Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Slaying Laolao

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The passage within the Heart of the Tree was formed by roots. It was quite narrow and was winding up and down. Jiang Feng spent a lot of effort so that his dragon body could climb in it.

After a dozen minutes, they had finally exited the passage. If not, he would have suffocated to death.

"Whew!" Once he was out of the passage, he let out a heavy sigh and looked around him.

This was a huge secret room, and in the middle was a patch of tree roots covered with an uncountable amount of root hairs.

Each of these root hairs was thicker than his body. He looked up, and said in amazement, "So this is the root of that Locust Tree! To think that the roots are bigger than the entire tree!"

Yan Chixia looked at the tree root with caution, the Red Sun Sword in his hand and a stack of talismans in another


At this time, a light cocoon revealed itself from the middle of the tree roots. Within the cocoon was a very cute little girl.

Looking at the little girl, Jiang Feng used Identify on it.

Laolao: Level 50 Spiritual-Level Boss

HP: 800,000

Attack: 50,000 70,000

Defense: 30,00

Skills: Drain Blood, Drain Spirit, Shapeshift, Illusion, Summoning, Variable Spiritual Techniques

"Er, the designers are getting too playful, arent they? Turning someone as disgusting as Laolao into a little girl. The contrast is too great," Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at Laolao, then turned and asked Yan Chixia, "Master, you say that this is Laolaos true body? Why is her power quite similar to the one that I had seen?"

"Thats because she has not yet transformed. She could easily scare you to death after her transformation!" Yan Chixia said.

Jiang Feng then asked, "How could we force her to reveal her true form then?"

Yan Chixia did not answer Jiang Feng and threw the talismans in his hand towards Laolao in the cocoon.

"Yan Chixia, do you wish to die so much?" Laolao spoke coldly as she suddenly opened her eyes. At the next moment, hundreds of tree roots shipped at Yan Chixia and Jiang Feng.

"High-Speed Movement!"

Seeing that, Jiang Feng quickly used High-Speed Movement to dodge the attacks in cold sweat. Laolaos attack maximum had reached 70,000, and his HP was only slightly more than 70,000. If he was struck by that attack, she could easily kill him in two strikes.

Yan Chixia was taking it easy, however, as he slashed at them with the Red Sun Sword in his hand. In a dozen seconds, he had cut out all the roots.

"Ah" Then, a bitter and incensed scream could be heard. Jiang Feng quickly looked at Laolao who was within the cocoon of light.

He saw that the talismans that Yan Chixia threw at her werent blocked by the roots. Instead, they were glowing in red as they pierced through the cocoon, and glued themselves on Laolaos chest.

"Yan Chixia, I will kill you!" Laolao let out a furious roar, and her body began to change. Her cute little girl body burst opened, a ball of light flew out and combined together with the tree roots.

"Give me the Golden Body now!" Yan Chixia yelled at Jiang Feng hurriedly.

Jiang Feng quickly took out Abbot Lanruos Golden Body from his spatial bracelet and threw it to Yan Chixia.


After Yan Chixia received the Golden Body, he fused with it immediately. Next, he attacked at the tree root as his body emitted a golden light.


The entire root was being thrown upwards. There was a large boom, and the entire secret room was thrown out. The water in the lake was instantly drained by the root. Next, a gargantuan tree about 130 meters tall revealed itself before Jiang Feng.

On this tree was a hideous face with a savage expression. It had a pair of gigantic tree trunks as arms, and they grabbed the wooden house from it, opened its mouth, and consumed it without caring for the female ghosts within. Next, it slammed at Yan Chixia violently.

Seeing such a huge monster, Jiang Feng quickly blinked aside despite his surprise so that he wouldnt be caught in the crossfire. He also used Identify on the giant tree.

True Body of Laolao: Level 60 Spiritual Boss (Sealed)

HP: 800,000/1,500,000

Attack: 50,000 70,000 (Original attack of the True Body: 100,000 150,000)

Defense: 30,000 (55,000)

Skills: Drain Blood, Drain Spirit, Shapeshift, Illusion, Summoning, Variable Spiritual Techniques

"So, this is Laolaos true body! Looks like those talismans that Yan Chixia threw out were used to seal the true power of her true body. Otherwise, we couldnt fight it at all!" Jiang Feng gulped and said in his mind as he looked at the stats of the True Body of Laolao.

After recovering from his injuries, Yan Chixias attack was around 73,000 to 83,000. After using Abbot Lanruos Golden Body, his attack would have tripled. Meaning that his attack would reach around 200,000.

Logically speaking, an attack of 200,000 would be more than enough to slay Laolao as her HP was only at 800,000. It should have made it easy.

However, Yan Chixia didnt find it easy at all. Instead, he found it to be quite difficult.

After Laolao had become a gigantic tree, all the branches on her trunks had become individual life forms. Not only do they have different attack and defense, but their stats were also around those of level 50. With so many branches to defend her, it was very difficult for Yan Chixia to attack Laolao.

"The Dao of Humanity!" Yan Chixia was angered, and he yelled out in fury, the Red Sun Sword in his hand emitting fire and light.

"Dao Dao Dao Dao"

Each time he said the word Dao, the Red Sun Sword would unleash a sharp blade made of light, and wherever the light went, dozens of branches would be slashed and broken.

"The Dao that can be understood as Dao, is not the Eternal Dao. The Dao of the Heavens and the Dao of the Earth, the Dao of Humanity and the Dao of the Sword" The Red Sun Sword in his hand was kept on being waved. And as he waved, he would chant. And the lights were becoming more and more intensifying, and the branches that were blocking Laolao were being cut down.

"Variable Spiritual Technique!"

Seeing that, Laolao became even more furious and used her ultimate skill.

In the next moment, hundreds and thousands of skulls fly out from her tree branch, becoming vengeful ghosts and rushing towards Yan Chixia.

No, we wont be able to kill Laolao if this continues! He used his Float skill and flew up when he thought about that.

"Requiem!" He approached Laolao and used the Requiem skill from his Requiem Bell.

Laolao was immediately dazed after he used the Requiem skill.

Yan Chixia didnt have any crowd-control skills, so it was difficult for him to kill Laolao. But he had them. And because he was considered to be in the same party together with Yan Chixia, he was not affected by the Requiem skill.

Seeing that Laolao was dazed, Yan Chixia used Sword Manipulation and rushed in through the openings and then used the Red Sun Sword and slashed at Laolaos face.

"Dragon Howl!"

Requiem was only effective for no more than a second. Seeing that Laolaos branch arms were moving again, he then used the Dragon Howl skill.

"I have my own Dao!" Yan Chixia attacked her twice again and yelled out coldly, the Red Sun Sword violently stabbed into Laolaos face, who had only around 100,000 HP left.


The moment that Yan Chixia killed Laolao, her 130-meter tall body blasted open.

As her body blasted open, two objects flew out.

One of them flew towards the ghost Xiao Lan who was hiding nearby and another towards Jiang Feng.

"Whats that?"

When Jiang Feng saw that item flew towards him, he quickly flew towards it, caught it, and threw it into the Spatial Bracelet without looking. He then rushed towards Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan had also caught the object. After catching it and noticing Jiang Feng was heading for her, she gave him an angry stare, then disappeared into the air.