Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Inheritor Of The Infernals

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The assistant guild leader Qiu Si was slammed to the death on the ground by Xiao Longnu!

The guild leader Shen Ye had been slapped to death by his own pet!

All the players from Myth Group had been emotionally pushed to their limits.

Some of the players had already been killed twice or thrice. They were so afraid to lose levels that they had escaped by logging out.

Shen Ye Guilds players had drastically lowered. When the second wave of monsters arrived, only around 90,000 of the players were still around.

This was how the guild within the games work. Without any professional training, when the battle began they would fight on their own without coordination. Even if the guild had a talented commander, they couldnt control such a chaotic group.

"My. If this is how the guilds are going to fight in the World War? Looks like I have to build up my own group of monsters. If not, wont Huaxia be beaten up during the World War?" Jiang Feng thought to himself as he crouched on the world war and looked at Myth Groups members scattering.

The second wave was a group of Level 40 Skeletal Knight. They were much stronger than normal players in terms of speed or attack.

Adding the 30,000 Skeletal Knights, the 8,000 Double-Headed Wolves, and 70,000 players that were attacking together, the total had reached 10,000.

1Under his leadership, the walls HP had quickly fallen to 50%.

Despite a few of the Myth Groups elites wanting to stop them, they had all been killed by Xiao Longnu and him.

In order to destroy an army, the leaders must first be killed. That was why when Myth Groups elite died and no one was commanding them, Myth Groups members had fallen into chaos and were forced to retreat into the city by the monsters and the attacking players.

At this time, Qiu Si and Shen Ye had been revived and fought their way back.

"Dont retreat! We outnumber them, and can outkill them!" Shen Ye yelled out in a loud voice. "Priests, heal the wall! Long-range attackers, use your skills! Warriors, tank their attacks! Anyone who has killed a player or a monster will be rewarded with 50gp! The more you kill, the more gold youll get!"

Lives may be bought when the price is right. After Shen Yes announcement, many of the retreating players no longer retreated but attacked the attacking players and monsters.

In a short moment, the members of Myth Group had their morale increased.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng frowned and walked next to Xiao Longnu and whispered to her.

In the next moment, under Jiang Fengs cover, Xiao Longnu shapeshifted into a human form.

She then yelled out loudly, "Brothers and sisters that are attacking the base! The guild leaders Ling Yun, Su Xingyu, the leader of Husha Guild, and the others had said that as long as the base is destroyed, everyone will be given 10,000gp! Those that kill Shen Ye and Qiu Si would be given 50,000! Kill them all!"

"Damn! All hail the guild leader! Lets kill them, brothers! Destroy the base, and get out 10,000!"

"Kill Shen Ye, and destroy Myth Group!"

Xiao Longnus shout had increased the morale of the attacking players, and all of their eyes were beaming as they killed the members from Myth Group in a frenzy.

The guild leaders that were commanding their guild members from behind were all stunned.

Chen Mo blinked. "Since when did the guild leader say were going to get rewarded when the base is destroyed? Why wasnt I told about this?"

Chen Mo wasnt the only one that had the same question in mind. Even the top-brass from Xingyu Guild, Husha guild, and the others were all confused.

However, seeing that their morale had become so high, none of them had come out to explain. Since explaining it at this time would lower their morale.

As the group of players attacked when their morale was high, they quickly demolished the remaining members of Myth Group.

In less than an hour, the walls HP had been reduced to 0%.


When the walls HP had reached 0, the wall crumbled in a great explosion

"Kill them all!"

Jiang Feng yelled out and rushed into Myth Groups base.

In the middle of the base, there was a building that housed the Guild-Building Order. It was guarded by many players.

Shen Ye and Qiu Si became extremely nervous and led a group of players blocking in front of the building, stopping the attacking players from coming close.

"Shen Ye, the base is a goner. Go and retrieve the Guild-Building Order to reduce our losses!" Qiu Si said to Shen Ye when he saw that Jiang Feng was leading the monsters and tens of thousands of players.

After listening to Qiu Si, Shen Ye quickly went into the building and took away the Guild-Building Order. At the same time, he had also given up on building a base.

Ding! Server Announcement: Myth Groups base has been destroyed. The construction of the base has failed.


As soon as the system made its announcement, Myth Groups base fell into the ground and was turned into ash.

"Damn it! Ive spent 3,000,000 on it and its all gone now!" Shen Ye looked on furiously. He had spent so much money and quite a few days, and the base was all gone.

