Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Eye Of The Pharaoh


As Jiang Feng was heading to the American Servers border, he had a feeling that there was a pair of eyes staring at him.

He turned around, but only saw Skull Island that was slowly disappearing into the horizon. There was no one else.

While there were monsters under the sea that wanted to ambush him, but they could not even touch him, so he was quite confused about that feeling.

But as it slowly disappeared, he paid no attention to it.

After a while, he had finally arrived at the American Server border.

"Dimension Door!"

He did not use the Ruler of Hakai, but simply teleported into the American Server and through their border.


"Here it comes! The bet with the high odds!"

In Nirvana Auction Houses Casino, up to a hundred looked at the rooms biggest screen for more information after someone yelled that out.

Bet: Can the Shifter Emperor steal all the servers Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin? Succeed or Fail. Odds 30:8.

Perhaps because Jiang Fengs power had been increased, or perhaps he had proved his power by destroying the Celestial Courts, the odds were not as extreme as Uproar in Heaven.

While the odds were not that high, it was still the highest in recent days.

A green-skinned man said, "The Shifter Emperor is going to steal all the servers Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin? Not using any of the factions? I think he might be pushing his luck. 500,000 that he will fail.

A minotaur. "The Shifter Emperor is indeed quite powerful, but the Sacred Masters of each server arent beings that he could beat. I bet that he would fail as well!"

"1,000,000pp that he would fail!"

"If he were willing to ask for help from Grandmaster Bodhis or Sun Wukongs double, I would bet that he would succeed. But just on his own? That would be difficult. I will bet that he would fail as well!"


In the entire Casino, most of them had betted that Jiang Feng would fail.

From how they saw it, it was all thanks to Sun Wukong that Jiang Feng could succeed during the Uproar in Heaven. All of the high-odds bets had someone come to help him in the end.

And for Jiang Feng to complete such a high difficulty task and face the most powerful representatives of each server, they felt that he had little chance of succeeding.

That was why all the bosses in the Casino believed that he did not know his own strength and started sneering at him.

"I bet 10,000,000 that the Shifter Emperor will win!"

When Ling Feiyu heard that so many people were sneering at her man, she felt quite uncomfortable about it. She walked forward and bet 10,000,000 that Jiang Feng would win.

Her move stunned everyone in the Casino, before all of them laughed.

"Haha, you shouldnt have been so rash, beautiful. You have wasted 10,000,000 just like that! What a waste!"

"Thats right. If the Shifter Emperor wins this time, I will stop gambling!"

"Youre all so noisy! I bet the Shifter Emperor will win! Bet all my 3,000,000!" When he saw them laughing at Jiang Feng, then laughing at Ling Feiyu, even Bobo could not stand it. He then bet almost all of his possession on Jiang Feng.

After placing the bet, he prayed in his heart, Shifter Emperor, please do not let me down. You have to succeed. If you fail, I will eat you!


Jiang Feng did not know what was happening in the Casino. But when he appeared in the American Server, he took out the Divine Fate Compass.


Just as he had taken out the Divine Fate Compass, a Vermillion Bird the size of his palm appeared on it.


The Vermillion Bird appeared, surrounded by fire of purplish-red, and it quickly headed toward a general direction.

Jiang Feng quickly followed it.

I should get a Seal-Breaking Pill, just in case!"

As he followed the little Vermillion Bird, he opened the Monster Transmutation system to draw another lottery.

He only had 7 times left. He took out the Ruler of Hakai and began to draw the lottery, and the indicator began to spin.

After spinning a few times, it stopped in the special category and a grey chest appeared.

"Grey chest? Dont tell me"

He opened the chest, and there was a scroll inside.

System Upgrade Scroll: After use, the Monster Transmutation System would be upgraded. During the upgrade, the Transmute Monster will not be usable for a duration of two months.

It was just as I thought, a system upgrade scroll. After upgrading it I should be able to draw Sacred level items. However, I better wait until I have all the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin," He did not level up the system immediately after giving it a thought.

Since he had six more chances to draw, he was going to save them when he was in grave danger when grabbing the Blood of Origin.

However, in order to get a Seal Breaking Pill, he went for another draw.

During the second time, he indeed got the Seal Breaking Pill.

"Hm? Found it so quickly?!"

After he had finished drawing, he then saw the little Vermillion Bird that was looking for the Sacred Beast heading toward a lake.

He put away the Seal Breaking Pull and closed the Monster Transmutation System, and headed toward the lake.


Just as reached above the lake and was prepared to head down, he could hear whistling in the air.

In the blink of an eye, three groups of people appeared around him.

The three groups were Kitazawa Hinata from the Japanese Server, Johns from the American Server, and Yero from the African server.

"How did you know that Im here?" Jiang Feng looked at the three groups of people with a frown.

"Shifter Emperor, while you do have a lot of items on you, but dont forget, the other five servers also had a lot of items!" Yero said as he took out a triangle. In the middle of the triangle was a giant eyeball, and within the eyeball was where he was and his coordinates.

"The Primordial Divine Artifact of the African Server, the Eye of the Pharaoh. No wonder I had a feeling that I was being watched." When he looked at the tool in Yeros hand, he was shocked as he remembered something.

The Eye of the Pharaoh was a complete Primordial Divine Artifact. He was not sure what kind of stats it had, so he did not dare to underestimate them and immediately took out and ate the Seal Breaking Pill.

"Yero, are you sure that the African Server wants to be an enemy of the Huaxia Server?" After he ate the Seal Breaking Pill, a powerful aura burst out from within him and caused all 63 of them to take a step back.

Yero merely frowned, "Huaxia Server is too powerful. We have to fight!"

Jiang Feng then asked them coldly, "So all five of you have confirmed that you are allying with each other?"

Johns then sneered, "Thats right. This is what happens when youre too cocky. Whoever thats too cocky, then well do him first!"

"Very well!"


Jiang Feng teleported next to Johns and Deicide slammed on him.


The attack immediately blasted him away. Unfortunately, it seemed that he had items that were similar to the Sacrificial Dolls. He was not killed. He did not even lose any HP.

When he saw that, he was not surprised that he did not kill Johns. He then swept Deicide toward the few others from the American Server. They did not have anything similar to the Sacrificial Dolls and were immediately killed.

"Damn it! Kill him!" Johns then quickly flew back and yelled at everyone.

As soon as he had said that, they all buffed themselves with various statuses and headed toward Jiang Feng with weapons in hand.