Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Uproar In Heaven

Jiang Fengs seal-breaking and Abbot Lanruos Golden Body would expire in about 30 to 40 minutes.

And his fusion with Sun Wukong would only last for 30 minutes.

That meant that he had to finish the battle in 30 minutes.

His time was very short, but with all the status buffs that he had on him, his power had reached that of a Sacred Beast, and he could crush all the gods.


He grabbed on the enormous Armageddon, and slammed it violently toward the gods.

When all the gods saw what happened, their faces paled as they escaped.


When Ling Feiyu, Heifeng, the players, and monsters made their way here after clearing up the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals, they were shocked to see that all the gods were busy running.

Ye Wufeng gulped and thought to himself, The Shifter Emperor is so cool! He is too powerful!"

Heifeng then raised his head proudly, "Thats our boss, the Shifter Emperor! This is just a little showcase of his true power."

Ling Feiyu looked at Jiang Feng, then looked at Qiu Si who had arrived while leading a legion of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

"Prepare yourselves, we have a hard battle ahead of us. Xiao Yatou! Activate your buffs! Everyone, get ready!"

Xiao Yatou nodded and then sat crossed-legged on the Horned Lightning Hawk. Her hands began to play the three-stringed Fuxi Zither. This time, she did not play the song "The Ambush." Instead, she played the song that had been played once during the battle between the Ancient City and the Myth Group, "Surge of the Turquoise Tide."

The area the melody covered reached 50 meters wide, and it was just wide enough to cover Jiang Feng within its area of effect.

In a single moment, all the players and monsters, including Jiang Feng, had their stats increased by another 30%.



When he heard Xiao Yatous melody, his eyes began to burn in golden flames. His current form looked extremely astonishing, even Ling Feiyus heart thumped non-stop when she saw it.

She turned and looked at Jiang Feng, and then thought to herself with a slight blush on her face, Ill push him down tonight.

Jiang Feng did not know Ling Feiyus thoughts. But if he had known about it, he would be extremely excited.

"Tornado, Slam of Mount Tai, Tiger Howl, Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff"

As time went by and all his buffs had expired, Jiang Feng could not even defeat a Celestial General. He was anxious about it and used all of his ultimate skills.


With his current power level, all of the ultimate skills that he used had very wide areas of effect.

A gigantic tornado swept through Yaochi, and all the gods that were pulled into the tornado were instantly killed.

A giant mountain fell onto the Earth, and a hundred gods were slain again

After he used his skills, all the gods on Yaochi had either been slain or injured. Only the Jade Emperor, Queen Mother, Erlang Shen, and Taishang Laojun were left.

He then took out the Lianyao Flask and took in all the items that were dropped as loot, then attacked the Queen Mother.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind her and he was going to slam the head of the Queen Mother with his staff. If he were to hit her, she would no doubt die from it.

At this time, the Curtain Lifting General threw the Lapis Lamp that was previously struck away toward the Queen Mother.


In one strike, the Lapis Lamp was shattered and the Queen Mother managed to escape.

"Dimension Door!"

While he did not manage to kill the Queen Mother the first time, he teleported next to her and lashed out at her with Armageddon, and she was instantly destroyed.

"Monkey, I will kill you!"

The Jade Emperor, seeing that the Queen Mother had been slain, was enraged to the point of losing his mind. He rushed toward Jiang Feng with the Amber Inked Scroll and the Golden Seal.


Jiang Feng smiled coldly as Armageddon was also lashed out toward the Jade Emperor.

When the Jade Emperor was almost struck, the originally darkened sky suddenly became bright and rays of Buddhas light descended from the sky.


Next, a giant Buddha appeared from the sky.

Behind the Tathagata Golden Buddha were rays of prismatic light. He extended his gigantic palm and gently waved, and blew Jiang Feng away.

"Haha! The Buddha is here! We are saved!" The Jade Emperor was excited when he saw that the Buddha had arrived.

Taishang Laojun looked at him calmly, and thought to himself, Can a mere duplicate defeat the crazed monkey?

The Tathagata Golden Buddha said to him, "Monkey, put down your blade"

"Oh, shut up! Eat my staff!"

Jiang Feng teleported over after being struck away and attacked the Tathagata Golden Buddha in the sky.

As soon as he could force Tathagata to retreat or kill him, his quest would be complete.

Tathagata made a hand seal, and Sanskrit runes began to appear trying to bind Jiang Feng down.

"Dimension Door!"

Seeing what was happening, he teleported once again and appeared on top of him, and violently slammed Armageddon on his head.


