Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Transmute The Earthcover Dragon

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The gnomes were still the same. They looked like they were at peace.

The old, the weak and the women were roasting meat on the fire while the children played beside them.

When Jiang Feng approached, he realized that the meat they were roasting was not dragon meat. That meant that the Earthcover Dragons body still had been moved out. He heaved a sigh of relief.

"A dragon!"

When he came, he attracted the sight of all the gnomes. Some of the gnomes were even shocked, worries filled their eyes.

"Robert, why did you bring a dragon here? Didnt you know" An old gnome came over and pulled him aside, berating him.

Robert smiled and said, "Dont worry, Uncle Kai. Hes not here to condemn us, but was here to thank us."

When Jiang Feng heard Robert and that old gnomes exchange, he opened his dragons mouth and said in a very kind and gentle tone, "Robert is right. I am not here to condemn you but wanted to thank you. Can I meet the elder?"

"Alright," The old gnome nodded and said to Robert, "Robert, bring the Lord Dragon to the guest room to rest."


Next, Jiang Feng followed Robert and came to a cave that was on a cliff face deep within the valley.

The cave was very big, and the facilities were just as big and all forged in iron. It could easily fit a dozen Barbaric Giants in there.

It seemed that this was where the gnomes would house their guests.

He quickly scanned at the cave, found a chair covered with beast fur, and coiled in it.

Very quickly, he saw the white-haired gnomish priest that he saw on the altar last time.

The gnomes priest was called Cameron. He held a Dragon Headed Staff and several gnomish elders followed after him.

"Greetings, priests and elders!" Robert respectfully bowed.

Cameron nodded and looked at Jiang Feng, then took a seat on the main seat.

"You are from the Earthcover Dragon Tribe?" Cameron looked at Jiang Feng and asked.

"That is correct," Jiang Feng nodded his draconic head at Cameron.

Cameron said, "I can see that you are still a wyrmling. May I know who your father is?"

Jiang Feng smiled and replied, "My father is Jiang Zhengde!"

Jiang Zhengde was indeed his father, but his father wasnt an Earthcover Dragon. Since there were so many dragons, Cameron couldnt possibly know every single one of them. So he started to make things up.

Cameron said curiously, "Jiang Zhengde? I do not recognize that surname amongst the Earthcover Dragons."

Jiang Feng then said, "After that war ten thousand years ago, our tribe had suffered heavy losses. In order to have our bloodline continued, those remaining had all changed our names as we settled down."

Cameron said in realization, "I see. Then why have you come to us gnomes, wyrmling?"

At this time, Robert chipped in and said, "Allow me to speak. When my brother, Rocket, and I were coming back after our mining, we were attacked by a tiger. Brother Feng was the one that saved us and sent us back. He had heard that the ancestor of his had passed, so he came to thank us and also to come to see the body of his ancestor."

Jiang Feng agreed and said, "That is correct. My father had told me that we must bring home our ancestors body. Of course, in order to thank you and to apologize for all the things our ancestors did, my father had asked me to give an Evolution Pill granted to us by the Lord God to you!" And with that, he took out an Evolution Pill and handed it to Cameron despite the pain in his heart.

But to think that if he could take the entire body, he was willing to give him all five Evolution Pills if it came to that.

To the Shifters, the Evolution Pills were extremely valuable. It was extremely difficult to gain one Evolution Pill. When Cameron saw that Jiang Feng had taken out an Evolution Pill and how reluctant he was, his image of Jiang Feng had improved.

While the Evolution Pill was not that useful to the gnomes, he could save it for trading with the Shifters. He gave it a thought and decided to take the Evolution Pill, and give the Earthcover Dragons corpse back to Jiang Feng.

"You can take the Earthcover Dragons body home. However, I would ask that you give us his Dragon Horns, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Tendon. He did cause immense damage to us gnomes, an Evolution Pill could not cover our losses!" Cameron put away the Evolution Pill and said to Jiang Feng.

Damn it! I never thought that he would be so greedy. Dragon Horns, Dragon Claws and Dragon Tendons are the most valuable parts of a dragon, and he wants to take them all!

