Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Zeus

In order to avoid being discovered by the players from the American Servers, Jiang Feng flew up high into the sky.

Since he was in the clouds, even if players were flying over with flying steeds, they would not be able to see him.

That was because he had shrunk his body size to a minuscule level. It had been completely covered by the Monster Cloud.

No one would have expected that there was a dragon hiding on a cloud.

After flying for half an hour, he had finally arrived close by to a city.

The city was called Argus City.

It seemed that the location of the Werewolf Valley and the Kaza Mountains were all within this citys influence.

After he found a place where there was no one, he used polymorph and transformed into a human.

Through his ID card, he had changed his physical appearance and visible information. After changing it, he also hid his current information from Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao so that they could only see his information before he edited them.

He then polymorphed into an inconspicuous American player and was displayed as a level 55 warrior.

After changing into his human form, he ran toward Argus City.

When he was on his way, he saw many players running toward the Teleportation Circle.

He pulled over a warrior player and asked, "Bro, where are you guys going?"

The warrior player rolled his eyes at him and said, "Of course, Im going over to see the battle between Atlantis and Pantheon."

He then asked again, "Do you know where they are going to have the Guild War?"

The warrior player then said impatiently, "At the Great Plains of Reid near Reid City. Its written all over the message board, why dont you go take a look yourself?"

After the warrior player finished talking with him, he did not pay him any more attention and left through the Teleportation Circle.

"If I could enter the American Message Board, would I have asked you?" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and stepped into the Teleportation Circle and teleported into Reid City.

While he was not a player from the server, he could still freely use Teleportation Circles in the main cities.

Of course, the time when the Japanese Server invaded the Chinese Server, they did not dare to use them. The main reason was that their identities were too obvious. As soon as they enter the city and if any players were to report them to the patrols, the patrols reserve the right to kill all of them.

Of course, he was different. With the ID Card, he had become an American Player.


Reid City, The Great Plains of Reid.

This was a very large plain. At this time, there were two cities on the two ends of the plains. They were Atlantis City and Pantheon City.

During the Guild War, when the Declaration of War was accepted, the guild that accepted the declaration had the right to choose the battlefield.

It was obvious that Pantheon had chosen The Great Plains of Reid as their battleground.

When he arrived together with everyone else from Reid City, the Guild War had already begun.

Both sides of the battle were not allowed to send out more than 100,000 players. Each player that joined the battle only had three revival chances. This was also to assure that the Guild War could finish in time and not drag into a war of attrition.

Many players had already gathered nearby from the surrounding areas to watch the battle unfold.

Some of the players had even summoned their flying steeds so that they could watch the battle from above.

When Jiang Feng saw this, he summoned the Horned Lightning Hawk and watched the battle together with the other players who had their own rides in the sky.

Usually, he would not summon the Horned Lightning Hawk much. However, as most of the players steeds were all hawks, he did not draw any attention from the other players when he summoned a Horned Lightning Hawk.

"Let them fight for a while. When all the players have died once or twice, then Ill go!" He mumbled after he had taken a look at the battle. He did not choose to attack them now, but instead opened the official message board and took a look.

He was not in Huaxia Server for the time being. He did not want to miss any valuable information from the game.

There were two hot topics at the top of the message board.

The first post was about the Witchers Inheritor having joined the Myth Group and said that he would like to challenge him. He even said that if the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor would dare attack the Myth Group, then they would destroy the Ancient City first. They were extremely pompous about it.

"The Witchers Inheritor? Destroying the Ancient City? How arrogant." Jiang Feng merely smiled coldly as he looked at the post.

The second hottest post had nothing to do with the game. It was mainly about a classic patriotic movie "Warrior Wolf 7" that had become the top-grossing movie in history. It had completely dominated all the Hollywood movies. What made them angry was that the Americans did not allow the movie to enter the global box office ranking. Not only did they not acknowledge the movie, they even belittled the movie.

This had brought anger to many of the fans of the movie.

"Damn, how disgusting. Wolf Warriors box office sales is the first in the world and has completely surpassed all the other movies box office sales. The Americans feel threatened, and that is why theyre suppressing the movie!"

"Thats right, look at the World Message Board! The Americans number 1, Johns, even said that he will focus on the Huaxia Server once the World War begins, wanting to remove Huaxia Server from the war."

"Hoho, the American Server is still acting strong and mighty. Do they think that theyre still the worlds number one country? What arrogance! If they lose during the World War that would be a great shame!"


When he read the replies from the posts, Jiang Fengs eyes narrowed and he then looked at the World Message Board.

There was indeed a post that Johns had posted on the World Message Board.

The posts content was basically asking Jiang Feng to give up the Ruler of Hakai peacefully. He would treat this as the beginning of a new friendship for the two countries. Otherwise, he would attack the Huaxia Server during the World War first, and conquer Huaxia Servers territory!

"Thats really arrogant. If thats the case, if I dont make a mess out of the American Server, I wont return!" Jiang Feng said with a cold smile as he looked at the battle ahead with narrowed eyes.

He closed the message board as he watched the battle and listened to the chats of the nearby players.

From the chat, he knew that the two guilds started the Guild War because they were fighting for the right to lead the American Server.

Fighting for the right to lead? Guess I should join too!

As the two guilds battle was going on, many of the players had already died at least once.

By his estimate, the Guild War should finish in less than an hour.

"Huh? What is that player doing? He doesnt belong to either of the guilds. If he were to go there, he would be killed by the players from the two guilds!"

"Guess its just another idiot that wants to join the battle, driven by their bloodlust."


The Horned Lightning Hawks size was very big. As such, when Jiang Feng rushed out, many players saw it, and all looked at him with ridicule.

However, what happened next shocked them.

They saw that Jiang Feng had quickly rushed into the middle of the battlefield, and without saying anything, used the skills Tornado and Tiger Roar.

Next, a gigantic tornado appeared and threw hundreds of players up into the air. In less than two seconds, all the players had been instantly killed.

The Tiger Howl skill was especially terrifying. With a roar, there was a sonic boom and a pillar of light was formed before blasting right into the players.

Other than the tanks, all players of other classes that were surrounded by the light had been completely killed off.

In the blink of an eye, around two hundred players had been killed.

All the people that laughed at Jiang Feng being an idiot felt like they had been choked as their faces became red.

"Sh*t! Who is that? Since when did someone so powerful appear in our server?"

"Zeus? Inheritor of Zeus? Is there such an inheritor in the game?"

"Er Zeus is the King of the Gods. If he had an Inheritor, then doesnt that make Johns, the Divines Inheritor, his son?" Some players could only speak in a daze when they saw Jiang Fengs information.