With one strike, Tathagata fell a dozen meters.


At this time, the Tathagata became a giant palm covering the entire Celestial Palace, and was quickly slamming downward.

When the Jade Emperor saw that, his face paled as he yelled out, "Sacred One, please stop"

Tathagatas strike would no doubt destroy the entire Celestial Courts. The Jade emperor did not want to see all his efforts wasted.

Unfortunately, Tathagata paid him no heed and his palm that was huge enough to cover the entire sky and the sun continued to fall.

"Grow! Grow! Grow endlessly!"

When Jiang Feng saw this, he planted Armageddon into the ground and had it grow bigger continuously to stop Tathagatas attack.


Unfortunately, Tathagatas power was too strong and he must have reached the peak of the Sacred Buddha. That was not a power that he could fight against. Armageddon was pushed down and all the buildings in the Celestial Courts began to dissipate under the golden palms immense pressure.

"Dimension Door!"

When Jiang Feng saw that, his face paled and he immediately teleported next to all the players and monsters that were fighting against Qiu Si.

He took out the Lianyao Flask and shouted to all of them, "Dont resist and get in, now!"

The Lianyao Flask emitted light, and quickly took in Heifeng and the rest of his followers.

"Feiyu, come back!" He shouted at Ling Feiyu who was still fighting with Qiu Si.

He had run out of teleportations through his Dimension Door skill, and Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, Ye Wufeng, and Xiao Yatou were still quite some distance away. He was getting anxious.


As soon as he had picked up Heifeng and the rest of his followers, Tathagatas palm had suddenly increased in speed as he went toward Ling Feiyu.

At the same moment, the entire Celestial Courts collapsed.

Other than Jiang Feng, everyone had died!


When Jiang Feng saw that Ling Feiyu had been slammed into a mist of blood, Jiang Fengs head was suddenly becoming very painful as the memories of his second life poured into his mind.

"Tathagata! I will kill you!"

Jiang Feng was utterly enraged and entered into Berserk and Slaughter statuses.

He caught Armageddon, and slammed the golden palm with it.


After the first strike, the golden palm began to show cracks.

Boom Crack

After the second strike, the golden palm was torn apart.

"Monkey, you cannot kill me. If you wish to, come to Dragonquarry!"

The shattered golden palm reformed into a golden Buddha. His golden hand waved, and all the souls of the gods turned into green light, including the Jade Emperors and Taishang Laojuns souls who were slain. They all turned into green light and entered into the Buddhas palm.

After receiving the souls of all the gods in the Celestial Palace, the body of the Golden Buddha dissipated, disappearing into the horizon.

"Tathagata, dont run!" The enraged Jiang Feng jumped up and slammed his staff toward the Golden Buddha. Unfortunately, before his attack could even reach him, the Golden Buddha disappeared into the air.

Just as he was going to pursue after him, Sun Wukongs form split from him. The Jingu Staff and Deicide had also been split. Sun Wukong held the Jingu Staff in front of him and said to him calmly, "Stop chasing. It has ended. We have won!"

Ding. System Prompt: Fusion ended. Level -2.

"Great Saint!"

After Sun Wukong and he had separated, fatigue washed all over him.

"Ahahaha I have to go to Dragonquarry now. When you come over, we will challenge the world again!"

Sun Wukong laughed heartily as he looked at Jiang Feng and put away the Jingu Staff. He, too, turned into a green light and disappeared before Jiang Feng.

"Dont worry. I will definitely get to Dragonquarry. I will remember what Tathagata has done!"

Jiang Feng put away Decide and looked into the sky as the dark clouds began to dissipate.


At this time, he noticed that as the pieces of the Celestial Courts had fallen into the lower levels, many people were running around as they covered their heads.

"There are Humans here too? Were they kept here by the gods?"

As that thought crossed his mind, he flew toward them with the Lianyao Flask in his hand.

After half an hour, he had finally rescued all of them. There were around 300,000 of them.

Ding. System Prompt: Seal-breaking effect has ended, your power has been sealed!

Ding. System Prompt: The effect of Abbot Lanruos Golden Body had ended. Level -2.

Ding. System Prompt: Berserk and Slaughter status ended. Level -2. You have entered into a state of mental exhaustion for the next 48 hours.


The system had made several prompts continuously, and Jiang Feng instantly became weakened as he fell unconscious on the ground. He was also forcefully logged out of the game. The Uproar in Heaven had ended in victory, but what awaited him would be even greater challenges!

The Shifters had taken their first step. But this was only the beginning, the beginning of challenging the heavens!