Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 226

Chapter 226 : Xiao Lan Of The Spirits

The Humans were indeed the race with the highest Insight.

Under Jiang Fengs teaching, around thirty of them had learned Alchemy while the other fifty had learned Blacksmithing.

In order to have the Humans help him create more wealth, he even bought many tools for Blacksmithing and Alchemy. He had even created an Alchemy Atelier and Smithy for them.

After teaching the Humans the Craft-Profession Skills, he found a quiet place and entered the Qiankun Gourd to continue with his evolution. He was going to increase his power some more.

After completing the first round of quests for the Uproar in Heaven plot quest, he obtained another 30 drops of Divine Dragon blood. He now had 31 of them, and he was going to evolve once again and see how much it would increase his stats.

The purity level for this Shifter Emperor Bloodline was 5. After consuming 19 more drops, his Shifter Emperor Bloodlines purity had reached 100%.

He took an Evolution Pill and ate it.


A blaze of fire erupted and formed a fire cocoon, tightly holding him inside.

After he had all his bloodlines combined to become the Shifter Emperor Bloodline, the time needed for him to complete the evolution was slightly longer. After half an hour, the fire cocoon finally burst open.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful. You have acquired the Rank 2 Shifter Emperor Bloodline.

After evolving into the Rank 2 Shifter Emperor Bloodline, he was once again using Sun Wukongs form.

Physique-wise, he was still the same. Except that his brownish-red fur had become pale yellow.

He then opened his stats window and glanced at it. His stats had indeed somewhat increased.

HP: 603,000

Attack: 169,323

Defense: 56,220

When he increased his bloodline to Rank 2, his HP had increased by 50,000, attack increased by 20,000, defense increased by 5,000.

It was much higher than before. His guess was that once he had ranked up to rank 6, rank 12, rank 16, rank 17, and rank 18, his growth would be explosive.

Of course, if he wanted to rank up to rank 18, he needed up to ten thousand drops of Divine Dragon blood.

He then looked at the Monster Transmutation System. Including his evolution this time, he had 10 lottery chances.

"I will just draw one to give it a try!"

He took out the Ruler of Hakai and chose to use up only one draw chance.

As for the Gift Packs, he did not dare to draw them anymore. He did not have so many lottery chances left.

Once the lottery had begun, the indicator started to spin. After around 10 seconds, it stopped in the Special category and a Prismatic Treasure Chest appeared.

He was holding the Ruler of Hakai and wearing the Golden Headband on his head, which made his Luck reach 200. He did not expect to get a Prismatic Treasure Chest.

He opened the Prismatic Treasure Chest, and there was a scroll inside.

Secret Class Class Change Scroll: Archguardian of the Shifters

Introduction: Can class change directly to the Archguardian of the Shifters.

"Hm? My luck isnt that bad. I managed to get another Secret Class Class Change Scroll. That way, the Ancient City would have three hidden classes," Jiang Feng said to himself excitedly.

With his overwhelming luck, the things that he drew were getting better.

Of course, it was not always 100%. During his second try, he got a Silver Treasure Chest from the bloodline category.

Zigbee Bloodline: Consume it to obtain the Zigbee bloodline.

"Fine. I still have 8 more chances, Im going to stop. I should log out and rest for a bit, and come back online when its evening time."

He was disappointed at what he got the second time, but he still consumed the Zigbees bloodline. He left the Qiankun Gourd, put it away, then logged out.


After logging out and going for a toilet break, he then brought Xiaohei to the backyard.

During this period, as long as he had time, he would bring Xiaohei to the backyard for training.

While it was very strong, it did not know how to use his power.

"Xiaohei, dont just focus on scratching and biting. When you are facing multiple enemies, you need to learn how to dodge their attacks. When you defend, you need to find the opponents weakness, and then attack. Lets try it!"

Jiang Feng picked up a willow tree branch from the ground. After giving it a warning, he then attacked Xiaohei.

Xiaohei had also pounced toward Jiang Feng.

After last time, Jiang Fengs physique had improved somewhat. Adding his experience fighting in the game, he easily dodged Xiaoheis attack and used the stick in his hand and smack at Xiaohei.

"Roar! Come!"

Xiaohei was getting a bit angry after being hit, so he continued to pounce toward him.

Jiang Feng again easily dodged Xiaoheis attack, then kicked it to about two meters away.

"When you can hit me, Ill get you an Enhancing Pill. Otherwise, there will be no enhancing Pill for you anymore!" He smiled as he looked at Xiaohei trying to get up.

"Roar! Come!"

When Xiaohei heard that Jiang Feng was going to stop giving it Enhancing Pills, it was instantly unhappy and its speed increased substantially as it smacked at Jiang Feng.

It was very fast. If it were someone else, he probably could not even avoid it. Even Jiang Feng only barely managed to avoid Xiaoheis attack.

After training Xiaohei for about half an hour, he then brought Xiaohei to take a shower as he himself was covered in sweat.

Looking at the time after he had something to eat, he switched on the television, changed its program to Animal World for Xiaohei, and then logged back into the game.


After he logged back into the game, he once again appeared in the Humans living quarters.

It was already nighttime and many of the Humans had gone to bed. Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, and Xiao Yatou appeared next to him.

"Well separate into four. If we hear anything, inform Ling Feiyu so that Ling Feiyu can inform me," Jiang Feng said to the three of them.

Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, and Xiao Yatou all nodded in agreement and scattered around where the Humans were living.

Jiang Feng hid in a corner and carefully looked at the surrounding, waiting for the Black and White Impermanence to appear.

Beep. Beep.

Ling Feiyu: East.

It did not take long for Ling Feiyu to send out a message.

Jiang Fengs body flew up and landed on the roof of the Humans residence and then he headed to the East.

Very quickly, he had arrived at the East.

At this time, he saw one black and one white figure with long tongues carrying chains walking toward where the Humans were staying. They were indeed the Black and White Impermanence.

He did not disturb the Black and White Impermanence but were observing them from the roof.

He then saw the Black and White Impermanence enter a room. After a short while, both pulled a soul and headed outward.

He used Hide and followed them.

What made him curious was that the Black and White Impermanence did not leave the Ancient City. Instead, they headed to a restaurant within the Ancient City.

He followed the Black and White Impermanence and entered the restaurant.

The Black and White Impermanence pulled the two souls into a guest room within the restaurant.

As the Ancient Citys steward, he had ways to enter the guest room. He opened the Shop Management Panel, found the restaurant, and then set the door so that he could directly walk into it. Next, he entered the room directly.

"Its her!"

There was a beautiful woman within the room. The woman was none other than the Spirits Inheritor, Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan accepted the two souls from the Black and White Impermanence, then put them into a cloth bag with a smile.

She waved her hand and the Black and White Impermanence were also absorbed inside.

"That gangster must have gotten the Totem of Humans. As long as I could take all of their souls and kill them, his totem would be useless. Instead, my Totem of Spirits would become even stronger!"

Xiao Lan let out a sexy smile, removed her clothes, and was prepared to take a bath in a wooden tub within the room.

"So, its you trying to mess things up. Ill take care of you now!"

When Jiang Feng remembered what happened with Xiao Lan at Lanruo Temple, he let out a smile.