Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 90 2

Chapter 90 The Siege Part 2

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The scales on Jiang Feng were brown, while the scales on Xiao Longnu were white.

Both of them stormed out and flew into the skies, spinning like a helix and bolted towards the members of Myth Group.

Yanhu, Heifeng, Haozi, Manwang, Houwang, and the Thunderclap Mantis followed them tightly under their shadows.

"Roar! Tornado!"

Once he was above Myth Group, Jiang Feng unleashed a dragon roar. A tornado appeared in the middle of the players, and the whirlwind caught about a hundred players within itself.

Any players caught by the tornado would disappear into a white light within three seconds.

"Roar! Tidal Wave!"

Jiang Fengs skills hadnt even finished, Xiao Longnu then used her area-of-effect skill.

She opened her mouth, and a giant waterfall blasted from her mouth towards the players. The moment the waterfall crashed into the ground, around 500 players were thrown into the air and disappeared into the waves.

The tidal wave disappeared only after five seconds, and the players within the waves had also disappeared along with it.

"Exploding Flame!"

Yanhu jumped into the players and used an area-of-effect skill that he had just learned when he reached level 30. A giant fireball exploded within the players, and the explosions formed into smaller fireballs, smacking the players into a painful, crying mess.

"Exploding Flame!"

After Yanhu had used his Exploding Flame skill, Houwang also used the same area-of-effect skill.

Next, Heifeng, Haozi, Manwang, and the Thunderclap Mantis all charged into the groups of players and used their area-of-effect skills.

In less than a dozen seconds, thousands of players had died by their hands.

The players that had seen this scene were all stunned.

"Damn! Why did two dragons and six bosses suddenly appear? Are they the monsters besieging the base too?"

"I dont think so? My friends at Canaan Guild said nothing like that had happened."

"My goodness, those two dragons are so cool! It would be so cool if I can capture them! Unfortunately, monsters from the Monster Sieges cant be captured. Even if they could, the success rate would be so low!"

Many of the players that were attacking were brimming with excitement when they saw Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu to the point where they forgot that they were in a battle. Some of them were even dreaming about riding on a dragon and looked upon the land from its back.

But when the Two-Headed Wind Wolves saw Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnus arrival, their morale greatly increased and they had even become more fanatical in their attacks. The five Two-Headed Wolf Kings converged towards Yanhu, most probably treating them as monsters that were tasked with attacking the base.


Seeing this, Jiang Feng was thrilled, and he released a dragon howl.

"Hear my commands, Two-Headed Wolf Kings! Lead your underlings and surround the other three gates! Yanhu, Heifeng, and one of the Two-Headed Wolf Kings attack the East Gate. Haozi, Manwang, and another Two-Headed Wolf King head to the West Gate. Houwang, Thunderclap Mantis, and another Two-Headed Wolf King head to the South Gate. The rest of you follow me and attack the North Gate!"

His roar was filled with majesty, and the five Two-Headed Wolf Kings all howled at the sky and led their underlings towards the other three gates as commanded.

The monsters had instantly been separated into four waves, one heading towards each of the gates.

When Myth Groups guild leader Shen Ye saw this, he became concerned.

There werent many players defending the other three gates. If the monsters managed to breach the other three gates, their situation would instantly become extremely dangerous.

When Qiu Si saw this, he returned to the top of the wall using a mobility skill, and said to Shen Ye despite being similarly anxious, "Cousin, that brown dragon was the Shifters Inheritor that I told you about. It is very strong. Bring a group of men to handle the other three gates. Leave this place to me."

"Alright, cousin. You must help me protect the base. If not, our losses will be immeasurable!" Shen Ye said to Qiu Si.

"Ill try my best," Qiu Si said with a grimace as he turned and looked at Jiang Feng slaughtering the players. He couldnt guarantee that he could defend it.

"Alright, do your best!" Hearing Qiu Sis response, Shen Ye could only look towards Jiang Feng with fury. But he eventually sighed and led a few of his elites and headed towards the other gates!

