Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 89 1

Chapter 89 The Siege Part 1

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Twilight Valley was located deep within the Twilight Forest.

This was a Level 40 monster territory, surrounded by cliffs from three sides, and had plenty of resources such as ore and wood.

This was definitely an exceptional place to build a base.

And it was here that the Myth Group had built their Guild Base.

Jiang Feng stood on top of a mountain peak and looked at Myth Groups Guild Base.

"The wall is quite thick, and its maximum HP had even reached 1,000,000,000. It will be very difficult to take it down!" He said with a frown as he looked at all the priests within the base healing the wall. The walls HP gauge was slowly filling up, and it had already reached halfway to the maximum.

When a base was built, the walls maximum HP could be increased by using either good materials to build it or by making it thicker.

While the wall has a fixed defense at 1,000, once it was completed its maximum would reach a terrifying number

The 36 main cities within the game had their walls HP above 10,000,000,000. That meant that the Myth Group had spent a lot of money and resources to have their wall reach 1/10th the maximum HP of a main citys wall.

"They are so rich! But this time, I will make all of you lose a lot!"

While Myth Groups base was like a fortress, he had the confidence to be able to breach it. Of course, he would need the cooperation of other guilds and monsters during the siege.

The number of monsters and players were capped at 100,000. As long as these monsters and players could deal 10,000 damage each to the wall, the 1,000,000,000 worth of HP would deplete very soon. They would need to breach the defenses formed by Myth Groups players first, of course.

Ding! System Announcement: Barbaric Giant Event has begun!

Just as Jiang Feng was observing Myth Groups guild base, the Barbaric Giants event had begun.


What took him by surprise was that a Barbaric Giant appeared behind him.

"My, what a coincidence! Its even a Level 30 Barbaric Giant! Kill it!"

He turned around and saw a huge Barbaric Giant roaming around behind him. He was slightly surprised, but then released Xiao Longnu, Yanhu and the rest of his followers, and had begun to hunt down the Barbaric Giant.

In about a dozen minutes, their group had slain the Level 30 Barbaric Giant.

At his current state, he could defeat and Barbaric Giant below Level 40.

Ding! System Prompt: Monster Transmutation successful. Congratulations, you have received a pet egg.

After receiving the Pet Egg, he gave it a look. It was a Rank 6 egg, which equated to around 60,000. He then put it away happily and scouted for other Barbaric Giants.

He spent around two hours and killed three Barbaric Giants in total, and obtained two Pet Eggs and a Pet Skill Book.

The two Pet Eggs were a Rank 6 egg and a Rank 8 egg. What made him most excited wasnt the two Pet Eggs, but it was the Pet Skill book.

Hide: Pet Skill

After activation, the pet will become hidden. Duration 5 minutes. Attacking or being attacked will reveal the pets form. Cooldown of 5 minutes.

"Haha! This skill came just in time! The siege will begin in 10 minutes. Let the fight begin!"

After learning the Hide skill, he extended his two claws and grabbed at the rocky surface of the cliffs and climbed down the cliff.

When he had arrived near Myth Group, he hid in the nearby bushes, waiting for the Siege to begin.

At the time, there were tens of thousands of players standing outside of the base, completely filling up any empty spaces. These were all members of Myth Group!

Ding! Server Announcement: Canaan Guild and Myth Group, the Monster Siege had begun!

Ten minutes had quickly passed. Once the server announcement had been made, 30,000 Level 30 monsters appeared at the entrance.

These monsters were all level 30 Two-Headed Wind Wolves. They possessed very high speed. In the blink of an eye, the battle between them and the members of Myth Group had started.

The battleground had been covered with the dazzling colors of various skills.

"My brethren from Lingyun Pavilion, kill them all!"

"Comrades from Xingyun Guild, its time to fight!"

"My companions from the Husha Gang, destroy them all!"

As the Two-Headed Wolves and the guild members of the Myth Group were clashing together, players from other guilds appeared and rushed towards the guild members of the Myth Group like locusts.

As the two sides clashed, blood had quickly dyed the earth red. The thick scent of blood began to spread in the air.

"Oh my goodness, how exciting! Boss, shall we go?" Yanhu looked at the gigantic clash between the two forces, and he was so excited that he wanted to rush in immediately.

Jiang Feng looked at the battle, and said, "Wait. We are not joining the first round. Lets wait until this round is finished."

During the first round, regardless of whether they were on the defending side or attack side, both sides would be at their peak.

As soon as the first round had finished, they would definitely have suffered losses. It would be much safer if they attacked then and no one would be able to stop him.

The scene of a battle joined by 300,000 could only be seen in the movies or tv shows. Jiang Feng and the surrounding players had become fervent, so much so that some players even rushed over and started killing indiscriminately without caring so much which side their victims were on, unleashing the stress from the real world!

While wars were definitely a burden on society, it was also one of the fastest ways to release the stress in their heart. It was also one way for them to increase their combat experience and the fastest way of making a hero out of mortals!

"The strength to pick up mountains and rivers, and the might conquer the world!"

A powerfully built man appeared among the Myth Group players. He was around two meters tall and was extremely well built. He wielded a giant axe, and his one skill could instantly kill around seven or eight players.

"Da Luohan? Looks like the elites of Myth Group have begun their offensive!" Jiang Feng quietly said in his heart as he looked at the man.

"The Dragon Howls at the Nine Heavens!"


Qiu Si attacked, the Divine Dragon Sword in his hand waved as he jumped down from the wall. With his feet still in the air and his Divine Dragon Sword pointed at a group of players. The next moment, the phantom of a Divine Dragon appeared, howled, and pierced through the bodies of a group of players attacking the base. It had instantly killed around thirty players.

Qiu Si was a very handsome man. He was wearing white, and his Divine Dragon Sword made him even more striking. Many Myth Group female players that saw this scene all screamed in passion.

"Hm? Looks like Qiu Si had increased his level and unlocked a skill from his Divine Weapon. And its a skill that targets an area, no less," Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at Qiu Sis skills.

"Boss, when are we going in? I cant wait!" Yanhu waved his tail wildly as he asked without patience.

"I concur. Shall we go into the fray together?" Xiao Longnu asked Jiang Feng with her eyes brimming with passion after watching the battle.

Jiang Feng looked at Xiao Longnu, then looked at Yanhu and his other followers, and asked, "It will be very dangerous if we join now."

"What are we afraid of? As long as the boss is here, we cannot die!" Heifeng said as he licked his nose.

"Very well, let us go and slaughter them all!"


After his speech, he then activated his float skill and took flight into the air, revealing his 5 meters long body as he unleashed a dragon howl. He led Xiao Longnu, Yanhu, and the others into the battle!