Jiang Feng was quite unhappy, but he thought to himself, Just you wait. You take the Dragon Horns, Dragon Claws and Dragon Tendon, Ill take your Inheritor!"

While he could no longer have the Dragon Horns, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Tendon, he still nodded and agreed to Camerons condition since the Dragon Blood was still within its body. He said, "It is only natural to recompense you. All I need is to bring the body home, you can do what you need to!"

"Alright, then please wait here. I shall have my people to bring the Earthcover Dragon out!"

It could be said that Cameron had profited a lot by using a bunch of dragon meat to exchange for an Evolution Pill. Dragon Meat could improve someones stats, but it was only useful for the first time. When he was taking the Dragon Horns, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Tendon, he could take some meat along with them and it would be enough for them here. Camerons eyes narrowed as he was joyful in his heart.

Cameron then brought the elders and left with a smile, leaving behind Robert to serve Jiang Feng.

After about half an hour, someone came over to let Jiang Feng know that the Earthcover Dragon body had already been carried into the valley.

Jiang Feng and Robert quickly moved out of the cave.

Once they came out, they saw a gigantic corpse.

The Earthcover Dragons corpse was gigantic, almost the size of a small hill. It was around 50 meters tall, and 100 meters in length. Several thousand gnomes were removing the chains from the Earthdragons corpse.

"They really took everything!" When he went over to look at the Earthcover Dragons corpse, he noticed that the Dragon Horns, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Tendon were all removed. Especially the claw, they took an entire leg off. This made him angry and speechless at the same time.

Cameron then walked over and said to Jiang Feng with a smile. "Wyrmling, the body is yours. Its up to you if you can take it away."

"Dont worry, I brought a treasure from the Dragon. I can definitely bring it home," Jiang Feng smiled at Cameron. He then jumped and landed on the Earthcover Dragons body. In order to stop the Qiankun Gourd from being recognized, he blocked it from everyones sight when he took it out.


While the Earthcover Dragon was originally owned by the gnomes, now that the gnomes had given it to him, it was naturally his. In the blink of an eye, the gigantic corpse disappeared, being kept within the Qiankun Gourd.

After he took in the Earthcover Dragons corpse, he quickly put away the Qiankun Gourd.

When Cameron saw Jiang Feng collected the Earthcover Dragons corpse, he was stunned. Then, his eyes were full of greed. It was obvious that he wanted the treasure that Jiang Feng used to keep away the Earthcover Dragon.

"Thank you, priest. I shall take my leave now. I will come to visit again when I have the time!"

When Jiang Feng saw Camerons greed through his eyes, he smiled coldly in his heart and used Float to fly into the air.

Once he was on the cliff, he flew towards a place where there was no one.

Very quickly, he landed in a valley. When he peeked and saw no one, he then took out the Earthcover Body and used Transmute Monster on it.

If it wasnt because of Transmute Monster, the Earthcover Dragons body would be useless. He couldnt harvest anything from it anymore.

"Transmute Monster!"

Next, a blazing inferno appeared and started to envelop and burn the Earthcover Dragons body.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster failed!

One minute later, "Transmute Monster!"

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster failed!

One minute later, "Again, Transmute Monster!"

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster failed!

"Damn! I could still get something when I failed last time. But I didnt get anything after forty times! Are you kidding me!"

Jiang Feng was getting annoyed thanks to Cameron, and he was getting agitated.

"Transmute Monster! I dont believe that I wont succeed!" Jiang Feng used Transmute Monster despite his blood boiling.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. As the Earthcover Dragons Corpse is imperfect, and its blood evaporated by the lava, you have only received 10 dragon meat, 10 dragon scales, one piece of equipment, 5 drops of Divine Dragon Blood and one Divine Level Experience Pill.

"Damn it, Ive spent so long only to get 5 drops of Divine Dragon Blood?!" Jiang Feng started to rage, but he calmed down once he remembered about the other items that had transmuted. "Lets see what level of equipment I got from the transmutation. I hope its a Divine Artifact."