Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Recruiting The Dragon Girl

After Jiang Feng had left the talent market, he then brought Su Qing back to his place by calling a taxi.

Once he was home, he took a pen and paper and wrote a simple contract with his tidy and elegant handwriting. Then, both of them signed it.

After he had explained to Su Qing about a few things, he then had dinner after Su Qing had left. He entered the game afterward.

Once in the game, he once again logged in and appeared near Lanruo Temple.

"There are still two more days until I need to meet up with Yan Chixia. Lets see if I can find some treasures or Donghuang Bell fragments using the Divine Fate Compass and increase the powers of Yanhu and the others!"

With that thought in mind, he took out the Divine Fate Compass to begin the treasure hunt.


Shen Luo appeared on the Divine Fate Compass, and said to him, "Master, you have three chances of finding treasures. Please tell me the kind of treasures that you seek!"

Jiang Feng then said, "Random!"

Shen Luo replied, "Finding treasure, please wait"

With that, Shen Luo closed her eyes. The ancient letters and runes on the Divine Fate Compass floated, turned into white light, and scattered in all directions.

After several dozen seconds, Shen Luo opened her eyes and said, "South of Luzhou City, under the White Dragon Pond!"

Hm? White Dragon Pond? The owner of the White Dragon Blood that I had? He thought to himself curiously as he looked at the information that Shen Luo gave him.

"If that was the White Dragon that Ning Caichen said, then maybe I can get some more White Dragon Blood. I should go take a look." He mumbled to himself, opened the map, used the Float skill, flew into the air, and headed towards the south of Luzhou City.

The White Dragon Pond was located in a mountain range to the south of Luzhou City. It was the territory of the Level 50 White Drakes.

He arrived at the White Drake Pond in less than ten minutes because he flew.

Looking at the White Drakes wandering around the area, he ignored them and avoided their aggro radius, then headed towards the White Dragon Pond.

He was there looking for treasure, not to kill monsters.

Not to mention that the monsters here were all level 50 with very high stats. If he was surrounded by the monsters, then his death would be guaranteed.

The White Dragon Pond wasnt very big. It was elliptical in shape and was about ten plus meters wide.

The water of the pond was very clear, but he couldnt see the bed of the pond.

"Hopefully, I wont see that White Dragon down there, or I will die."


With that, he jumped into the White Dragon pond.

Maybe the White Dragon Pond really had a White Dragon, and the entire White Dragon Pond was within the White Dragons territory as there were no other monsters there. He heaved a sigh of relief and quickly swam into its deepest depths.

The White Dragon Pond was very deep. He swam for almost half an hour before reaching the bed of the pond.

It was quite wide, and there was a giant cave on the face of the underwater cliff. Bubbles keep coming out from the cave.


At this moment, he finally found something near the mouth of the cave. They were scales about the size of a human palm. He picked up the scales out of curiosity.

White Dragon Scale: Unique smithing materials.

"So Dragon Scales can be used for smithing. I better keep these." Looking at the three white scales in his claw, he put them away, saving them when he needed to forge equipment.

After putting the White Dragon Scales away, he hesitated as he looked at the cave.

He didnt see any treasures around here. That meant that either the coordinates were wrong, or the treasure was in the cave in front of him.

But if he entered the cave without preparation, he would be instantly killed in one hit if the White Dragon was inside. Then, he wouldnt get any treasure and he would lose his life as well.

"Fine, so what if I died? Its not that I didnt die before!" He still entered the cave after giving it a long thought.

The cave was wide and bright. Glowing Fluorspars dotted the walls of the cave, lighting up the cave brightly.


When he was watching the cave, his attention was shifted to a stone bed. On that stone bed was an unclothed woman.

She had a pair of horns, a heart-shaped face, elegant facial features, and was incredibly beautiful in general. In terms of beauty, she was at par with all the women he had seen.

Xiao Longnu: Level 50 Immortal-Level Monster (Cursed)

Introduction: Transformed from a White Dragon. She was heavily injured by an Infernal General from the Infernal race and had been cursed. Her power had decreased by 10 fold.

HP: 150,000

Attack: 2,500 3,700

Defense: 1,000

Skills: Dragon Howl, Water Pillar, Ice Arrow, Water Dragon Crash, Water Manipulation, Tidal Wave

"She was cursed?" Jiang Feng was shocked after seeing that her stats were so low. Only then did he notice that in between her chest was a Black Marking. The Black Marking was emitting black air.

"Cough Who are you? From which tribe?"

Xiao Longnu noticed Jiang Fengs presence and slowly opened her eyes. She coughed and waved her hands to make the surrounding water to form a wrap to envelop her body. She looked at him cautiously.

An Immortal Level Dragon and cursed. If he could recruit her and help her remove the curse, not only would he receive a powerful follower, he could even use the Yin Yang Union of Joy together with her to build up both their power!

He then said, "I am from the Earthcover Dragon tribe, you can call me Feng!"

He had consumed four drops of Earthcover Dragons divine dragon blood, so the Earthcover Dragons bloodline was the thickest. That was why he said he was from the Earthcover Dragon.

"A Divine Dragon from the Earthcover Dragon tribe! Why are you here?" Xiao Longnus alertness had fallen, as Dragons were friendly to all other dragons other than the Demon Dragons.

"I was passing by when I heard that a White Dragon and an Infernal General had fought in the skies above this land about a month ago. The White Dragon had been injured, so I sought you out. The reason I came here was to check your injuries and to scout where the Infernal General is hiding, and to destroy him. How dare he injure one of our own! I will make him pay this debt in blood." Jiang Feng said with righteous fury.

"I have injured that Infernal General. He must be hiding somewhere to recover," Xiao Longnu said angrily.

"How do I break the curse on you?" Jiang Feng asked.

Xiao Longnu shook her head and said, "It will be difficult. I will need at least 10 drops of Divine Dragon Blood to be able to break it!"

"Is my blood usable?" Jiang Feng asked.

"No, we will need a dragon that has reached adulthood. A wyrmlings blood is useless," Xiao Longnu shook her head and said.

"Alright, but dont worry. I will find a way to break your curse," Jiang Feng said. "But why dont you come with me for the time being? It is dangerous here. If I can find you, the Infernals can find you too."

Xiao Longnu looked at Jiang Feng, gave it some thought, and then nodded and said, "Alright, once I have restored my power, I will repay your kindness."

While highly intelligent monsters were indeed intelligent, they were quite innocent in nature. They do not know how to scheme unless its the NPCs or monsters that were very important to the plot of the game. They would be even more intelligent and be capable of making complex plots.

After recruiting Xiao Longnu successfully, he then put her away into the Qiankun Gourd and was preparing to leave.


Just as he was going to leave the cave, a piece of mirror lodged on the rock of the cave caught his attention.

He went over curiously and took the piece of the mirror into his hand.

Kunlun Mirror: Fragments of the Ten Primordial Artifacts

Stats: None

"Haha! I didnt expect that it would be a piece of the Ten Primordial Artifacts! This must be the treasure that the Divine Fate Compass had found."

Jiang Feng smiled excitingly as he looked at the mirror in his hand.

He had never thought after using the Divine Fate Compass, he could recruit Xiao Longnu and get another piece of a Primordial Artifact.

He finally knew why Ya Di had asked him to choose the Divine Fate Compass. It was like possessing a treasure that kept on giving endless treasures.