Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 93

Chapter 93 The Heart Of The Root Under The Lake

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Nanhai City, near Canaans Guild newly built Guild Base.

The Inheritor of the Infernals, Yao Qiong, frowned as she mumbled, "According to my sources, there are many inheritors from the other races. I have also met with the other races inheritors, but why did I feel that the Shifters Inheritor has such high intelligence?"

There were many highly intelligent monsters in the game, and some of these monsters had become their respective races inheritors.

While the inheritors fight among themselves, they all know that their country could not be allowed to fall into the hands of another countrys inheritor.

She had even managed to recruit two of these inheritors from another two races. Once they heard it was for the World War and was for the Huaxia Servers betterment, these Inheritors all chose to cooperate.

But what she did not expect was for Jiang Feng to refuse to cooperate, and even be suspicious of her. It was as if it had seen through her.

"If it wasnt because players couldnt play as monsters, I would have suspected that hes a player. It looks like I had still underestimated the games NPC and monsters!" Yao Qiong shook her head helplessly.

She then looked at the monsters and members of Tianxia Gang having reached the walls of Canaans Guild, she thought to herself, I better help Canaan Guild protect their base first.

With that, she waved her hand. A dozen Infernal Soldiers appeared and followed her to attack the attacking players and monsters.

Luzhou City, Lanruo Temple.

After Jiang Feng had destroyed Myth Groups base, he did not choose to help Canaan Guild or attack them. Instead, he went to Lanruo Temple in Luzhou City.

It was almost the time that he had promised to meet with Yan Chixia, so he had to come here first.

As for whether Canaan Guild could protect their city, that was not his concern.

What he was concerned the most about was the speed that he could become stronger. Once he had become stronger, he could go and recruit ever stronger followers.

"Xiao Qian Xiao Qian, where are you?"

He came to the giant tree outside of Lanruo Temple and saw Ning Caichen crying out wildly.

He looked at the time, and there was still half an hour before the appointed time that he needed to meet with Yan Chixia. He took out the Divine Fate Compass and was going to use the last use of Treasure Find.

The first two times he used it, he found the Kunlun Mirrors fragment and recruited Xiao Longnu. The second time he used it, perhaps because the coordinates were a bit too far away from where the treasure was, not only did he not find it he almost got Xiao Longnu killed. This time, he wanted to see where Treasure Find would send him for the third time.

After he had finished the plot quest, he would go search it out.

"Lanruo Temple, Small House in the Lake, Lakebed."

Shen Luo searched for the location of the treasure, said a sentence, and then went back into the Divine Fate Compass. The Treasure Find skill had entered its 24-hour cooldown period.

"Hm? The lakebed under the small house in the lake? I ever thought that the treasure would be so close to where I am, should I go there and take a look?" He muttered to himself with a slight surprise as he looked at the location and coordinates on the Divine Fate Compass.

After giving it a thought, he shook his head and didnt go to find the treasure. If he accidentally missed the promised meeting time with Yan Chixia, the plot quest would surely fail.

Since the treasure wouldnt disappear, he had decided to complete the plot quest first before finding the treasure.

"Boy, I did not expect you to be here so early."

At this time, a voice came from the sky.

Jiang Feng looked up, only to see Yan Chixia flying down while stepping on the Red Sun Sword.

"You came here early too, didnt you?" He did not expect him to have arrived at this time since there was still half an hour before the time that they had promised.

Once Ning Caichen saw Yan Chixia, he was no longer mumbling but excitedly came forward and hugged Yan Chixia and asked, "Master, did you find a way to save Xiao Qian?"

"You should just stay here, child." Yan Chixia patted on Ning Caichens shoulder. He then approached Jiang Feng and asked, "Little Dragon, have you found Abbot Lanruos Golden Body?"

"I found it!" Jiang Feng nodded and said.

"Good, follow me. Let us meet Laolao!" Yan Chixia nodded excitedly and headed towards the small house in the lake.

Jiang Feng quickly followed him

The sky above Lanruo temple was dark, and they had arrived at the small house in the lake.

Just when they had reached the house, the shadow of a beautiful woman appeared on the wooden house.

"You again!"

That shadow was Xiao Lan, who had slept with Jiang Feng.

She stared angrily at Jiang Feng. If it wasnt because of Yan Chixia next to him, she would have attacked.

He looked up at the angry Xiao Lan, and thought of her beautiful body, he felt his heart throbbing. It was his first taste of the forbidden fruit after all, and he felt he was falling slightly addicted to it.

"Just a mere ghost under a spell. Do not worry about her. We shall enter the lake and seek Laolaos true body!" said Yan Chixia as he glanced at Xiao Lan, and jumped into the lake without paying her much attention.

"Roar, Ill come to accompany you when I have the time," Jiang Feng roared at Xiao Lan then jumped into the lake together with Yan Chixia.

Xiao Lan felt complicated as she looked at Jiang Feng as he jumped into the lake.

Yan Chixia was right, she was just a ghost that was being controlled.

While she was a ghost and had lured many men to Laolao as offerings, she had kept her purity. If it wasnt because she had fallen for Jiang Fengs trap, she wouldnt have lost her purity. She wouldnt have become so weak and had gained such a traumatic experience to the point of having a nightmare about it.

But she felt extremely conflicted. She knew what Jiang Feng and Yan Chixia were going to do, but she didnt stop them. She didnt tell Laolao too. Subconsciously, she really hoped that Jiang Feng and Yan Chixia could destroy Laolao. Then, she wouldnt be controlled to do things that she didnt want to do anymore.

"Hmph~ If you can help me kill Laolao, then I will let you leave. Next time, Ill kill you for sure!" Xiao Lan said under her breath, then turned towards the small house in the lake, preparing to watch this war.

Once he was in the lake, Jiang Feng kept on looking for the treasure under the lake.

Unfortunately, after searching for a while, he still couldnt find any treasure that Shen Luo had told him about.

Maybe the treasures coordinates arent correct? Jiang Feng said to himself in his mind.

"Why are you so distracted?! Follow me to the Heart of the Root!" Yan Chixia told Jiang Feng when he saw him looking left and right. He then used the Red Sun Sword to blast open the face of a wall by the lake and pulled his dragon claw and into the giant hall.

After they had entered the hole, it began to close.

Jiang Feng turned back and looked, and only noticed that the wall that Yan Chixia had broken open wasnt a wall at all. It was actually a giant tree trunk.

"Laolaos true body is in here. Her true bodys power is only going to be more powerful than the Laolao that you have met. Once the battle had started, remember to give Abbot Lanruos Golden Body to me!" Yan Chixia said to him.

When he heard that, he nodded and began to look around.

His current position was at the Heart of a Tree. In the middle of the tree was a path heading down. He didnt need to think to know that the path down was where Laolaos true body was at. The Locust Trees Heart of the Root.

"Perhaps that treasure was at the Locust Trees Heart of the Root," he became ecstatic once he thought of the possibility, and quickly followed Yan Chixia heading deeper towards that passage.