Qiu Si wasnt feeling that good too since some of the money spent was his. This guild could be considered to be led by both him and Shen Ye.

Qiu Si rode the Blazing Hawk and flew away, but he then roared at the players underneath and said, "Lingyun Pavillion, Xingyu Guild, Husha Guild, and the others. I have remembered all of you! When its your time to build your guild, Myth Group would be there!"

After listening to Qiu Sis threat, some of the high-level members of Lingyun Pavilion and Xingyu Guilds became filled with worry.

However, when Jiang Feng heard that, he smiled.

"Roar! My brethren, lets go!" He roared and led Xiao Longnu to fly toward a cliff.

Yanhu, Heifeng, the Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, Houwang, Manwang, and the newly joined Double-Headed Wolf King and Bluecloud Panther all climbed toward that cliff.

As for the other monsters that had attacked the base, the ruins that they had taken control over had become their new territories and they didnt leave.

Very quickly, they had gathered on a cliff.

"Hm? Why are there two extras?" Jiang Feng asked as he looked at the Double-Headed Wolf King and Bluecloud Panther that was behind Yanhu.

"Hehe, boss, these two are here to submit to you. That Bluecloud Panther was Shen Yes pet, but weve managed to convince him to turncoat," Heifeng came before Jiang Feng with pride.

"Shen Yes pet? Submit?" Jiang Feng blinked as if he didnt understand.

"Boss, what happened was" Yanhu then explained to Jiang Feng in a whisper.

"Haha" After hearing Yanhus explanation, Jiang Feng couldnt stop laughing. "You two have done well. I will give you two the evolution pills next time first, haha!" He didnt expect that Yanhu and Heifeng would have such high intelligence, knowing how to force their enemies to surrender, although the process was somewhat dishonorable.

"Are you very happy?"

Just as Jiang Feng was laughing joyfully, a cold voice entered within his earshot.

Next, a black mist appeared in front of him. A woman wearing a black dress and a black veil appeared before him.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of danger descending upon him and he stopped his laughter, and said frostily, "Inheritor of the Infernals!"

He wanted to see the information on the woman in front of him. Unfortunately, the opponent must have something that could be used to block his Identify skill, causing it to be useless against her.

"Thats right. Do you know what you did was very childish?" The Inheritor of the Infernals gave him a scornful look.

She could understand me? That means that she must have some kind of pills that allow her to understand what he was saying, similar to Qiu Sis Divine Speech Pill.

"What do you mean?!" Jiang Feng frowned, filling his heart with anger.

"I know what you did was to stop the Divines from gaining a foothold. You attacked the base because you were worried that they would become too much to handle later. But have you ever thought that the Great Divine-Infernal War would only be unlocked after the World War? Now that you have weakened the Divines, how are we going to defeat the other countries during the World War? Canaan Guilds base is now in grave danger, and youve destroyed the Myth Groups base causing them to turn against each other, who would have the courage to build a guild base after this?"

"Even if I dont do anything, the guilds were already antagonistic against each other! What right do you have to blame me for all of that?!" Jiang Feng said. "Not to mention that isnt it too early to talk about the World War? Even if the World War were to happen, we of the Shifters will bear that burden. The Divines and the Infernals can just stand aside and watch!"

"You prideful Shifter! Do you really think that you alone can win against so many players from other countries?" The Inheritor of the Infernals said and smiled coldly. "Haha, youre too innocent. Let me tell you this, our countrys server had the inheritors of all the races. The other countries have them too. Now is not the time to fight among ourselves. I have already told you what I want to say. I will not go and help Canaan Guild to protect their base. If you still have some national pride, then come with me!"

The Inheritor of the Infernals then took out a Town Portal Scroll and left immediately.

A woman of principle and righteousness. A speech full of national pride!

Jiang Feng smiled coldly as he looked at the Inheritor of the Infernals left. He could now guess the inheritors identity.

"I never would have thought that the Inheritor of the Infernals identity was from the National Army. Looks like attacking Shen Yes guild had caused them to be displeased with me. But I wouldnt blame them. Regardless of which guild built the base, they would eventually have to listen to the commands of the army, so naturally, they wouldnt be happy with what I did."

"I do have national pride, but I will not listen to the commands of anyone else!" Jiang Feng violently grabbed the ground with his claws as he stood with pride.