Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Power Greatly Increases


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After the Earthcover Dragons giant body disappeared, a few items appeared from the flames.

While the amount of Divine Dragon Blood he obtained was less than what he had hoped, he looked forward to looking at the equipment that he had transmuted.

The Earthcover Dragon was a Divine Beast after all! Nothing that one would get from a Divine Beast would be normal.

He calmed his nerves and his anticipation. He didnt look at the equipment fist, but put them all into his spatial bracelet and check it from there.

Divine Dragon Meat: Divine Level Cooking Material

Every piece of meat weighed around 50kg. Once cooked can be used to increase stats. Only works one.

Divine Dragon Scales: Divine Level Smithing Material.

Once smithing has reached immortal-level, can use the Divine Dragon Scales to forge equipment.

Divine Level Experience Pill

Once consumed, can be used to increase 5 levels. The higher the consumers level, the less level that would be increased!

"Hm? I didnt expect that the Experience Pill gained from a Divine Beast would be this powerful. It can boost 5 levels!"

Looking at the Divine Level Experience Pill, he ate it without hesitation.

At his current level, he could boost his levels by 5 levels. Since the effect would weaken if he used it later, he didnt save it.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 35 from Level 30. You have gained 15 free attribute points.

He added all his 15 free attribute points to Luck, and his Luck had already reached 100 points.

Ding! System Prompt: As your Luck has reached the maximum limit, it can no longer be increased!

Looks like Luck can only reach 100 maximum. I guess Ill add Insight after this during my level ups. He thought to himself after hearing the systems voice. He then looked at the equipment that he obtained.

The piece of equipment was a quarterstaff. There were two golden rings at each end, and there was a string of letters on the quarterstaff. After reading the string of letters, Jiang Feng felt that he had lost his ability to control his breathing for a moment due to the excitement.

"This staff, can it be?"

Ruyi Jingu Staff: Yellow-Gold Equipment (Weakened)

Introduction: The Ruyi Jingu Staff was created by Taishang Laojun, and was lent to Yu the Great to treat the flooding and was placed on top of the Eastern Seas water source. It was also called the Divine Needle that Placates the Seas.

Ten thousand years ago during the Great Divine-Infernal War, in order to open a path for the Shifters as a race, the Shifter Ape Qitian Dasheng Sun Wukong killed several Infernal Kings and Heavenly Kings and was finally injured by the Infernal Archmaster. At this time, he was ambushed by the Buddha who was there at the request of the Divines. With his soul disappeared and his body sealed under the Wuzhi Mountains. The Ruyi Jingu Staffs soul was dispersed, and it became a normal staff.

Strength +500

Attack +2000

Attack Speed +30%

20% chance of Daze

Passive Skill: Block: 20% chances of blocking any attacks.

Active Skill: Ruyi: Can change to any shape at will.


Consume: Can consume any weapons to strengthen the Ruyi Jingu Staff.

Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff: There are a total of 36 moves. Each move increases the attack damage by 20% of base damage. No cooldown. Can be interrupted.


Prerequisite: Level 30 Shifter (When equipped by Ape race, all stats increased by 20%)

"Damn it, another damaged Divine Artifact! System, cant you give me something that isnt broken?!"

While it was just as he had expected and that the staff was Qitian Dasheng Sun Wukongs weapon, but what made him speechless was that it was a weakened Divine Artifact.

Luckily, the Ruyi Jingu Staff had a Consume skill, allowing it to consume any equipment to strengthen itself.

That meant that this was a piece of equipment that could level up.

"Ape race increases all stats by 20%, looks like its only suitable for the ape race to use. Luckily, I can use it too."

Looking at the equipment prerequisite, he originally wanted to give it to the Fire Ape King to equip it, but when he remembered that the weapon could transform into any form, he gave up on that though.


He held the Jingu Staff in his hand. With a thought, the Jingu Staff became a claw that glued itself tightly on his dragon claws.

As he waved, the claw let out sounds of the air being cut, and it was very convenient for him.

Suddenly, he remembered something and took out a White-Silver Dragonball In his hand.


Next, as he yelled coldly, the claw that the Jingu Staff changed to emitted a golden light and enveloped the Dragonball. Very quickly, the Dragonball became liquid and melded into the Jingu Staff.

Ding! System Prompt: Ruyi Jingu Staff had restored 1 rune. Once it had restored 1,000 runes, it would evolve into a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment.

After the system had finished its announcement, the Jingu Staff that had become a claw reverted into its original form as a staff, and a golden rune had appeared on top of the Jingu Staff.

"One White-Silver equipment could restore 1 rune. That means it still needs 999 runes, or at least 999 White-Silver equipment!" Jiang Feng was surprised, and then became saddened, "Alright, looks like I have to provide to the Jingu Staff then."

After that, he minimized it and learned what Sun Wukong did and put it into his ear.

While he lost 1 Evolution Pill, he earned an upgradeable Divine Artifact, two Divine-Level Materials, and 5 drops of Divine Dragon blood. It could be said that he had earned from the trade.

