Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 213

Chapter 213 The Myth Groups Existence Is Obsolete

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Xiao Yatous Surge of the Turquoise Tide had grabbed the attention of all the spectating players.

They saw the status effect the musical notes bestowed when they fell on the monsters. All Stats +30%.

That was the Fuxi Zithers most powerful support ability. Blessing of the Soundwave.

An increase of 30% to all their stats would be a great increase for the monsters.

The monsters HP, attack, and defense were not low to begin with. A 30% increase to all stats when many of those monsters were bosses could bring an explosive result.

No one on the battlefield could match the 20 bosss stats after being boosted like that.

"Who is that girl? I have never heard about her before this."

"I dont know, but look at the zither she has. Damn, thats the Fuxi Zither, the only Primordial Artifact that could be used at this stage!"

"Damn it, even a girls luck is better than mine. Why didnt I get a primordial artifact?!"


As all the players were focusing on Xiao Yatou, all the leaders of the guild were observing the battle.

As Bai Yi was watching the battlefield, he whispered, "The battle right now is much more formal than what was at the Siege. They know how to use strategies now. This kind of battle is going to be much more entertaining than a mere siege."

Su Xingyu nodded, "Youre right. Both of the armies have been trained. The battle later is definitely going to be very enjoyable!"

"It was right to come. I can learn a lot from this!" Canaan said.


"Kill them!"

Just as the spectators were discussing among themselves, the teams had clashed with each other.


The 20,000 warriors at the forefront of the Myth Groups army used their Charge skill, and slammed directly into the group of Steel-Hair Pigs and stunned them.

"Long-Range attacks! One wave of normal skills! Fire!" Shen Ye yelled out.


Next, the archers, gunners, and wizards all unloaded their skills on the Steel-Hair Pigs.

The dozens of thousands of attacks immediately killed over a hundred Steel-Hair Pigs.

Ling Feiyu, who was riding on her Unicorn, said in a calm voice, "Territory Kings, left and right, attack!"

By her command, the bosses, those that had their stats boosted and some of them that did not, span out to the left and right, and then crashed into the flanks of the Myth Guilds formation, focusing their attacks on the priests that were in the middle.


There were screams. The bosses were all around level 50 and 70, and a few of the level 60 and 70 bosses could easily kill a priest in two hits. Their attacks were very ferocious.

"Xing Kui, now!" Qiu Si and Xing Kui were standing together. When they saw this, he gave Xing Kui an order before heading to the bosses on the right-wing while Xing Kui headed toward the bosses on the left-wing.

When Qiu Si was close to the bosses, he summoned 50 Divine Soldiers whose power rivaled the bosses.

When the Divine Soldiers appeared, they assaulted the bosses. Qiu Si, with the Divine Dragon Sword in his hand, also attacked the bosses.

"Come! Souls of the Twelve Ancestral Witchers! Kill them all!"

When Xing Kui came to the left-wing, he took down the orbs on his neck and threw them out. Twelve deformed Souls of the Ancestral Witchers appeared and attacked the bosses. He himself took out an ax and headed toward a level 70 boss.

At this stage, the Souls of the Twelve Ancestral Witchers had reached level 70, the same as Xing Kui. Their stats were also similar to Xing Kuis which made them very powerful.


As the roars of war echoed, the battle became even more violent. The spectators held their breath as they watched and looked at the battle with widened eyes as if they were afraid of missing some of the finer details.

The higher the level, the more power they had, the faster the speed of the battle.

Very quickly, because of the difference in number, they were already at a disadvantage. Several bosses had already been killed by Qiu Si and Xing Kui.

There were originally around 60,000 monsters, now only 30,000 were left.

The monsters belonging to the Ancient City could not revive, and there were no priest classes for the Shifters that could heal. The entire battle was quite unfair toward the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

But there had never been such a thing as absolute fairness.

Ling Feiyu watched as the monsters died, and she could feel the pressure.

While the monsters could stand in formations very well, they were not flexible as monsters did not have much intelligence. Unlike players, their formations could not change at any time when needed.

Not to mention that players had pets, so that was another form of assistance. It was as if an army of 200,000 were attacking the monster army.

As her formations were broken by the Myth Group, a large number of players had arrived and the normal monsters were beginning to get slaughtered. Blood covered the ground, and even the air began to smell like blood.

She really wanted to rush over to the battlefield and join the battle, but she could not. If she were to die, then it was all over.

Mu Xi, on the other hand, was quite fierce. She was like a ghost as she rushed into the players formation. Anywhere that she had been would overflow with blood as many players lay on the ground unable to move.

Shen Ye looked at Mu Xi coldly as he nocked an arrow to his bow, and fired a crystal arrow toward her.



The arrow was very quick and Mu Xi did not notice its incoming. The arrow hit her on the back, instantly freezing her. She was completely frozen solid in an instant.

At this time, a group of wizards unleashed their skills upon her and killed her instantly.

Seeing that Mu Xi had been killed, Ling Feiyu rode her unicorn to the back of the Myth Group.

She could not stand by and watch any longer. Even if she was killed, she had to buy enough time.

The Unicorn was very quick, and she had arrived on top of Myth Groups army.

Only to see her coldly yell out, "Shifters from all directions, heed my call! Kill them all!"

She used her Command skill, and all the players pets within a 500 meters radius instantly became turncoats and attacked their masters.

In just an instant, some of the players had been killed by their pets.

"Divine Dragon Pierce!"

At this time, Qiu Si appeared out of nowhere and struck at Ling Feiyu. He was also mumbling at the same time, "I have been waiting for you for a long time!"


When Qiu Sis sword almost hit Ling Feiyu, a giant red dragon flew out from the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

The hundred-meter long dragon was Jiang Feng, who had directly used the Town Portal Scroll after he had been revived.

Jiang Feng took out a flag and used its Summon skill. Mu Xi and Ling Feiyu had both appeared next to him immediately.

"Idol!" Xiao Yatou screamed out excitedly.

"Steward!" Mu Xi said calmly.


Jiang Feng looked at Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, and Xiao Yatou with a smile, and said, "Ive returned. Withdraw, and leave the rest to me!"

When Ling Feiyu, Muxi, and Xiao Yatou saw that Jiang Feng had appeared, they all smiled and nodded before retreating to the side.

Next, Jiang Fengs giant dragon body took flight to the top of the battlefield. He coiled his body and stared at Shen Ye, Qiu Si, and Xing Kui.

"Because of the World War, I was going to let everything slide. But since you didnt care for it, then I declare that the Myth Groups existence is obsolete!"