Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Go Back To The Starter Village

"After today, there is no need for the Myth Groups continuous existence!"

Jiang Fengs voice was not loud, but it could be heard by everyone.

All the spectators, including the leaders, were shocked by Jiang Fengs appearance.

Canaan was the most anxious one.

The moment she saw that Jiang Feng had appeared, anxiety filled her face. She then quickly asked, "Didnt his power decrease? Why would he come here?"

Han Qianqian then said, "Maybe he saw that the Ancient City was going to be defeated and he was prepared to die together with the Ancient City? I have to say, he is very brave. He still dares to say these kinds of things when things have already reached this point."


When Shen Ye saw Jiang Feng, his smile became even more cruel and ferocious. "You little swine, youd been in hiding for almost a month and you dare to be this arrogant? I will destroy the Ancient City, and I will squash that arrogance of yours!"

"Is that it?" Jiang Feng sneered, "Then try it!"

When Shen Ye saw Jiang Fengs mocking smile, he became enraged and said to Qiu Si and Xing Kui, "Qiu Si, Xing Kui, lets go and kill it!"

Qiu Si and Xing Kui both headed toward Jiang Feng on their steed.

"Xiao Longnu, kill them all!"

Jiang Feng did not want to waste time on them. He would need to destroy the Myth Group today, and he had no time to waste here. He directly let Xiao Longnu attack.


Xiao Longnu appeared, and a 50 meters long gargantuan white dragon attacked Qiu Si, Shen Ye, and Xing Kui.

"Level 56 Immortal Beast Impossible!"

When they saw Xiao Longnu, the three immediately stopped and looked at Xiao Longnu, unable to proceed due to fear.

An Immortal Beasts stats were much higher than theirs. Even if they had reached level 100, they still could not match the high stats of an Immortal Beast.

"Come, my followers!"

Jiang Feng stopped caring about the three and summoned the rest of his followers.

Next, 60 rank 10 followers appeared in front of him. Their stats were much better than the bosss that Ling Feiyu had recruited.

When Heifeng and the rest of his followers appeared, they roared and charged at the players army.

Jiang Feng did not pay any attention to Shen Ye who had already started fighting Xiao Longnu. Instead, he wore the Bloodlust Claw and took out the Jingu Staff and transformed it into another claw. With both claws equipped, he attacked the rest of the players.

After being revived in the Robin River, he had eaten the Experience Pills that he had been saving and his levels had once again been raised to 55. So he could equip both of these pieces of equipment.

He rushed above the players and took out the Talisman of the Ten Thousand Swords, and immediately used it.

Next, ten thousand swords appeared in the air and quickly attacked the priests among the group of players.


His attack was very high. With his two equipment, his attacks had reached around 140,000. Each sword would deal damage equal to 30% of his base damage, which meant around 40,000. The damage done was very real, and the 10,000 swords had killed almost a thousand priests.


He yelled and appeared next to Myth Groups elite and in one slash, immediately killed him.


He yelled out again and appeared next to another elite. Before he could even react, the dragon claw reached out to his head and crushed it. A giant amount of damage floated out above his head.


It was not that convenient moving around with his giant dragon body, so he transformed into his silver-hair red-eyed humanoid form. The Bloodlust Claw in his right hand looked like a dragon claw, while the Jingu staff in his left hand formed into a sword, and he attacked the players.

Because of the Bloodlust Claw, even if he was damaged, his HP would not go down. It allowed him to fight very aggressively.

In less than ten minutes, he had already killed around 3,000 players.

Normal players could not hope to compare with his stats.

In but a short while, his body was covered in blood.


"Who who said that he had been weakened? I feel that he is much more powerful than before!"

"Damn it, who spread all those rumors! I was originally the Shifters Inheritors faithful follower, but Ive already joined Xing Kuis fanclub"

"Haha! This is going to be fun! Looks like the Myth Group is really going to get destroyed now!"

Canaan almost fainted when she heard the discussion among the other players.

She was getting very nervous, and she kept on mumbling, "Impossible, he cant be this powerful. Wasnt he level 0? How could he get to level 55 so quickly, and with such high stats?"

Su Xingyu looked at Canaan who was becoming distraught and told her calmly, "You have to remember this. Even if a powerful man falls, he is still powerful!"

Ling Yun and Hei Tong felt as if someone was choking them, and they too became worried.

"Look! The Shifters Inheritor has directly attacked the Myth Groups city! Does that mean he wants to destroy the Myth Groups Guild Building Order?" Someone yelled out after Jiang Feng had killed a group of priests and directly flew toward the city center of Myth Groups city.

"Stop him!"

When Shen Ye saw what happened, he quickly yelled at a dozen high-level players angrily even when he was occupied by Xiao Longnu.


All the high-level players approached Jiang Feng with weapons in hand.


Jiang Feng smiled coldly and entered the Berserk State on his own free will. He then took out the Orb of Swords and threw it into the air. In the next moment, the Orb of Swords exploded and formed 108 small swords, swarming around him. With a bloodied sword, he rode the Monster Cloud and quickly headed toward the city center.

As soon as any high-level players approached him, one sword would fly out and directly attack the players. If it were to miss, a second sword would fly out. Any time a player was hit by the sword, they would immediately be killed.

Each flying sword could deal the same amount of attack as him. As he entered the berserk state, his attacks had been doubled. That meant that his current attack was around 300,000. At most, the HP of players at this stage was around 100,000. They could never stand a chance against the swords attack.


As Shen Ye was paying attention to Jiang Fengs movement, he was accidentally struck by Xiao Longnu and he was immediately killed.

At this time, Jiang Feng had arrived at the Stewards Residence.

During the Guild War, as soon as one side had destroyed the other sides Guild Building Order, they would be considered victorious. As level 100 guards and city barriers did not exist, he could enter the city easily.

Of course, during the guild war, there would usually be a group of players protecting the Guild-Building Order within the Stewards Residence to prevent assassins from the other side from attacking sneakily.

"You swine! How dare you!"

Shen Ye, who was revived at the Stewards Residence, did not wait for Jiang Feng to enter the hall of the Stewards Residence before firing his arrows at him.

"Blink! Binding!"

Jiang Feng blinked and reappeared next to Shen Ye. As the Shifter Emperors Flag appeared in his hand, he used Binding on Shen Ye to hold him.

"Yo, you reached level 55 so soon? Not bad! If thats the case, Ill send you back to the Starter Village so you can turn over a new leaf!"

With that, his sword stabbed into Shen Yes heart, and he was immediately killed.

In the blink of an eye, Shen Ye has revived once again. And his blade cut him down again.

After 55 blades, Shen Ye had been deleveled back to level 0. Shen Ye stared at him with bloodshot eyes and trembling body, "I will kill you! I will!"

With that, Shen Ye returned to the Starter Village in a white light to reconsider his life choices.