Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Boss I Can Warm Your Bed

After he had obtained the Golden Body and the two hundred Torn Mantra Pages, he left the dungeon with his loot.

He peeked at Ning Caichen who continued to walk under the giant tree by the entrance of Lanruo Temple. He then shook his head and left the temple.

After he had found a safe place, he then logged out.

In order to concentrate his efforts on the game, he then went to the university after he had his lunch to take a leave of absence from the university.

He was only taking a leave of absence, not withdrawing!

Taking leave for a year would be beneficial for him as well because there was possibly another chance for him to be able to study overseas as a transfer student next year.

Of course, it wasnt because it was better overseas. To Jiang Feng, he still loved Huaxia better.

The only reason that he wanted to grab the chance to study overseas was because of the prestige. He couldnt play the game forever, but he could carry the prestige with him forever.

If he couldnt keep up with the game, he could still survive by using this prestige.

After he had completed the procedure for his leave, it was almost around 4 or 5. He didnt go home but went to the slums Talent Market that was located between the slum district and city district.

He went over to hire a housekeeper, then he wouldnt need to cook anymore.

The only reason that he didnt go to the talent market in the city district was because of the complex procedures that he had to go through. And that was on top of all the fees that he had to pay, and not to mention that some housekeepers were quite problematic.

However, it was quite simple to hire someone from the slums Talent Market. As long as you find someone suitable, you could start working after you had signed a contract.

Also, most of the people that look for work here were quite poor. However, they were mostly quite hardworking and honest.

It didnt take him long, and he had arrived at the slums talent market.

Once he had entered the talent market, many of those looking for work while holding their signs became spirited. But when they saw that he was wearing only normal clothing and was so young, they all became disappointed again.

They thought that Jiang Feng was probably there to look for work and would become their competitor. Because of that, many became antagonistic towards him.

Jiang Feng didnt worry about them and walked towards the area where they were hiring housekeepers.

Very quickly, he came to a simple room where many women were sitting in it.

Most of them were middle-aged women, and there were only a few women that were around his age and wore simple clothes.

"Why did we come looking for employees from a talent market thats so dirty? Why dont we go to the one in the city?"

"Oh, you didnt know about it. The housekeepers here are quite diligent and need lower pay, so its much more cost-efficient."

Just as Jiang Feng was going into the room and choosing a housekeeper, two familiar voices came from behind.

He turned his head slowly, only to see Li Yi and Zhang Qian came in talking and laughing.

Li Yi and Zhang Qian had also seen him blocking the door

"Zhang Feng? Why are you here?" Zhang Qian asked with a frown.

"You still dont understand? I heard that he had just applied for leave from the university. I guess it was because he couldnt afford the school fees and is here to find a job," Li Yi explained to Zhang Qian, and then pointed at the sign and sneered at Jiang Feng, and said "Jiang Feng, and here I thought youre good in your studies. This is a place to hire housekeepers. Do you even know how to read this?"

"I do," Jiang Feng said plainly.

"If you could read it, then why are you still here? Dont tell me you want to be a housekeeper? Ha Bro, stop pulling my leg. Who wants a male housekeeper?" Li Yi laughed loudly, "Alright, seeing that were both peers from the same university, Ill introduce you to my dad. He is hiring some workers for his factory. If you go, Ill get him to offer you a high salary."

"Ha" Zhang Qian laughed at Li Yis jokes and looked at Jiang Feng as if she was in a position of authority.

Goodness. Are these two here to act in a comedy skit? I dont want to use the same old schemes on you two, but can you at least get something new for the skit? Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Li Yi and didnt concern himself with them.

He then walked towards a gentlewoman in her twenties and asked, "Are you here looking for a job in housekeeping?"

"Huh?" The woman raised her head and looked at Jiang Feng, then nodded at her shyly.

"What is your name?" Jiang Feng asked.

"My name is Su Qing," the woman replied.

"What can you do?"

