Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Representative Of The Lord God

Huaxia Server, Divine Dominion development base.

Many staff were running around in an office filled with modern technology as if they were very busy.

Ling Zhenhong, the person in charge of the Huaxia Server for Divine Dominion.

He looked at the dozen game developers in front of him as he sat on his seat in his office.

"Can anyone tell me whats going on with the death of the Japanese Servers Sacred Beast?"

As soon as he opened his mouth, he sent chills down the spine of everyone present.

At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a white coat and a pair of glasses said, "Professor Ling, our data shows that the Sacred Beasts death was normal. It should be fine?"

Ling Zhenhong yelled out, "Normal? Do you think that it is normal at this stage for an Inheritor to be able to defeat a Divine level NPC? How are we supposed to proceed with this game?"


Ling Zhenhong continued, "At this stage, all the countries are in discussion. If we cannot find any other way to control this, we will need to directly delete the account for the Shifters Inheritor and find another new Shifters Inheritor!"

All of the staff were shocked, "Delete? Isnt this too much? Isnt this a form of bullying?"

Ling Zhenghong said, "Ive discussed with them. We would push for the third patch and use Plan B to double experience gain as well as push back the World War. Announce the patch notes. Ill go speak with the Shifters Inheritor and hopefully, we can settle this."

With that, Ling Zhenghong left the meeting room and headed to where the Divine Dominions Lord God, Lingluo, was at.


After killing Kitazawa Hinata, there was still two minutes before his powers would be sealed.

After the two minutes was up, he had killed many of the high-level monsters on Mount Fuji and increased his level by 2 and reached level 72.

Ding. System Prompt: 90% of your stats had been sealed.

At this time, a light enveloped Jiang Feng as the voice of the system rang. Next, his basic stats had all been sealed.

He frowned and opened his stats to take a look.

HP: 900,000 (Sealed)

Attack: 350,000 (Sealed)

Defense: 150,000 (Sealed)

Compared to his original stats.

HP: 693,000

Attack: 194,323

Defense: 63,720


One was his stats after fusing with the Sacred Beast and was sealed. The other was his original stats.

Even if his power was sealed, his current power was still twice as high as his original stats. It could still be said that no players would have stats higher than his.

With his stats, he could still trample on any players easily.

However, he would not mind having the Seal removed. Not only players, but even NPCs would not be his match unless he entered the Dragonquarry map.

"I wonder how much purity would be increased if I took Divine Dragon blood now?" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself, took out a drop of Divine Dragon Blood and ate it.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, Shifter Emperors Bloodline purity increased by 5%.

"5%? That shouldnt be it. While Ive been sealed to the point where I have the same power as a Rank 1 Shifter Emperor, a drop of Divine Dragon Blood should not increase it by that much. Dont tell me that after Ive been sealed, Im just at rank 1 Shifter Emperor Bloodline? Even if I evolve, it would only increase my stats for a little bit, and after Im unsealed, Im still a Spiritual level Shifter Emperor Bloodline?" Jiang Feng said to himself as he was slightly surprised after looking at the drop of Divine Dragon Blood increasing his bloodline purity.

If it were not because of the seal, his bloodline would have already reached Spiritual Level. It would be very difficult if he wanted to evolve after that. And it would be similarly difficult if he wanted more lottery chances.

But after he was sealed, his Shifter Emperor Bloodline had also been sealed at rank 1. That meant that, under the effects of the seal, he could still use the Divine Dragon Blood or Divine Beast Blood to increase the bloodline purity within his body and evolve.

"If I could evolve to Spiritual level once more, perhaps Nichiterasus seal would be broken on its own." Jiang Feng was excited when he thought of that.

However, when he remembered the amount of Divine Beast Bloodline he needed to increase from Rank 1, he shook his head and muttered, "Its impossible to remove the seal via evolution. I think I should go for the lottery. Who knows. If I could get something that removes the seal, that would be best!"

When he thought of that, he summoned the Ruler of Hakai and was ready to draw a lottery.

Now, he had 8 lottery chances. He had to save them as best he could.

The indicator started to turn and stopped at the Pills category, and a Prismatic Treasure Chest appeared.

There was a white pill within the chest, radiating holy light. It was very beautiful.

Seal Breaking Pill: Divine Level Pill

Stats: It can remove any seals that are under Divine Level permanently. Can remove a Divine level seal temporarily. Duration of 2 hours. The seal would be effective again after 2 hours.

"Haha! My luck is exceptionally good to have drawn something that could break seals," Jiang Feng smiled. "Nichiterasu should be a Divine Archmaster with the title of Divine Emperor. That means that the Pill could only be removed for a short while. But it is enough for me since my power is peerless and unmatchable. I can save this as an ace in the hole."

Ding. System Announcement: Warning! In 5 minutes, the game shall undergo its 3rd update. All players please log out within 5 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation! The required time for the update is undetermined at this time and shall be informed on the official website.

"The third update for the game? Since when did the updates come so quickly? Could it be" Jiang Feng heard the announcement, then he let out a bitter smile. "Looks like killing the Sacred Beast did affect the game after all."


Yao Qiong held a pearl in her hand as she stood at the border of the Huaxia Server. She had just broken the barrier between Huaxia Server and American Server. She was prepared to head to the American Server.

However, when she heard the world announcement, she could only stand there awkwardly.

He then turned to the large man and said, "Looks like we wouldnt be able to raid the American Server, lets log out first."


Some of the high-level players that were raiding other servers were also quite speechless when they heard that the game needed to be updated. There was nothing they could do, however, and the game naturally had a point in getting a new update. They would not lose anything, so all of them were logging out.

At this time, all the players were beginning to logout to wait for the new content for the third update.

Jiang Feng was not going to stay at the Japanese Server anymore. He used the Town Portal skill and returned to the Shifter Emperor Palace.


As soon as he had returned to the Shifter Emperor Palace, he was going to log out. He then saw a kindly old man standing there, watching him with a smile.

Curiously, he looked at the old man.

The Lord Gods Representative: Ling Zhenhong

Stats: ???

The Lord Gods Representative? That meant that he was the systems representative, the person in charge of the Huaxias server, Professor Ling!

He was familiar with the name Ling Zhenhong. Anyone that had played the game would be familiar with it.

He was the person in charge of Huaxia Servers Divine Dominion. The main reason that the game could even be developed was largely because of him.

A reputable prodigy!

It was as he expected, even the person responsible for the Huaxia Server had appeared.

Seeing Ling Zhenhong had appeared before him he was not sure if he should cry or laugh.

He walked toward him pretending that he did not know him, and smiled. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Ling Zhenhong smiled at him and said, "Jiang Feng, stop acting. I have the data of every single player in my hand. Do you think I wouldnt know if youre a player or NPC?"


Jiang Feng was slightly stunned, but then understood what was going on.

Ling Zhenhong was the games person-in-charge and had all the players information at his fingertips. It was not too much of a surprise that he knew his identity.

"Professor Ling, is it only you who know my identity or all your staff?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Dont worry, only the person-in-charge has access to players information," Ling Zhenhong said and looked around the Shifter Emperor Palace. "Boy, dont tell me we are going to have a chat here?"

"Im sorry, my bad. This way, Professor Ling!"

Jiang Feng led Ling Zhenhong into the Shifter Emperor Palace with respect.

Ling Zhenhong was someone that had contributed greatly to the entire Huaxia Server and was someone worthy of his respect.