Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Rank 1 Fire Qilin

After the Fire Qilins passing, all the monsters in Huaxia servers central provinces knelt on the ground and mourned.

This scene was extremely astonishing.

Many players took screenshots of the scene when this happened and posted it up in the message board, causing another uproar.

"What kind of monster was the one that let out that sound? Why did all the monsters crawl and kneel on the ground?"

"This is too majestic! Have you seen several thousand werewolves kneel down and worship? When I stood in front of these werewolves, I felt like I had become an Emperor!"

"So what? Have you seen a swarm of fire rats shooting out flames as they worshipped? That was even more astounding."


The death of a Saintly Beast caused all the monsters to mourn!


Jiang Feng bowed three times at the Fire Qilins Blood of Origin. He sighed, and then he took the Blood of Origin.

He did not leave immediately after he had put away the Blood of Origin. According to the waypoints that the Divine Fate Compass had revealed, he went looking for the Donghuang Bell fragment and another treasure.

He found the Donghuang Bell fragment very quickly, it was not far from where he was and it was within a blazing fire. Together with the fragment was a pearl that was red in color and releasing a soft glow.

"This is"

After he had put away the Donghuang Bell fragment, he looked at the red pearl and had a closer look.

Fire Spirit Pearl: Quest Item

"Hm? A quest item? What kind of quests would need a Fire Spirit Pearl?"

After giving it a thought, he could not think of any quests that needed the Fire Spirit Pearl. He then put it directly into the Qiankun Gourd.

He had gotten the treasures and even accepted a main quest. Jiang Feng, happy with the results of his exploration, was about to turn and leave.


The moment he was about to leave, he noticed a small red grass that was growing nearby.

Qilin Grass: Saintly Level Herb, can be used to create pills.


Ding. System Prompt: Harvest failed. Gain 200 proficiency.

After trying to harvest for a dozen times and had his proficiency increased by 2,000 points, he still could not harvest it. After failing for the tenth time, the proficiency would not even increase anymore. He could not do anything about it and gave up.

"A saintly level herb, I still cant gather it with my spiritual level harvest skill. Since no one can harvest it at this stage anyway, I can come back later if I have found a way to harvest it!"

He shook his head and summoned the Monster Cloud, and left the cave.

However, when he came out, he only saw Guapi. He was not sure where Xiao Yatou was.

He flew over to Guapi, and asked her curiously, "Guapi, wheres Xiao Yatou?"

Guapi pointed on the ground and said innocently, "She fell to her death."

"Fell to her death?!"

Jiang Feng looked down on the ground and saw Xiao Yatous body on the ground. He was speechless.

"It It wasnt my fault. I felt that the Saintly Beast Fire Qilin was going to die, I was very sad, and I was filled with sorrow. I couldnt control my body and fell onto the ground, so"

"Alright, I understand."

He knew. The Fire Qilins final roar before its death was extremely majestic. Even he himself had his heart skipped a bit and almost knelt down. What more when monsters without identities like Guapi had heard it.

He put away Guapi and headed to the Starter Village.

Before he even reached the Starter Village, he saw Xiao Yatou mumbling on the ground.

He quickly flew down when he saw her.

"Stupid dragon! Idiot dragon! It wasnt easy for me to level up to level 5! Now that she dropped me to my death, I wonder how long it would take me to get my level up again." Xiao Yatou pouted as she complained angrily.

She had gained the Fuxi Zither from working on a very easy quest. Unfortunately, the Primordial Artifact did not increase attack, and since she only had a few pieces of equipment, her attack was very low. It took her half a month killing level 1 Wild Dogs to reach level 5.

And now, she lost one level because of being dropped to her death. No wonder she was angry.

"Xiao Yatou." He smiled at Xiao Yatou as he landed next to her.

"Idol! Youre here." Seeing Jiang Feng, Xiao Yatous eyes beamed, then she started to complain, "Idol, your pet has some issues, she dropped me to my death."

"I apologize on her behalf. Right, these are the Town Portal Scrolls for you to go to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. Find me at the Ancient City later, and Ill bring you to level up. Up to level 10."

Jiang Feng had created fifty Town Portal scrolls returning to the Ancient City and handed them to Xiao Yatou.

Originally, he wanted to add Xiao Yatou as a friend. But after giving it a second thought, he decided not to.

As Xiao Yatou still was not that mature and was a little bit vain, he was worried that she would expose him by accident.

"Yeah! I can go to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor now! This is so cool!" Xiao Yatou said excitedly as she took the scrolls.

"Lets go, Ill bring you to level up."

"I cant tonight. I just started university and the dorms have the lights off at 10. Im going to stop playing now, so Ill log out first. Ill log in tomorrow noon, so come find me over here, Idol!"

