Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Myth Group Guild Base Completed

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Once the Guild Base had completed and was successfully defended, it also meant that the game had progressed on the right track.

"It would start at 12. I should log out, get some food and farm the Barbaric Giants. Then I can go to the siege!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at the server announcement that was floating in the sky. He then put away Xiao Longnu, Yanhu, and the others and logged out.


After he logged out, he was surprised to find that his messy room had already been cleaned up.

Seeing that, he smiled and said to himself, "Su Qing must have cleaned this place up."

He wore a jacket and walked out of the room, only to see that the entire house had been cleaned properly. Su Qing was wearing an apron and washing the vegetables in the kitchen.

"You came so early? Have you moved everything in? Where did all the vegetables come from?" He asked Su Qing curiously as he looked at her with a basket of vegetables in the kitchen.

When she saw Jiang Feng, she embarrassingly replied, "Ive been here since around 4 oclock. I saw that there werent any vegetables yesterday, so I bought some when I was on my way here. You must be hungry, Mr. Jiang, Ill make breakfast for you!"

"Alright, just make something light. Pass me your bank details and Ill transfer some money to you. Help me withdraw them when you have the time," After explaining to her what he needed her to do, she then sat on the sofa and took out his mobile, and used a shopping app.

He was going to buy some furniture and appliances for his home, and a computer as well.

After he had spent an hour browsing the online shops and spent around 50,000, he had finally bought all the furniture and appliances that he needed.

By this time, Su Qing had also finished cooking and his father had woken up.

Jiang Feng and his father were quite happy with Su Qings cooking. After breakfast, he then entered the game.

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Myth Group for the Guild Bases Completion. The monsters will begin the Monster Siege at 12 pm today. There will be three waves of monsters attacking the base. Other forces may join the attack. The number of monsters and players that may join the siege is capped at 100,000. We wish Myth Group a successful defense!

As soon as he entered the game, he was shocked when he heard the server announcement.

"Myth Group had completed its Guild Base as well?" Jiang Feng said with a frown, and then stopped the frown as he looked back. "No wonder Shen Ye would give up on the auction for the Guild Building Order. I guess he must have already obtained a Guild Building Order back then."

Jiang Feng originally thought that Shen Ye didnt want to spend any extra money, but also didnt want Canaan Guild to build that base. That was why he had given up with the bid during the auction and he would make a move against Canaan Guild later. However, it looked like he got it all wrong.

Now that he looked back, when Shen Ye and Baixia were communicating during the auction, Baixia must have told Shen Ye that they thair hands on a Guild Building Order. That was the actual reason that Shen Ye had given up during the auction.

Then, he had built his Guild Base at the same time with Canaan Guild letting no one know and preparing to face a Monster Siege at the same time as Canaan Guild.

"This is going to be good," Jiang Feng said with a smirk.

Next, he then opened and browsed the official message board.

The two guilds had completed their bases and the Monster Siege would begin at 12. Some players must have already shared where the bases were.

There were many benefits for him to join a Monster Siege. He would definitely join.

But before that, he had to find out where the two guilds were. After he had farmed the Barbaric Giants, he could then directly head to one of them.

He found the location of the two guilds very quickly.

Canaan Guild had built their base on an island filled with Level 40 monsters in the ocean near Nanhai City. Myth group had built their base deep within the Twilight Forest near the Imperial Dragon City.

Some players had even posted pictures of the bases of the two guilds.

The island that Canaan Guild chose was very beautiful. Players needed to spend gold to ferry themselves over. He even saw a picture of Canaan, Mu Xi, and Nangong Tiaotiao standing on the wall.

Myth Group had built their base in a basin deep within the Twilight Forest. There was only one entrance into the basin and was otherwise surrounded by steep cliffs from all three sides. It could be said to be a place that would be easy to defend but difficult to attack.

"Hm? Hes in Myth Group!"

Suddenly, he saw a familiar person from one of the pictures. After enlarging it, he realized that the Inheritor of the Divines, Qiu Si, and Shen Ye were standing together on a wall discussing something. He was taken aback, but he quickly regained his composure and smiled coldly.

"Now I know where Myth Groups Guild Building Order came from. Qiu Si must have provided it," Jiang Feng said. "But so what if they had the Guild Building Order? Fine, Im not going to Canaan Guild this time. I should focus my effort on destroying the Myth Group. If its a guild being led by the Inheritor of the Divines, then I couldnt let him build it successfully!"

As he thought of that, he then let Xiao Longnu out of the Qiankun Gourd.

He then entered the Qiankun Gourd and let Xiao Longnu bring them all into Luzhou City.

All Immortal-level monsters and stronger had the Polymorph skill, and unlike his which had a limitation in the form of a timer, they could use theirs for as long as they like.

He didnt want to waste his use of the Polymorph skill, so he had let Xiao Longnu pretend to be a player to use the Teleportation Circle to send him to the Imperial Dragon City and help him buy some wine.

Xiao Longnu covered her dragon horns, then took the gold pieces that Jiang Feng gave her and headed towards Luzhou City.

They arrived at the Imperial Dragon City without incident. She had also bought the wine.

"Ive used Dao Dao Dao a few times, but I had never used it when I was drunk. I wonder how powerful Dao Dao Dao would get when Im drunk, so lets test it on Myth Groups members!"

After they exited the Imperial Dragon City, Jiang Feng then came out from the Qiankun Gourd and took Xiao Longnu back in and headed towards the Twilight Forest.

The Barbaric Giants hadnt spawn yet, so he wanted to go find a place that would make it easy to form the Barbaric Giants nearby.


Inside Lingyun Pavillions shop at the Imperial Dragon City, Ling Yun angrily roared, "Why didnt we get even one Guild Building Order after farming so many bosses! And now the first and the second Guild Building Order have both been snatched. You are all useless!"

"Leader, dont get angry. If they cant defend their bases, they still wouldnt be able to call themselves the number 1 and 2 guilds in the game!" Chen Mo said.

"Thats right. Lets gather two groups and attack the two guilds when the Monster Siege began. All we needed to do was to destroy the two Guild Building Orders then," Ba Ge said in agreement.

Ling Yun then lowered his head and gave it a thought and said, "Have the high-level and high-stat members gather around the Twilight Forest. Canaan Guild doesnt have many members, so just sending around 10,000 players over will do. Our priority is to stop Myth Group!"

Tianxia Gangs Hao Tian said to the few high-level members in his guild with a frown, "Forget about Myth Group. You all know about my bet with Canaan. Gather all our members from the guild and head towards Nanhai City!"

Xingyu Guilds leader Su Xingyu said in a mild tone to those standing around, "Let us go have some fun!"

Many guilds were ready to join Canaan Guilds and Myth Groups sieges. A great war would begin soon!