger if he could become stronger immediately?

"Ill keep the Berserk Pill for now. I should save it for a critical timing or when fighting a boss," he muttered to himself as he looked at the Berserk Pill in his claws, and put it into the spatial bracelet.

After he was done with the lottery, he wasnt going to just stand idly by. He needed to quickly eliminate the Violent Monks that were blocking in front of Abbot Lanruos Golden Body.

He came next to Yanhu and looked at the body of the Violent Monk, and used Transmute Monster.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have received one Torn Mantra Page and one Level 40 Experience Pills.

Torn Mantra Page: Gather a thousand Torn Mantra Page and it can be fused into a skill.

"Gather a thousand? If the skill needed so many Torn Mantra Pages, then the skill it gives shouldnt be too low," he mumbled as he beamed at the page of mantra in his claw.

He was originally just thinking of luring the Violent Monks away and taking Abbot Lanruos Golden Body away, but he had decided to kill all the Violent Monks so he could collect those Torn Mantra Pages.


He unleashed a dragon roar and jumped, then took out the Dragonball and smashed it onto the bald head of a Violent Monk.


The attack did almost 5,000 damage to the Violent Monks. But compared to the Violent Monks HP, it was just a slither.

While his attacks had been increased, it still took effort for him to fight the Violent Monks.

The Violent Monks were Level 40 monsters, and their HP had reached 250,000. He was only Level 25. So, of course, it would be difficult for him.

While the Violent Monks were difficult to handle, Jiang Feng and his underlings managed to kill them one by one. After spending one entire morning, he finally killed the Violent Monks.

In that moment, only one Violent Monk remained next to Abbot Lanruos Golden Body.

However, when he saw what the Violent Monk was doing, he became furious.

The Violent Monk chanted and his body became ethereal, fusing together with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body.

"Damn it, thats mine!"

Seeing that, Jiang Feng launched the Dragonball furiously at the Violent Monk.

"Die, beast!"

The Violent Monk that had fused together with the Golden Body shouted chillingly and slapped the Dragonball to the side. Next, it launched itself into the air, extending its palm towards Jiang Fengs head.

"This monk had become so terrifying!"

Seeing that the Violent Monk had become so powerful after fusing with the Golden Body, he quickly used High-Speed Movement to dodge the attack.


To his surprise, he didnt dodge the attack despite his speed. The Violent Monk caught his tail, and he could feel the pain coming from his spine, and blood-red numbers floated out from his head.

"Damn it! Blink!"

Seeing that the Violent Monk was going to attack him again, he quickly used Blink to dodge out of the way of this attack. At the same time, he looked at the Violent Monks stats.

Violent Monk: Level 40 Monster

Introduction: After fusing with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body, its attack and defense had increased by threefold. It had also mastered two of the Abbots skills when he was alive at random.

HP: 250,000

Attack: 13,500 ~16,000

Defence: 6,900

Skills: Palm of Great Compassion, Dragon Hands, Buddhas Light

"Damn, Abbot Lanruos body is so useful! No wonder Yan Chixia wanted me to find Abbot Lanruos Golden Body. If he fused with the Golden Body, his powers would be OP," he said with a frown as he looked at the Violent Monk that had its attack and defense increased by three times rushing towards him.

"Step aside, all of you. Leave it to me!" He said to his underlings and then took out the Berserk Pill and ate it without hesitation.

The next moment, his defense became 0 and his attack had doubled. His whole body was radiating red light, making him unnaturally striking.

His original 7,000 attacks had reached 14,000, similar to the Violent Monk.

"Lets see whos more powerful between the two of us! Requiem!" Jiang Feng said coldly and used his Requiem skill.

Ring. Ring.

The bell rang, and the Violent Monk that was going to attack him entered into a Daze status as it staggered.

Seeing that, Jiang Feng quickly rushed over and whacked the Violent Monks bald head with the Dragonball in his left claw. He didnt let his right claw stay unoccupied and used it to grab at the Violent Monks neck.



One critical damage and one normal attack had caused around 20,000 worth of damage.

"Dragon Howl!"

Seeing that the Violent Monk was going to wake up, he used his Dragon Howl skill and caused it to enter into another Daze.

His dragon claws were busy continuously attacking the Violent Monk, each attack producing a swathe of blood.

In less than ten seconds, the Violent Monk had already lost 100,000 worth of HP. One need not imagine how powerful Jiang Feng became after he had consumed the Berserk Pill.

"You insufferable beast, I will slay you!"

The Violent Monk screamed out after he had awakened, and he attacked Jiang Feng as his hands formed into the shape of a dragons claw.

"Dragon Hands? Ha! Im an actual dragon and you want to compare your hands to my real dragon claws? Die!"

Jiang Feng stretched his stout dragon claws towards it without fear and caught the Violent Monks hands. Then he threw him into the air.



A tornado appeared out of nowhere, trapping it inside.

"Tiger Roar!"


There was the roar of a tiger. Even if he was a dragon, his mouth produced the phantom of a tiger. The phantom of the tiger unleashed a great roar and smashed into the Violent Monk.


10,000 plus damage floated out of the Violent Monks head.

"Violent Grab! Bite!"

Two more skills and he had took out about 30,000 more HP.

When the effect of the Tornado was still there, he jumped towards the side of the Violent Monk, his dragon claws kept on attacking it.


When the tornado disappeared, the Violent Monk fell unto the ground. It had around 30,000 HP left. The moment he fell on the ground, he quickly sat with his back straight, his legs crossed and his arms aimed upwards, preparing to use his ultimate skill.

"Whats that about the Buddha? Illusion!"

He had checked the Violent Monks skills. The Buddhas Light was a healing skill, and its the type that was very OP. Once he had activated this skill, his HP would be completely restored.

He had saved his Illusion skill so he could interrupt the skill. Seeing that he was going to use Buddhas Light, he quickly activated Illusion.

After he had used the Illusion skill, the Violent Monks brutality had disappeared. Instead, it kneeled in front of Jiang Feng and said, "Abbot, it wasnt my choice to have used your Golden Body. It was those beasts that wanted to steal it, I had to"

Looking at the Violent Monk, Jiang Feng knew that he had treated him as the Abbot Lanruo because of the illusion.

He gave it a frosty smile, and said in a mild voice, "I wont judge you. But you can die now!"

With that, his dragon claw struck at the Violent Monks head.


The strike at the Violent Monk had awakened him to the deception. Unfortunately, before he could fully react, Jiang Feng continuously attacked it and depleted its HP.

After the Violent Monk was dead, the Golden Body fell from it.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. You have reached level 26. You have gained 3 free attribute points.

He didnt expect that the Golden Body could still be dropped after being fused with!

He didnt care much for the systems announcement and quickly picked the Golden Body that was dropped.

Abbot Lanruos Golden Body: Special Item.

Fuse with the Golden Body to triple attack and defense. Duration of 30 seconds. Once used, enter a weakened state and all stats decrease by 80%. Duration of 5 hours. Level -2.

"Haha, while the items side effect was strong, but I like it!" Looking at Abbot Lanruos stats, Jiang Feng couldnt help but laugh. "It was lucky that I got the Double Stats Pill and the Berserk Pill earlier. If not, I could never get Abbot Lanruos Golden Body. Lanruo Abbots Golden Body is an item that wont expire, so its much better than the Double Stats Pill. This is all worth it!"