Originally, I have one drop of Divine Dragon Blood. Now, I have six drops on me. While its still not enough to break the curse on Xiao Longnu, it also wasnt enough for her to improve her Bloodline Level and Bloodline purity. Im currently at Rank 3, and using two drops would allow my Bloodline and Purity to reach 100%. Shes at Rank 17, which means that she needs at least twenty plus drops. Fine, Ill use them on myself first then. I still have four Evolution Pills on me, I wonder if the six drops of Dragon Blood would allow me to evolve three times. Let me try!

After giving it a thought, he finally decided to use it to strengthen himself first. Next, he took out two drops of Divine Dragon Blood and consumed them.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, your Dragons Bloodline, and Purity has reached 100%.

After his Bloodline and Purity had reached 100%, he then took out another Evolution Pill and consumed it and began to evolve.

He chose to continue evolving his Dragon Bloodline. A blazing fire enveloped him, forming into a fire cocoon.

After the minutes, the fire cocoon burst open.

Ding! System Prompt: Evolution successful!

While evolving into Rank 4 and he was still a wyrmling, but at least his size had increased, reaching ten plus meters becoming even more majestic.


"After evolving into Rank 4 wyrmling, he looked at the stats that had grown exponentially. He did not stop and consumed another two drops of Divine Dragon Blood. With his Bloodline and Purity reached 100% again, he then took out the second Evolution Pill and continued to evolve.

This time, he had to spend more time evolving and used twenty minutes before his evolution had completed.

Ding! System Prompt: Evolution successful!


After evolving into a Rank 5 wyrmling, his body size had reached 15 meters long and his stats had also increased. It was as if he was addicted to evolution, and wanted to continue to evolve.


Just as he consumed the next drop of Divine Dragon Blood and was going to consume the second drop, he stopped as he became annoyed.

That was because he discovered that after consuming the first drop of Divine Dragon blood, he had only increased 30% of Bloodline and Purity.

"Looks like after I have increased to Rank 5, the need for the Divine Dragon Blood had increased."

Helplessly, he put away the last drop of Divine Dragon Blood, not thinking of using it anymore. Since it was pointless even if he sued it. His Bloodline and Purity didnt reach 100%, he couldnt evolve. Even if he forced it he would just simply fail.

While the other bloodlines were full, he wasnt going to evolve into any other type of monster. The main reason was that their maximum was too low, and the stats provided werent that much anyway.

Let me see how much my stats had grown.

He took out the two drops of Bloodline of other races that he had previously obtained and consumed them. Then, he checked his stats after the two continuous evolutions.

Character: Jiang Feng

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 97,332 Gold 29 Silver 76 Bronze

Reputation: 7,500

Honor: 134,290 (Earned from the Siege)

Display Name: Level 35 Rank 5 Wyrmling

Bloodline: 9 Types (too many to list, will only list the number from now onward)

HP: 101,000

Attack: 13,040

Defense: 4,089

Luck: 100 (Max)

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Fire Resistance +30%

Hunger: 59%

Active Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite, Tiger Roar, Dragon Howl, Illusion, Drain Blood, Change, Rockfall, Hide

Passive Skills: Gale, Block, Fly

Equipment: Requiem Bell, Spatial Bracelet, Ruyi Jingu Staff

Equipment Skill: Requiem, Ruyi, Consume, Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff

Drop: 15 slots, Account Bound: 50-100 Gold, Level 35 White Equipment, Level 35 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 35 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 35 White-Silver Equipment, Level 35 Yellow-Gold Equipment, Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment, Level 35 Spiritual Artifact

"After evolving twice, my HP had increased by 30,000, Attack by 4,000, Defense by 2000 and I had three new skills from being a Dragon. But my Float skill had disappeared and become the passive skill Fly. Not bad, overall."

Jiang Feng was quite pleased with the results as he looked at the stats. Since according to his current stats, he could pretty much bully the entire player base. Of course, the Inheritors were an exception to this since when he was increasing his powers, so were the other inheritors!

"I wonder how stronger were the other inheritors? At this stage, all I need to do is to just focus on increasing my power!" He murmured to himself and then continued to look at his other skills.

Change: Can manipulate the size of your body, At its smallest, you can become as small as a Rank 1 wyrmling while at its largest, you can become as large as a Rank 5 wyrmling.

Rockfall: Active Skill. Summon rocks to hurl at your enemies, causing 150% of base damage. Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Fly: Passive skill. Can fly in the air continuously. If within aggro radius, you may not fly.

"Rockfall must be a single-targeted skill used by the Earthcover Dragon. Meanwhile, Change and Fly have very high practical use!" Jiang Feng said as he looked at the three skills. He looked at the two lottery chances in the Monster Transmutation System and said, "I evolved twice, so I have two chances at the lottery. But I dont have to time for the lottery, I had better things to do right now."

"Since the priest Cameron had greedily taken a few of my things, its time to take them back."

Of course, he wasnt really going to go there to take them back, he was there for the gnome kings statue that they were now forging. As long as he had taken the statue, it meant that he would have the king of gnomes inheritance. Of course, only a gnome could receive it, so he would need to persuade a gnome to leave.