"Laundry, cook, cleaning and farming," Su Qing answered him honestly.

"I have a housekeeper job here. Probation is 5,000 a month. Are you okay with that?" Jiang Feng was quite happy with Su Qing and offered her the job.

5,000 just for a month of probation?

The middle-aged women in the room were no longer steady, and all of them instantly surrounded Jiang Feng.

"Boss, I know everything. I can even warm your bed. You only have to pay me 4,000 for the probation."

"Boss, I have 10 years of experience as a housekeeper. I know everything. You just have to pay me 3500."

"Boss, pick me, I know how to cook the cuisines from all the states"

Jiang Feng could only laugh in his mind when he heard the words from the middle-aged women. Especially the first one. She could even warm his bed for him. But when he looked at her facial features all coming together, he could only feel chills in his heart.

Seeing so many elders fighting for her job, her face turned completely red.

Perhaps because it was her first time looking for work outside of the countryside, and her being introverted, she didnt even know how to fight back.

But if she lost this job, she would have no more money in a few days.

As her situation crossed her mind, she braced herself, gritting her teeth and raised her head and said to Jiang Feng with a blush as she pulled at her yellowish skirt, "Boss, I I dont need any salary during the probation. All I need is a place to live and meals!"

Hearing Su Qing, the women all rolled their eyes at her, left and searched for seats to sit.

If Su Qing didnt even want to get paid, how are they going to compete with her? Only idiots were willing to find jobs without pay.

"Ahahaha! This must be the funniest joke I had seen this year! Someone that couldnt even afford to go to school had the money to hire a housekeeper? This is so funny!" Li Yi was originally furious when Jiang Feng ignored him. However, when he heard the conversation between him and Su Qing, he found it so funny that he couldnt stop laughing.

After he was done, he didnt concern himself with Jiang Feng and walked towards Su Qing, "Let me tell you something. He didnt have any money to give you. Im also looking for a housekeeper. 3,000 during probation. If youre alright with that, follow me after signing the contract."

Su Qing looked at Li Yi, then looked at Jiang Feng. She then shook her head to Jiang Feng and said, "Im sorry, but Ive promised him. Even if he couldnt pay me, I did say that all he needed to do is to provide food for me. If he couldnt pay me after the probation, only then will I look for a job!"



Jiang Feng didnt even get angry because of Li Yi. Instead, he was delighted by Su Qings words.

He never thought that Su Qing would be so honest and so principled. And he became even more pleased with her.

Seeing that he had been rejected and saw Jiang Fengs smile at him, he couldnt maintain his smile any longer. He then said, "5,000 for probation, 7,000 when confirmed!"

"Sigh. You dont have to!"

Jiang Feng then took out a stack of money and placed it on top of a nearby table and said to Su Qing, "No probation. Ten thousand a month. This is your wages for the first month. If you are willing, follow me. If youre not, then whoever wants the money, take it!"

With that, he turned and left the room.

Su Qing looked at Jiang Fengs back, then looked at the green eyes of the middle-aged women and the frenzied Li Yi. She quickly took the money and left with Jiang Feng.

The money was for Jiang Fengs living expenses that he had withdrawn when he was in the city. He didnt want to take the money out to humiliate Li Yi, but he wanted to return home and play the game. He really didnt want to spend any more time arguing with him. So, he paid Su Qing one month immediately.


"Damn it, where did he get that much money from!" Watching Jiang Feng and Su Qing left, Li Yi roared angrily.

Zhang Qian looked at the furious Li Yi, then looked at Jiang Feng when he left. She was very doubtful too. His family was so poor, from where did he get that 10,000?

Just as Li Yi was still raging, the middle-aged woman with all her facial features coming together approached him with a smile.

"Boss, I know everything. I can even warm your bed. You"


Li Yi looked at the middle-aged woman, and he was so infuriated that it almost drove him up the wall. He screamed out a single word and left.