Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Inheritor Of The Spirits

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Hm? Why did she disappear suddenly? I remember that she didnt have any invisibility or hiding skills.

Shoot, its Illusion!

After Xiao Lan had disappeared, Jiang Feng flew toward where Xiao Lan had disappeared and looked around. Suddenly, he remembered something and he became furious.

If he didnt get it wrong, Xiao Lan was still close by when he reached where she was standing.

But because of the Illusion skill affecting his senses, he couldnt discover Xiao Lan.

By this point in time, Xiao Lan would have escaped far away.

"Xiao Lan, just you wait! When I catch you next time, Im going to get you into a shtup!"

Jiang Feng immediately polymorphed and yelled out angrily.

When Xiao Lan, who was far away from the small house in the lake almost fell to the ground as she blushed.

Once she found her footing, she could only snort icily and said, "How shameless!"

Then she quickly escaped from the place.

"Little dragon, what is a shtup?" Yan Chixia walked towards Jiang Feng with a smile after he had killed Laolao.

"Er nothing, its just a skill" Jiang Feng replied while scratching his head as he was feeling quite embarrassed when he heard Yan Chixia asked about it. He was no longer angry about it too.

"Thank you for your help just now. If it wasnt for you, I couldnt have killed Laolao that smoothly," Yan Chixia said.

"No need to thank me. Its what I should have done," Jiang Feng replied with a smile. "Thats right, master. Now that youve killed Laolao, do you know where Xiao Qian is?"

Yan Chixia smiled and opened his palm. There was an imp the size of an egg in his palm.

"This is a lost soul. When Laolao was attacking me using the Variable Spiritual Technique, I caught one. It had been in Laolaos body, so it should know where Xiao Qian is."

With that, he then interrogated the little imp in his palm. The imp then told them where Xiao Qian was very quickly.

Xiao Qian had been offered to the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountains by Laolao.

After it had finished, Yan Chixia then exerted force and the imp disappeared into a puff of smoke.

"This is going to be troublesome. Purgatory is located between the Mortal Realm and the Realm of the Dead. It is inhabited by monsters that are neither man nor ghost, and they have great power. They are beyond our abilities to fight!" Yan Chixia said with a frown.

"Then what should we do? Jiang Feng was also becoming agitated.

"Alright, come see me at Lanruo Temple once you have become a Spiritual Beast. We shall go to Purgatory together!" Yan Chixia told him after giving it some thought.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the second part of the quest "Yan Chixias Request." You have received 300,000 experience points and one talisman.

The second part of the quest gave him double the experience of the first round, and also gave him a talisman.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 30. You have received 3 free attribute points.

When he was at the siege, he had already killed tens of thousands of players and he had reached level 28 with 99% of his bar filled up. The 300,000 experience he had gained allowed him to crossover from level 29 to level 30.

Ding! System Prompt: Will you accept the third part of the quest "Saving Xiao Qian from Purgatory?"

"This should be the last part of the quest. Of course, I accept!"

The third part of the quest was to save Xiao Qian. That meant that as long as he went to save Xiao Qian, then he would have completed this quest.

But what he didnt expect that the plot would need so long to complete, needing him to become a Spiritual-Level Dragon. That means he had to reach Rank 16 first.

It was going to be a very long journey for him.

Unless he had a huge supply of Dragon Blood and Evolution Pill, otherwise he would need at least half a year to reach Rank 16, and maybe even longer.

"Thats fine. I should use this time to become stronger and get more evolution pills and increase the powers of my followers."

As the plot quest was going to take a very long time to even start, he simply had to put it aside first and continue to increase his power.

Originally he wanted to find Laolaos corpse and transmute it, but her body exploded and the entire tree became ash. After he spoke to Yan Chixia, he then left.

After he had said his goodbyes to Yan Chixia, he then came to the giant tree under Lanruo Temple. He didnt interact with Ning Caichen, and took out the talisman that he received as a reward for completing the second round of the quest, as well as that thing that he got from Laolao.

Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords: Spiritual-Level Talisman

After activation, it will release ten thousand light swords. Each light sword will attack an enemy within 50 meters, dealing 30% of the users attack as damage to them. One-time consumable.

"The plot quest reward didnt disappoint. With this talisman, I can clear entire groups with this," Jiang Fengs eyes shone with excitement as he looked at the Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords in his hand.

Now his attack was around 7,000. 30% of that number was around 2,000. Ten thousand light swords total damage could reach at least 10 million. Even if he were to encounter a group of thousand, he could use it to destroy them. One could see how high the value of this talisman was.

Then, he took out the item that flew out of Laolaos body with anticipation. It was an order tablet that was carved in a dragon shape, with the word "shifter" written on it.

Shifter Emperors Order: Special Item

When in possession of a Shifter Emperors Order, allows the owner to sense the location of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. With the table, it will be possible to rebuild the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!

"Hot damn! This is the Shifters version of the Guild Building Order! With this tablet, I can build a base for monsters!" Jiang Feng became excited as he looked at the tablet.

With the tablet, he could create a base that belonged to the Shifters, a Shifter Kingdom that belonged to him.

Looking at the Shifter Emperors Order in his hand, he quickly calmed himself down and murmured with his head lowered, "I do have the Shifter Emperors Order, but I still need to find the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. Not to mention rebuilding it will need a lot of money. Looks like I have to work hard to earn money now, or I wont even have the money to rebuild the city!"

"The duration of my Polymorph is 121 minutes, and Ive spent around 10 minutes. Since I still have around a hundred minutes, I should go back to the city and forge some new equipment and begin earning some money!"

With that, he put away the Shifter Emperors Order, took out a Town Portal Scroll, and returned to the Return Point in Imperial Dragon City.

Around 50 kilometers away Lanruo Temple was the Ghostmist Forest. Most of the monsters inside were from the Spirit race.

Xiao Lan hadnt been stopping since her escape and had come close to the Ghostmist Forest.

She turned her head back and saw that no one was following her, then took out the item that flew towards her from Laolaos body.

Inheritance of the Spirits: Special Item

On use, becomes the Inheritor of the Spirit, and may choose one gift from equipment, pill, spirit form, skills, and others at will.

Looking at the scroll that was emitting a ghostly aura, she broke it in her hand without hesitation.

In the next moment, a ghostly aura entered her body. And not only did her stats that were stolen by Jiang Feng through the use of the Yin-Yang Union of Joy was returned to her, but the stats were also then doubled.

Not only that, but her appearance had also even become more beautiful and she was emitting an aura that belonged to one of higher stations, and not that weak, temptress Xiao Lan.

"Give me the most powerful spirit form!" Xiao Lan licked her rosy lips with a cold smile.

At the end of her sentence, a black ball of light appeared before her. She ate and gulped it down after giving it just one glance.


After she consumed that black ball of light, her stats continued to increase and her aura became even more intense.

At this time, all the ghosts and spirits from the Ghostmist Forest came out and cowered before her.

"Hoho. Little dragon, how dare you schemed against me last time and steal everything from me. Next time when I see you, I will drain you of all your blood and spirit!" Xiao Lan laughed out in an odd way with a voice as clear as silver bells, then flew into the Ghostmist Forest.