Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 106

Chapter 106 The Chief Plot Of The Ten Main Plots

Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, Eastern Plaza.

Yanhu, Heifeng, and the rest of the followers were training the 100,000 monster army.

Yanhu led the Level 40 Blazinghorn Tigers, and Heifeng led the Level 40 Scaled Panthers.

"That girl, come over here and massage my leg!" Yanhu pointed at a female Blazinghorn Tiger.

Then the Blazinghorn Tiger that was pointed at came forward, extended her tiger paw, and massaged Yanhus leg, and he was getting comfortable.

"Hehe," Heifeng, seeing that Yanhu was enjoying himself, then learned from him and pointed at a female Scaled Panther. "All of you girls, come here and give your Uncle Hei some massage!"

"The other tigers, all of you continue with your training one-on-one. On the battlefield, men have three weaknesses, The neck, the chest, and the eggs. The females also have three weaknesses, the neck, the chest, and the pair of white rabbits," Yanhu instructed the ten thousand Blazinghorn Tiger. "Alright, remember when you attack, you must attack their weaknesses. Attack them violently. Attack them ceaselessly!"

When Heifeng heard Yanhus words, he nodded continuously and pointed at the Scaled Panthers and said, "Listen to Uncle Hu and learn from him."

Yanhu and Heifeng exchanged glances and began to enjoy themselves.

"Hm?" At this time, Yanhu looked at the Blackiron Wolves that were led by the Double-Headed Wolf King, and his eyes stared at him angrily and roared, "What are you doing, you Double-headed Wolf? You are supposed to train your army, why the hell are you riding on them?!"

"Hey-ho, hey-ho" Just as Heifeng was enjoying the relaxation with his eyes closed, he heard a strange voice coming from beside him. He opened his eyes, only to see that the Bluecloud Panther wasnt leading his monster army. Instead, he came over and was doing some dirty things with a Scaled Panther that was giving him a massage.

"Bluecloud Panther, to hell with you! Do you think that I dont have my pride?" Heifeng was getting furious, jumped, and smacked the Bluecloud Panther away in one swipe.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Suddenly, several wind blades appeared and struck at Yanhu, Heifeng, the Double-Headed Wolves, and the Bluecloud Panther, blowing them away and inflicting a single gash on them.

The Thunderclap Mantis waved its scythes and waved its poison sting, and yelled out coldly, "The master has given us his commands. All those that do not train properly shall be executed!"

The Thunderclap Mantis was contracted to Jiang Feng, so Jiang Feng could give him commands directly.

Jiang Feng knew that Yanhu and Heifeng wouldnt train the army properly before he left, so he told the Thunderclap Mantis to use intimidation on them.

After so many fusions and the fact that the Thunderclap Mantis was originally already higher in ranks than Yanhu and Heifeing, he was also the most powerful among them.

"Brother Mantis! Brother Mantis! My brother from another mother! I know what I did was wrong! So please dont tell the boss, or Im going to be in big trouble!" Heifeng said to the Thunderclap Mantis as he licked his wound without getting angry, then quickly went to train his monster army.

Yanhu glanced at the Thunderclap Mantiss scythe and licked his nose. Then he roared furiously at the Blazinghorn Tiger army. "What did I tell you? I told you to train! Look at how youre training right now! Im going to teach you how to position yourselves when fighting with humans!"

Yanhu and Heifeng both lost their splendor before the Thunderclap Mantis. The Double-Head Wolf King and Bluecloud Panther didnt dare to say anything and quickly went to train their own armies.

When the Thunderclap Mantis saw it, it also went back to its own territory and began to train the Gale Mantis.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have gained one bag of virus, one piece of equipment, one Evolution Pill, and one Level 40 Experience Pill.

"Whew, After four hours, I finally managed to get one set, even got myself an Evolution Pill, not bad!" He happily said as he took the equipment that he transmuted from the Skeletal General and it was the last piece that he needed to form a set.

As the auction was going to start soon, he quickly put all the equipment that he got into the auction houses storage.

"Its time to go to the Dragon City Riverbed to take a look!"

After he had prepared the equipment set, all he needed to do was to wait for the auction house to prepare the capital for him.

At this time, he was going to go to the Dragon City Riverbed to look for the Donghuang Bell fragment.

Next, he left the Cave of the Undead and arrived at the Dragon City Riverbed.

He had looked for it for around three hours, but he couldnt find the Donghuang Bell fragment, and this made him very disappointed.

"Looks like that piece of Donghuang Bell Fragment was located in the Dragon City Riverbed dungeon!"

Since there was nothing else he could do, he opened his skill panel and looked for the Town Portal skill, and returned to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

He had already become the owner of the Ancient City. As long as he wasnt in the aggro radius, he could return to the Ancient City whenever and wherever.

The auction ended in two hours, and he ordered Uncle Fu to transfer all the profit that he made this month to him.

Very quickly, a huge amount of money was transferred to him.

Within one month and inclusive of the previous auction, he had earned a total of 4,200,000. Most of the profit was gained from the previous auction.

High-level builders could be hired at the price of 30,000 each. He took out 3,000,000 and hired another hundred high-level builders and sent them to repair the damages on the Ancient City.

High-level priests could be hired at 20,000 each. With around 100,000 left, he hired another fifty high-level priests to help in the restoration of the walls hit points.

"It would be better if I could hire NPCs of other classes. It would be easier to defend the city," He shook his head as he looked at the type of NPCs he could hire at the Hiring Mall that he could access from the Ancient Citys Management Panel.

Looking at the remaining 200,000 he had left, he wasnt sure if he should cry or laugh. "Looks like building a city really is something that keeps on using your resources. If you succeed, the profit you can gain is unimaginable. But if you fail, you would lose almost everything."


Just as he was mumbling to himself, Xiao Longnu quickly flew in from afar and landed in front of him.

"How did the information gathering go?" He asked with a smile when he saw her return.

"Those guilds did not take us as a serious threat and they said that we are just a group of savage animals. I am very mad!" Xiao Longnu said angrily.

"Savage animals?"

Jiang Fengs eyes narrowed, and murderous intent appeared in his eyes. Ill wait. In two more days, I will be the one drinking your tears!

"Right, I have also heard of something quite interesting," Xiao Longnu suddenly thought of something and told Jiang Feng.

"What is it?" Jiang Feng asked.

Xiao Longnu then said, "I heard that some of the guilds elite members were trying to find a way to trigger the Chief Plot of the Ten Main Plots, Uproar in Heaven. I also heard that the Monster Cloud that exists near Dongyu City was the important trigger of this plot."

"The Chief Plot of the Ten Main Plots? Uproar in Heaven? Interesting. Lets go, Ill bring you to Dongyu City!"

The rewards from the quests related to the ten main plots were all very good. It could be seen from the Chinese Ghost Story plot quests. He wouldnt want for the quest to fall into the hands of other factions.

So, he was ready to see if he could take this plot quest and use the rewards he gained from the quest to increase his overall power before the siege!