Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 91 3

Chapter 91 The Siege Part 3

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The Northern Gate of Myth Groups Guild Base was commanded by Qiu Si!

After he had been killed by Xiao Longnu, adding the pressure Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu posed, the morale of the players in the Northern Gate had fallen drastically!

Morale was one of the most important emotions in a war!

Without morale, combat capabilities and willpower would fall drastically.

If the morale was high, it could even strengthen the bodys subconsciously, allowing them to even boost up their power to 150%.

If one side with fewer combatants had higher morale clashed with an opposing force with more combatants but with less morale, the chances of the side with the fewer combatants would win was very high!

While Myth Group had a lot of members, they were not at the same level and didnt go through any training. They couldnt work with each other at all.

As Shen Ye was away to defend the other gates and Qiu Si was killed, adding the terror of the two dragons in the air, causing their morale to drop, and the army scattered!

"Slaughter them!"

After Qiu Sis death, Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu led the Double-Headed Wolf Kings and the normal double-headed wolves and rushed toward the edge of the wall, and attacked it.

Any players that wanted to interrupt them would be killed by Xiao Longnu and him.

As for the players that had classes in long-range combat class on the wall, had all been swiped down from the wall using his dragon tail.

At this time, the players that had joined the siege had also made their way over and attacked the walls together with the normal double-headed wolves.

Just as Jiang Feng was leading the monsters and players attacking the wall, something interesting happened at the Western Gate.

Shen Ye rode on a Rank 7 Bluecloud Panther and led a group of his members at the Western Gate and fought with Yanhu, Heifeng, Double-Headed Wolf King, and a group of normal Double-Headed Wolves.

Yanhu and Heifeng kept on surrounding Shen Ye and didnt attack him, but they were communicating with Shen Yes pet, the Bluecloud Panther.

"Little panther, cant you stand up for yourself for once? Does it feel great being ridden by a human? Let me tell you something. If you follow our boss, you can one day become a Divine Panther," Yanhu told the Bluecloud Panther.

"Thats right. Our boss is very "generous," and he had a bunch of Golden Pills in his hands. Golden Pills! Its a divine medicine that could let us evolve without limits! Youre from the countryside so you probably had never seen one!" Hei Feng said in agreement.

The Bluecloud Panther was considered to be a pure-blooded panther, so it did have some intelligence. Of course, its intelligence was no higher than Yanhu and Heifeng.

Hearing Yanhu and Heifengs words, it blinked, and even its movement slowed down a lot.

Seeing that it had some effects, Yanhu and Heifeng exchanged a glance and kept on attempting to manipulate it psychologically.

Yanhu said flatteringly, "Brother Panther, youre a Rank 7 Divine Beast! Much stronger than us! But look at us now. Our boss had given us a Golden Pill and power had increased substantially. Were almost stronger than you."

Heifeng continued to agree and said, "Thats right, thats right! Who are you? You are our Brother Panther! While you dont talk much, are you willing to let a human ride you around? As long as you follow our boss, he can even help you find lots of beautiful female panthers! Why are you still hesitating? Throw that disgusting human off your back and make him scram! Come and follow our boss."

Lots of female panthers?

The Double-Headed Wolf Kings eyes brimmed with excitement and asked Heifeng, "Brother Hei, does the boss have many female Double-Headed Wolves?"

"Hm?" Heifeng looked at the Double-Headed Wolf King with surprise, and asked, "You have so many followers, none of them are female?"

"None of the Double-Headed Wolves are female. All of them are male," The Double-Headed Wolf King shook his head.

"Then thats going to be hard," Heifeng gave it some thought and said, "Can you accept a one-headed female wolf?"

"Too ugly!" The Double-Headed Wolf King shook his head.

1Yanhu then asked, "How about three?"

The Double-Headed Wolf Kings eyes brimmed with passion and nodded continuously, "Of course, of course! Thats like a goddess to me."

Yanhu said, "Alright, follow me after were done. Ill ask the boss to help you find a Three-Headed female wolf."

