Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Instant Kill

Somewhere near the border of the European Server.

When Johns heard about the announcement that the Japanese Servers Sacred Beast was dead, he was stunned.

The Japanese Server was an ally of the American Server. They would stand together during the World War. If the Japanese Server was weakened, it would mean that the American Server was weakened as well.

He was getting nervous. "Sh*t. Whats going on with Kitazawa Hinata? How did they let their countrys sacred beast die? And disappear permanently?"

The Inheritor of the Vampires, James J, analyzed it for him, "Every servers Sacred Beast is at a state of near-death. However, because of the games condition, they will not automatically die. They will only die after they have formed their Blood of Origin. Of course, even then they wont truly die as when their Bloods of Origin are fused, they would create an even more powerful Sacred Beast. There can only be one possibility where it will disappear forever. It was killed!"

Johns shook his head in surprise. "Impossible. Even the Divine level NPCs cant kill a Sacred Beast, and the players at this stage cant as well. So it couldnt have been killed by others!"

Eva agreed and said, "Nothing in this world is impossible. While that is possible, there might be another possibility. There is a bug in the system!"

Johns nodded and said, "Regardless of what happened, James J, go to Kitazawa Hinata and ask him what is going on. We cannot afford to make any errors at this time!"


Johns was not the only one surprised. Even the elites from the other servers were all shocked. In a very short time, this had become a hot topic, and the players from the Japanese Servers all submitted complaints to the games company, and it was causing an uproar.


Mount Fuji.

Jiang Feng rushed out from Mount Fuji just when all the players that were joining the Ore-Grabbing Event were complaining.

"Hm? Didnt realize that killing another servers Sacred Beast would cause such a ruckus. The System cities level went down, players cities lost resources, and the stats of all players from the server fell. Guess I really did cause a big problem!"

Jiang Feng, who had just rushed out, had also heard this world announcement and was similarly shocked.

Originally, he thought that after the death of Yamata-no-Orochi, the most that would happen was that the monsters would fall to their knees and worship. But in truth, the two were different.

Meanwhile, the Fire Qilin did not really die. His Blood of Origin could be fused with the Bloods of Origin from other Sacred Beasts to give birth to even more powerful Sacred Beasts.

Meanwhile, Yamata-no-Orochi died without leaving behind its Blood of Origin. Meaning that it could not be fused with another Sacred Beast, and that the Japanese Server would never have another Sacred Beast.

Then, it would cause huge problems later on.

Without the Sacred Beast, the Japanese Server would be invaded by the Infernals. All the monsters would become Infernalized Monsters. And during the Great Divine-Infernal War, the Infernals would almost certainly dominate the war!

His actions had severe consequences.

"Whatever, I better raid some resources first!"

After giving it a thought, Jiang Feng did not care about it. This was not something that he should care much about since his ability to kill a Sacred Beast was also his power. The game company could not do anything to him, otherwise, the games advertisements would be false advertising.

They said that the game would not have any bugs. And suddenly, if a bug had appeared, then it would affect the entire game.

As such, the game company would not do that.

After thinking about it thoroughly, he took out the Jingu Staff and threw it into the air.

"Grow! Make it grow!"

The Jingu Staff slowly grew, and finally transformed into a gigantic iron staff that was several hundred meters long and as wide as a water pail.

"Sweep the Army!"

He did not care about the players terror and used his staff to sweep over them. In an instant, several thousand players were instantly killed and had dropped lots of ores and equipment.

His power had not been sealed yet, and it would only be sealed after ten minutes.

Even Divine-level NPCs and monsters would not dare to simply ignore his attack especially with the amount of damage he could deal!

He rode on the Monster Cloud and quickly flew away, using the Qiankun Gourd to collect everything that was dropped. He shrunk the Jingu Staff and then jumped into the groups of players and began the slaughter.

At his current level, he could ignore the enemies attacks. His enemies could not breach through his defenses at all.

Even level 100 normal monsters could not break through his defenses.

As he had reached Spiritual Level with his Shifter Emperor Bloodline, his speed had also increased substantially. He was so fast that he could not be properly targeted.

A shadow would zoom by and a large group of players would die.

He killed them and collected the dropped items.

In less than five minutes, the groups of players on Mount Fuji had been cleared.

Even the fire-elemental monsters in the Ore-Grab event had all died under his Jingu Staff.

At this time, the equipment, ores, and other items were like a mountain inside the Qiankun Gourd. The amount was terrifyingly huge. If he were to sell them all, he could probably earn enough capital amounting to several million.

After one minute, he had cleared all the remaining players.

Ding. System prompt: Congratulations, you have reached level 70. You have gained 10 free attribute points.

After killing tens of thousands of players and uncountable monsters, Jiang Feng had continuously leveled up 10 times, and he had reached level 70.

But just as he was about to leave, he saw a large group of players coming toward him. The ones leading them were someone he knew.

The number one in the Japanese Server and the Divines Inheritor, Kitazawa Hinata. The one with the Taigou Katana secret class, Kawaguchi Shinki. The one on the Hidden Class Leaderboard and the one with the Silky class, Nikawa Mihi.

Kitazawa Hinata looked at Jiang Feng once he was not that far away on his flying steed. His sight fell on the Jingu Staff, and he looked at him with anger and said, "Shifters Inheritor! Its you!"

Jiang Feng merely placed the Jingu Staff on his shoulder and stepped on the Monster Cloud, then walked toward Kitazawa Hinata. "Thats right, its me!"

"You killed the Sacred Beast?" Kitazawa Hinata looked at Jiang Feng furiously.

"Thats right, I was the one that killed it!" Jiang Feng looked at all of them with a cold smile. "But I dont have time to listen to all of your babbling. You can all die now!"

With that, the Jingu staff in his hand grew bigger and it swung toward Kitazawa Hinata.

Kitazawa Hinata, Kawaguchi Shinki, Nikawa Mihi, and a dozen other elites quickly used their positioning skills to escape after they heard Jiang Fengs words.

While they reacted very quickly, but the thousands behind them did not have their lightning reflexes. They were all instantly killed by one strike from the staff, and it was absolutely terrifying!

When Kitazawa Hinata saw Jiang Feng instantly killing thousands, he was so shocked that his face paled and he thought to himself, Why would he be so terrifyingly powerful? Did he really kill the Sacred Beast? But thats not right! If he did kill the Sacred Beast and so many people, his level wouldnt be that low? Perhaps the Sacred Beast wasnt killed by him? But if he didnt kill it, why would his power be so terrifying?

What he did not know was that Jiang Feng had fused with the Sacred Beast and had gained parts of its power. Since he had gained part of its power, naturally he would not get any experience from it. Without experience, his level would not increase.

"Can you reposition yourselves faster than my speed?"

Jiang Feng flashed and quickly appeared next to Kawaguchi Shinki, and instantly killed with just one strike.

Next, the other dozen players were all instantly killed before they could even react. There was no doubt about the outcome.

Especially since the difference between the two sides was too huge.