Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Revisiting The Gnomes

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Imperial Dragon City, the smithy.

Jiang Feng had gone to Uncle Fu and retrieved a stock of ores. He had been forging weapons non-stop in the Smithy since then.

The weapons that he had forged were all Dragonballs.

The Dragonballs could be used by both players and pets, and they were very practical. Just throw it at a target!

When he was forging it this time, he didnt spend a lot of time on it. All he did was hit it a dozen times and then used Smithing on it.

While he didnt strike them as much as he did last time, the success rate didnt get any lower since he was a Spiritual-level Smith.

Ding! System Prompt. Congratulations. You forged a White-Silver Dragonball!

As he had already forged his first Dragonball last time, the game had already recorded its information. That was why all he needed was to do exactly what he did last time to forge the Dragonball, and after he was successful, the system would automatically name them as Dragonballs.

"Whew. I managed to forge ten Dragonballs but only one of them was Yellow-Gold. Thats fine I guess." Seeing that he only had a few minutes left, he took the weapon that he had forged and left the Imperial Dragon City.

"All stand in a line!" Jiang Feng said to his eight followers while holding eight Dragonballs in his hand at Xiling Valley.

As per his orders, and led by Yanhu and Heifeng, all of them queue up properly.

Seeing that, Jiang Feng nodded agreeably. He then took out the eight White-Silver Dragonballs and gave them to Yanhu, Heifeng, the Thunderclap Mantis, Haozi, Manwang, Houwang, Double-Headed Wolf King, and Bluecloud Panther.

AS for the Yellow-Gold Dragonball, he gave it to Xiao Longnu.

"In the next few days, I will help you improve your bloodline. Will bring you to a place thats somewhat more dangerous. I hope that you can learn how to use the Dragonball quickly." Jiang Feng said to his eight followers in a loud voice.

With that, he then put them all away and headed towards the back of the Xiling Valley.

Ding! Server Announcement: Congratulations to Canaan Guild in successfully protecting their base. As this was the first time that a guild had been successfully built, Base Level increases by 1 and the Guilds money +200,000. We hope that the other guilds will continue in their effort.

Jiang Feng heard the systems announcement after he ran out for a moment and he was honestly surprised. He thought to himself, Looks like the Inheritor of the Infernals was quite strong to be able to help Canaan Guild to protect her base. Looks like I have to work harder too.

The reason that he wanted to improve his followers power was that he was going to look for the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

He guessed that the Ancient City would be filled with dangers. If he wanted to control the entire Ancient City and rebuild the Shifters city, it would be very difficult.

"Hopefully I could get some more Evolution Pills, and use them to increase my ranks."

After running for a while, he then arrived at the Greenwind Tigers territory.

"Come out, Yanhu, Heifeng."

"See, told you our Boss loves us the most! He definitely would have us improve our Bloodline," Heifeng said proudly as soon as he came out.

"Stop wasting time and go kill some monsters!" Jiang Feng commanded the two tigers as he rolled his eyes at them.

"Roar! Little cubs, your uncles are here!" Yanhu and Heifeng yelled out as they headed towards the Greenwind Tiger after nodding.

In the next two days, he didnt do much and kept on improving the Bloodline of his followers.

To maintain their Bloodlines purity, he looked for monsters that were of the same race as his followers and fused them.

In two days, all eight of his followers had reached 100% on the Bloodline.

Perhaps because of his very high luck, he managed to get 4 Evolution Pills and 2 drops of Bloodline. Now, he had 5 Evolution Pills on him.

"Little Feng, if I take the Golden Pill and evolve into a Divine Beast, will that break my curse?" Xiao Longnu asked as she looked at the Golden Pill in Jiang Fengs hand and gave it some thought.

Jiang Feng looked at her, then shook his head and said, "No, your Bloodline and purity value arent full yet, so you cant evolve. Eating it wont give you any benefits."

"Then, how do I increase my Bloodline and purity value?" She asked.

"I need to fuse you with other Dragon types and assimilate their bloodline!" Jiang Feng continued, "However, Dragons are generally too powerful. Theres nothing we can do against them, and the fusion rate isnt that high either."

"Is there any other way?" Xiao Longnu asked again.

Looking at Xiao Longnus eyes filled with expectancy, Jiang Feng couldnt help but asked with curiosity. "Whats it with you today? Something feels off with you."

Xiao Longnu lowered her head embarrassingly, and whispered, "I am even weaker than Yanhu now, and I will only become your burden. I wish to break the curse on me so that I can help you better!"

My dear, I also want to break your curse. Then, I would have an Immortal-level follower. But theres nothing I can do too, but where can I go find Divine Dragon Blood for you? Jiang Feng felt touched after hearing Xiao Longnus words but also felt helpless.

Ten Thousand years ago after the Great Divine-Infernal War, almost all the dragons as the Divine Beast Lever were dead. It would be exceedingly difficult to find a Divine Dragon.

"There is another way. You know, finding ten drops of Divine Dragon Blood," He replied even though Xiao Longnu kept on looking at him hopefully.

Xiao Longnu was somewhat disappointed and said, "I see. It seems that there is still no way to break the curse on this body?"

"Wait a minute!" Jiang Feng suddenly remembered something when he saw Xiao Longnus disappointment, and his eyes were brimming, "Last time, when I transmuted the Earthcover Dragon, the System said that I failed my transmutation. That means the Earthcover Dragons body must still be with the gnomes! If I could transmute it a few more times, maybe I could get some more Divine Dragon Blood!"

He was overcome with excitement when he remembered that, and decided to go visit the gnomes once more.

He returned Xiao Longnu back into the Qiankun Gourd, glanced at the map, and then ran towards the Crouching Dragon Range to the north from Greenwind Ridge.

In order to prevent himself from catching the attention of other players, he chose the small paths that were desolated. If there were too many people, he had no choice but to use the Float skill and fly into the air.

Most of the players had reached around Level 27 at this stage. There were many players at the territories of Level 20 to 30 monsters.

Sometimes I really wish I could party up like the players and farm monsters, chat and probably go into a quarrel or something. Unfortunately, Im just a monster now. I hope that I can one day become the most powerful being so that I could announce my identity! He sighed as he thought to himself when he looked at the players that were in a party and fighting monsters.

At this point, he really wanted to grow and become something akin to a Divine Beast.

After a dozen minutes, he had finally reached the Crouching Dragon Range, near the Cave of the Undead.

He tried to remember the path that the Gnomes took. He avoided the Cave of the Undead and headed deeper into the Crouching Dragon Range.



When he was deep in the Crouching Dragon Mountains and passed a mine shaft, he heard the sounds of mining from within.

It was impossible to have any players here, then this must be where the Gnomes were mining. He went in to take a look.

As he heard the sounds of mining from within the mine, Jiang Feng raised an eyebrow and climbed into another shaft that was hidden better.