Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 170

Chapter 170 : The Archguardian Of The Shifters

Chapter 170: The Archguardian of the Shifters

Weibo and the Official Message Board were in an uproar as they discussed Jiang Feng being bound within the Shifter Sealing Tower.

The entire Message Board was in a mess.

Many that had beef with Jiang Feng headed toward the tower, hoping to slay him to get the rewards.

At this stage, very few players have made their way to level 50. It was still difficult to get a level 50 White-Silver equipment.

At the current stage, one level 50 White-Silver equipment could be priced at around a thousand.

If they were to kill Jiang Feng once, they could get a White-Silver Equipment and 100,000 experience points.

Jiang Feng would be bound within the Shifter Sealing Tower for twenty four hours. He could not use any skills and any items on him. It was useless for him to logout as well.

He had lost two levels after entering the Slaughter status during his run in the Japanese Server. He was currently at level 47, which meant that he could be killed 47 times. 47 times equal 47 White-Silver equipment as well as having a chance of him dropping the Ruler of Hakai and other items on him.

The items that the Inheritor of the Shifters drop would not be anything ordinary. Even one of them could be sold at a high price.

That was why it would cause such an uproar when the server announcement was made.

"Haha! I was killed by the Shifters Inheritor three times during the Siege of the Ancient City! I can finally get my revenge and then some!"

"Is the Shifters Inheritor an idiot? The Shifter Sealing Tower is used to seal shifters, yet he ran to it like a moth to the fire. Is he an idiot?"

"Im getting excited about having the chance to kill the games number one inheritor. If I could get the Ruler of Hakai and sell it to the Japanese Sever, I could probably sell it for ten million or more."


All the players headed toward the tower had their own ploys.

Some of them even wanted to make Jiang Feng drop the Ruler of Hakai and sell it back to the Japanese Server.

The Ruler of Hakai was a part of the Japanese Servers Primordial Artifact, and it represented the honor of the entire Japanese Server. If they could get it and sell it back, they could easily sell it back for ten million or more.

These players had all been blinded by the profit and advantages they could get. They even had the idea of selling the Ruler of Hakai back to the Japanese Server, and completely forgot that it was the Ruler of Hakai that allowed the players from the Japanese Server to invade them.


Above Shuchuan City, Qiu Si, Shen Ye, and some of the elites from the Myth Group were heading toward the Shifter Sealing Tower on their flying steeds.

When they were on their way, Shen Ye was in a state of elation, "Haha! I never thought that he would fall for something like this! Twenty four hours! Thats more than enough to kill him until he has nothing left!"

Qiu Si has fallen by Jiang Fengs hands quite a few times, but he was still being cautious as he said, "Be careful. I dont know why he would be bound within the Shifter Sealing Tower, but I dont think killing him would be an easy task!"

Shen Ye then replied to him, "He cant use any skills and items on him for twenty four hours. What could you be scared of? Are you afraid that the server announcement was fake?"

Qiu Si nodded. "Youre right. Hopefully, we can get the gourd that he uses to carry his followers around. My guess is that its a primordial artifact too."

While Jiang Feng was careful every time he used the Qiankun Gourd, many had discovered the Qiankun Gourd when they saw him fight in streams and videos. And many were interested in the gourd that could collect monsters, including the Divines Inheritor, Qiu Si!


The games number one guild, Canaan Guild.

Canaan was also leading a large group of players heading toward the Shifter Sealing Tower. Just like other players, she wanted to kill the Shifters Inheritor and get the artifacts!

Beep! Beep!

After flying for a while, her friend panel blinked. It was a message from Mu Xi.

Mu Xi, "Canaan, please dont continue down this path. I must remind you not to go to the Shifter Sealing Tower, or you will regret it forever!"

Canaan asked in confusion, "Mu Xi, what do you mean? You know that all the Inheritors have a Divine Artifact and are very powerful. As long as I can get the Ruler of Hakai, the Jingu Stuff, or some other good item from the Shifters Inheritor, my power would also greatly increase! We no longer have to fear anyone! The Canaan Guilds position as the games top guild would be even stronger!"

Mu Xi sighed and replied, "Normally, youre quite smart. Have you let the title of being the top in the game go over your head? Do you still know how to analyze the situation?"

Canaan frowned and said, "He killed me so many times, and I cant even kill him once?"

Mu Xi then said, "When you built your base, the Shifters Inheritor didnt attack you. The Shifters Inheritor has never actively antagonized you or your guild. Think about it, arent you the one that has always started it? There is nothing more to be said if you were killed because of that!"

Canaan instantly frowned. "Mu Xi, are we still good sisters? Even if he did not antagonize me, so what if I kill an NPC? Dont tell me you want to have a row with me over some data in a game?!"

Mu Xi then continued, "This games NPCs also possess intelligence and are almost similar to humans. Some of the NPCs are even smarter than humans. Thats fine, youre already lost within your ambition and your quest for power. Youre no longer that wise, optimistic, and passionate boss Canaan. Power can change a person it seems. Take good care of yourself."

Ding. System Prompt: Announcement, your guilds assistant guild leader "Mu Xi" has left the guild!

When Canaan heard the systems voice, she was enraged.

Mo Yi and Han Qianqian came next to her. Mo Yi, who was the more introverted of the two, asked her with a calm voice, "Sis Nan, why did Sis Mu Xi leave the guild?"

Canaan then said coldly, "If she wants to leave, then let her leave since she has never contributed anything to the guild anyway. Ive paid her back the money that I owed her and even bought her a house! We dont owe each other anything anymore!"

After Canaan Guilds city had been completed, Canaan had earned a lot simply by selling and buying houses. After she knew that Mu Xi had helped cover the difference for the Guild-Building Order, she had paid everything back to Mu Xi and even gave Mu Xi one of the citys biggest houses.

Mo Yi looked at Canaan like he wanted to say something but merely sighed in the end as he chose to remain silent.

Mo Yi was also someone smart, and he could see the situation clearly from an outsiders point of view.

It could be said that without Mu Xis help, Canaan would never get a Guild-Building Order. Without the Infernals Inheritors aid during the siege, Canaan would never become the games first guild leader.

Once she had completed building the city, her power had surpassed that of Tianxia Gangs Hao Tian and she had won bet the between them

Without any more burden, she began to enjoy her powers and privileges as the top within the game and began to earn a lot from selling and renting houses.

But she did not realize that no matter how smart she was, she was controlled by power and profit.

She could not see through it and was sinking deeper and deeper!

Right after Mu Xi left the guild, a world announcement was made.

Ding. World Announcement: Congratulations to the player "Mu Xi" from the Huaxia Server for class change into the secret class "Archguardian of the Shifters", as she is the second player to class change into a secret class, she has gained 500 World Renown, 50,000gp, and one special item.

"What?!" When Canaan heard the World Announcement, her entire body shuddered for a moment as she gritted her teeth, and she snorted frigidly, "And here I was wondering why she was helping the Shifters Inheritor and has even left the guild. Her secret class belongs to the Shifter faction! I hope she wont stand in my way! I wont stay my hand just because of our history!"