After Shen Ye left, Qiu Si summoned his Rank 7 Blazing Eagle pet and jumped on its back, and he headed towards Jiang Feng.

The Blazing Eagle was a pet egg that he managed to obtain after killing a Barbaric Giant. He had spent the time to increase the Blazing Eagles level in the past week continuously. He even fed it the Experience Pills that he bought from the Imperial Dragon Auction House, pushing its level to reach level 30. Its stats were even higher than a level 30 boss.

"Inheritor of the Shifters, allow me to be your opponent. Dragon Break!"

Standing on the Blazing Eagle, Qiu Si pointed the Divine Dragon Sword at Jiang Feng. The phantom of a golden dragon headed straight toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng, who was slaying the players, had also discovered Qiu Si. Once he saw his attack, he gave him a cold smile and said, "Ive been waiting for you!"

In the next moment, he flew high into the sky and reached out for the phantom of the golden dragon. He stretched his dragon claws and violently shredded the phantom into pieces, causing only minimal damage to him.

He was already a dragon. Anyone that used Dragon related skills to attack him would find their effects greatly reduced.

"Why did you have to choose the Divine Dragon Sword despite there being so many other Divine Artifacts for you to choose from? Im sorry, but your Dragon related-skills wont cause me much harm!"

Jiang Feng roared at Qiu Si and his dragon claws continued to reach towards him without decelerating.

"Shadow Pierce!"

Seeing that the damage from dragon-related skills had been reduced to such an extent, Qiu Si became even more alarmed. He did not use any dragon-related skill, but used another skill instead.

He disappeared from the back of the Blazing Eagle and instantly appeared behind Jiang Feng. The Blazing Eagle quickly flew over and picked him up.


Jiang Feng looked at the blood flowing from his abdomen. He roared in fury, "Perish, Requiem!"

Ring. Ring.

The bell was rung, and Qiu Si as well as his pet Blazing Eagle was instantly Dazed. However, the moment that he entered the Daze state, a golden light shone, and they both were instantly awakened.

"Roar! Dragon Howl!"

Jiang Feng used his second crowd control skill.

When Qiu Si saw Jiang Feng used his second skill, he did not retreat and headed towards Jiang Feng. He did not even pay any attention to it.

As the sound wave from the Dragon Howl reached him, a ripple appeared around him and dispelled the effects of the Dragon Howl.

"Haha, you want to use double crowd-control to kill me instantly again? Ive died to you once, do you think Ill die to you again? Divine Dragon Slash!" Qiu Si smiled coldly and slashed at Jiang Feng as his sword glowed with a golden light.


Just as Jiang Feng was going to use Blink to blink to his side and used his third crowd control skill to kill Qiu Si, another Dragon Howl came. Xiao Longnu was rushing over.

Xiao Longnus Dragon Howl had caused Qiu Si and the Blazing Eagle to enter a daze, and fell onto the ground.

When Xiao Longnu came over and saw Jiang Fengs bleeding abdomen and missing dragon scales, she was furious. She violently rushed over and caught Qiu Si and the Blazing Eagle using her claws, and threw them into the air. She then smashed them brutally towards the ground using her dragon tail.

"Roar! How dare you harm Xiao Feng! Die!"

In her berserk state, she continually used her tail to slap at Qiu Si and the Blazing Eagle. And before they fell onto the ground, she would catch them using her claws and throw them into the air again so that she could slap them using her tail.

1After four or five times, Xiao Longnu used her tail to brutally smash Qiu Si into the ground. While the Blazing Eagle had awakened and wanted to pick up Qiu Si, it was stopped by Jiang Feng.


Qiu Sis body violently crashed into the ground and a large amount of damage floated from his head. He then turned into white lights, forced to return to the Respawn Point.

Most of the damage he received was inflicted by Xiao Longnu, and he finally died after being smashed to the ground alive!

"Its so terrifying when a woman gets angry!"

The edge of Jiang Fengs lips twitched a little as he saw Xiao Longnu torture Qiu Si like that.