As soon as she had finished saying so, she logged out excitedly.

Jiang Feng did not pay much attention to it as he slightly pursed his lips.

"Lets evolve into a Fire Qilin."

There was nothing for him to do. As for fusing monsters, he was not in a rush. He took out the ten drops of Qilin Bloodline that the Fire Qilin gave him before its passing and was prepared to evolve into a Fire Qilin.

After the Fire Qilin had died, it did not leave behind a body. If it did, he could Transmute Monster to get even more Qilin blood.

He took out a Qilin Bloodline the size of a pigeons egg and used Refine.

Ding. System Prompt: Refine Successful. Congratulations, you gained a drop of "Pure Fire Qilin Blood."

After being refined, the Fire QIlin blood became far smaller, but it seemed brighter and its color more vibrant.

Seeing the results, he slowly threw it into his mouth.

Ding. System Prompt: As you have consumed the Saintly Beasts "Pure Fire Qilin Blood", your Fire resistance has increased by 30%. It is only effective on the first use. Bloodline Purity has reached 100%.

"One drop of Pure Fire Qilin Blood could increase fire resistance and increase my blood purity level to 100%? Its too powerful!"

When Jiang Feng heard the systems voice, he became visibly giddy and excited.

"I wonder what I would look like if I become a Fire Qilin!"

Filled with anticipation, he took out an Evolution Pill and threw it into his mouth and swallowed it.

He chose to evolve into the Qilin Bloodline. Next, a burst of flames began to burn him. The fire became denser and denser, before finally becoming a fire cocoon, enveloping his monkey form.

Maybe it was because his fire elemental resistance had reached 90%, he felt that the pain from the burning fire was much weaker during this evolution. He did not feel that much pain anymore when compared to the past.

Meanwhile, as he was within the burning fire within the fire cocoon, his body began to twist and change.

This was the longest he spent on evolution.

He spent almost two hours for his evolution to complete. He almost fell asleep inside the cocoon.


The fire cocoon burst open, and Jiang Feng, who was almost falling asleep was thrown out by the explosion.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution successful.

Its done!

Jiang Feng opened the status panel and looked at his current form excitedly.

Dog head Dog tail Dog body

"Damn it, why did I become a dog again?!"

His current form looked like a puppy and was not even that large. It was much smaller than a standard Wild Dog. The only difference was that there was fire burning on him and it gave his cute look some sense of majesty.

While he was not that happy with his puppy look, he decided not to pay it that much attention since he was still a cub. He then looked at his current stats.

Character: Jiang Feng

Class: Inheritor of the Shifters

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 26,332 Gold 29 Silver 56 Bronze

Reputation: 32,500

Honor: 834,290

Display Name: Level 0 Rank 1 Huo Qilin

Bloodline: 19 Types (too many to list, will only list the number from now onward)

HP: 312,000

Attack: 51,080

Defense: 22,452

Luck: 100 (Max) +50

Charisma: 4

Insight: 47

Fire Resistance +90%

Earth Resistance +50%

Other Seven Resistances +30%

Hunger: 56%

Active Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite, Tiger Roar, Dragon Howl, Illusion, Drain Blood, Change, Rockfall, Hide, Infernal Shades, Consume Blood, Kill, Slam of Mount Tai, Dao Dao Dao, Fireball, Fire Domain

Passive Skills: Gale, Fly

Craft-Profession Skills: Spiritual Level Smithing, Spiritual Pharmacy, Spiritual Level Harvest

Equipment: Spatial Bracelet

Equipment Skill: None

Drop: 20 slots, Account Bound: 500-1000 Gold, Level 0 White Equipment, Level 0 Black-Iron Equipment

"It has increased my HP by 50,000, attack by 10,000 and defense by 5,000. There are two more skills, and Fire Domain is quite nice. I have nine more drops of Qilin Blood. I should continue evolving!"

Fireball: Deal 120% of base damage to an enemy. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

Fire Domain: After activation, cause the area within a 3 meters radius centered on you to be covered in flames. Cooldown of fire elemental skills reduced by 50%. When entering the fire domain, enemies will lose 200 HP per second. Can be activated for 2 hours total per day. It can be activated and deactivated at will until the 2 hours have been expended.

Looking at his current stats, he was actually quite happy with it.

The increase to stats from a Saintly Beasts Bloodline was far higher than a Divine Beast Bloodline.

Not to mention that he was the only one in the server to have such high stats at level 0.

He mumbled to himself and took out another drop of Qilin Blood, and refined it, preparing to evolve.

He really did not like his current form that much.

And he guessed that he had to evolve a few times before he could see some changes to his body.