The Double-Headed Wolf King thanked him continuously and said, "Thank you, Brother Yan. Thank you, Brother Hei. Ill follow you from now on."

"Its fine, its fine."

Yanhu and Heifeng laughed and thought to themselves, We havent convinced the Bluecloud Panther yet, but weve managed to convince a Double-Headed Wolf King for now. The boss will reward us when we get back.

The Bluecloud Panther kept on avoiding attacks as Shen Ye was riding on him. As it heard the conversation between Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Double-Headed Wolf King, it was tempted.

Ding! System Prompt: Your pets loyalty has dropped from 100% to 50%. Please improve its loyalty or it will leave you!

Shen Ye, who was fighting the Double-Headed Wolves around it suddenly heard the voice from the system. As he listened to it, he was stunned and thought to himself, Whats happening? Why did my pet suddenly lose loyalty?

As the Bluecloud Panthers loyalty dropped, its reaction had also become slower, and his control over it was not as smooth as before.

Ding! System Prompt: The first wave of monsters wasnt cleared within an hour. The second wave of monsters will arrive in 5 minutes.


Shen Ye was furious with eyes wide-open.

Beep. Beep.

At the time when he was furious, he received a message from a friend. He quickly took a look.

Qiu Si: "Were in trouble! The Northern walls HP is less than 70%. Quickly contact the guilds that we have allied with, or we will definitely fail!"

"Damn! Damn!"

Shen Ye was on the verge of biting someones head off.

He wanted to control the Bluecloud Panther to retreat at the moment, but what made him furious even more was not only that the Bluecloud Panther didnt retreat, it was hesitating.

"Crap, even an animal like you dare to go against me?!"

Seeing that, Shen Ye became even angrier and used the bow in his head and strike at the Bluecloud Panthers buttocks.

Yanhu and Heifeing had seen this, and quickly made things worse and said, "Brother Panther, look! Look! I told you that humans are cold-blooded! You were carrying him fighting in the fields of battle, but look at how hes treating you? Hes beating your buttocks, thats your pride! You shouldnt tolerate this! You shouldnt!

Heifeng turned his eyes sideways and said, "This is so embarrassing, I cant look at this! Brother Panther, for you to allow trash like this to ride on you willingly, youre losing your status, losing your status"

After submitting himself to the Double-Headed Wolf King, he also learned from Heifeng and said in agreement, "Thats right, thats right! You shouldnt tolerate this, you shouldnt!"

After hearing the words from Yanhu and the others, he was also feeling extremely embarrassed. He also felt that letting a human ride on him was a humiliation. And he had finally exploded at this moment.


It roared angrily and immediately threw Shen Ye off.

When Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Double-Headed Wolf King saw this, they didnt hesitate and rushed over to Shen Ye that had been thrown off balance. One should not underestimate the power of three boss monsters. In less than a dozen minutes, Shen Ye had only a slither of health left.

After Shen Ye had been damaged by the three bosses until he only had a slither of health left, Yanhu and the others suddenly stopped. Yanhu then turned his head back and beckoned the Bluecloud Panther over by using his claw and said, "Brother Panther, come and do the honors! And build up your dignity!"

The Bluecloud Panther walked over.

Ding! System Prompt: Your pets loyalty has dropped from 50% to 0%. Your pet has betrayed you, please be careful!

1"Go back! Back to the pet space!" When Shen Ye saw that the Blue Cloud Panther was approaching him, he wanted to put it away back into the Pets Space. Unfortunately, the System had already notified him that his Pets loyalty had become 0 and was no longer his pet. He was in a state of panic and anger.

The Bluecloud Panther came in front of Shen Ye and looked at him as it lowered its head. Then smacked him to death using his claw without hesitation.

"Youre so great, Brother Panther!"

When Heifeng saw the Bluecloud Panther kill Shen Ye, he extended his thick paw and gave it a nail up.

When the members that originally came over wanting to save Shen Ye and saw him killed by his pet, they were all stunned in place, completely taken by surprise.