Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Stealing The Blood Of Origin From The Sacred Beasts

Unknowingly, Jiang Feng had become the primary target for each server to eliminate.

Because of him, the Huaxia Server was in an awkward position.

But he had chosen this path. There was no way back for him, so all he could do was to do his best to meet his goals.


With a positioning skill, he had avoided dozens of skills. He appeared next to a player from the American server. In one strike, he dealt up to 10,000,000 damage and instantly killed him.

With a wave of Deicide, he blocked two attacks that came from behind.

"Infernal Shades!"

He called out ten duplicates of himself to deal with ten more powerful Inheritors.

Meanwhile, he attacked Johns. He was going to first destroy Johns Sacrificial Doll. Then, he would move on to Yero.

He was still quite cautious since he was not sure what the Eye of the Pharaoh could do.


Just as Jiang Feng was fighting the Inheritors from the three countries in the American Server, almost all of Huaxias Inheritors had gathered in a ruined palace within Huaxia Server.

The one on the lead was obviously Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng.

In the palace, a large bagua was floating in the middle of the hall. In the middle of the bagua was a video of Jiang Feng fighting with the inheritors from the three countries.

They then saw Jiang Feng being struck down and onto the ground with blood all over him. All present looked at it with grim faces.

"Xue Haifeng, what do you want? You called us all here just to see the Shifter Emperor being beaten?" Mu Xi, who was present, stood up suddenly and roared at Xue Haifeng.

Xue Yingqi then said domineeringly, "What are you roaring for? The reason that I asked you all to come here today isnt to see the Shifter Emperor being attacked. What I wanted to ask is how many of you are willing to go over and help the Shifter Emperor. This is bullying the Huaxia Server! They think that we dont have enough elites to fight them?!"

Xue Haifeng then said calmly, "A game is for entertainment and relaxation. But without wars, this game would be quite boring. Without the Shifter Emperor, they would be missing something as well. All of those that have a grudge against the Shifter Emperor, I wish that you all understand at a time like this that the Shifter Emperor is still part of Huaxia and is fighting for Huaxia. Put down the grudges in your heart and fight for Huaxia. Tell the Shifter Emperor that he doesnt fight alone, that he has the support of the entire Huaxia!"

Wen Yan stood out. "I am willing to help the Shifter Emperor!"

Miaoer stood out. "Me too!"

Yao Qiong stood out. "Me too!"

"And me!"




The sight of Jiang Feng fighting against all of them had moved all the Inheritors present.

Xue Haifeng was right. In order to protect the Huaxia Server, he had become the public enemy of the five servers. If the Huaxia Server would not support him, he would be fighting all alone and without help!

At this time, all of those that had beef with Jiang Feng had chosen to let it all go and were prepared to aid Jiang Feng.

Xue Yingqi stood up and said, "Alright! If thats the case, lets go! Let the world see that no one in Huaxia is a coward!"

Xue Haifeng then pointed at the bagua floating in the air and said, "Set position, teleportation circle, activate!"


In the next moment, the bagua that was standing in the air vertically then lay down horizontally. There was a light shooting out from the middle, and a teleportation circle appeared on the ground.

"Lets go!" Xue Yingqi said as she was the first to step on the Teleportation Circle. Mu Xi, Ye Wufeng, Xiao Yatou, and the other inheritors and players with secret classes all stepped into the Teleportation Circle.


In a flash, they were all teleported to the American Server.


After killing around forty of them, he was soaked in blood as he was still fighting with Johns.

While he was very powerful, all of them had some items to help them survive. It would be difficult for him to fight with them.

Especially Yero, as all his skills were crowd-control skills and it was extremely frustrating.

Whenever he was about to hit Johns, the Eye of the Pharaoh in Yeros hand would shoot out light to bind him and daze him for 2 seconds.

Yeros skill only had a cooldown of 3 seconds. That meant that he could use the skill against him once every three seconds. It was very frustrating.


This time, he did not choose to receive all the enemies attacks. He did not have much HP left, so he used Purify to clear all negative status effects on him.

He then used Dimension Door and moved out of the way of everyones attacks, and distancing himself from them.


Just as he was going to continue attacking them, glints of lights appeared not far from them and a group of players appeared behind Jiang Feng.

"Shifter Emperor, weve come to help you!" Xue Yingqi appeared and yelled toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng looked at the people that appeared behind them, and he was stunned as he looked back. He was also quite moved.

He did not realize that all the Huaxia Servers Inheritors and players with Secret Classes were here. Even those that had grudges against him.

When Johns saw Xue Yingqi and the others, his face paled, and he looked at Yero and Kitazawa Hinata. He was slightly afraid of them.

"Thank you, but I have a quest! Do not attack them!" Jiang Feng said to them and headed toward Yero, and he was going to kill him as soon as possible.

"Know your place!"

With so many elites coming to his aid, Jiang Feng rejected them? Johns, Yero, and the others were all overjoyed and attacked Jiang Feng.

"Roar! Dragon Howl! Requiem! Vermillion Bird eidolon, come to me!"

As he rushed toward Johns, he immediately transformed into his dragon form and roared, using the Dragon Howl crowd-control skill. After most of them had used their skills to remove the effects of the control skill, he then used Requiem and summoned the Vermillion Bird eidolon.


As the Vermillion Bird Eidolon appeared, its gigantic body appeared and blocked the sun. A purplish-red fire burned around it as it attacked Johns and the others.

Jiang Fengs dragon claw swung at Yero and slammed him toward the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Birds beaks opened and unleashed a burst of fire and immolated Yero. The survival items on Yero were quickly used up and he was eventually slain by the Vermillion Bird after a short while.

"Vermillion Bird, Ill leave this to you!" Jiang Feng said to the Vermillion Bird and then his huge draconic body jumped into the lake.

He was not here to kill, he was here to steal the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin.

Underneath the lake, there were twelve pillars chaining a Three-Winged Ice Dragon.


As he reached the bottom of the lake, he transformed into a monkey and attacked the Three-Winged Ice Dragon with Deicide.


The Three-Winged Ice Dragon could feel the strength of Jiang Fengs attack. After unleashing a roar, blue-colored flames rose from him and he began to conjure its Blood of Origin.

Jiang Feng immediately took out the Lianyao Flask and aimed it at the Three-Winged Ice Dragon and yelled, "Absorb!"

"Oriental Beast, you have a death wish!"

A cold voice came from the sky, and the American Servers Sacred Master, the Pope, appeared.

As he was already more powerful than the Three-Winged Ice Dragon, the Lianyao Flasks absorption power was even greater. In two seconds, he had already taken the Three-Winged Ice Dragon that was still condensing his Blood of Origin.

He rushed out of the lake and saw the Pope that was going to attack him. He then yelled to the Vermillion Bird that had already cleared the surrounding of enemies. "Vermillion Bird, stop him!"

The Vermillion Bird then screeched and headed straight toward the Pope.

This time, Jiang Feng once again took out the Divine Fate Compass. A palm-sized Vermillion Bird appeared once again and flew toward a general direction. He ignored the battle between the Vermillion Bird and the Pope and headed toward the next Sacred Beasts position.

The American Server had five Sacred Beasts, and he only had one. He heard the news that Johns had already found three, which meant that there was still one that had not transformed into Blood of Origin.

The American Server only had one last Sacred Beast and it was not that far from his current location. After half an hour, he had made it.

It was located in the Michael Mountain Range.

Perhaps it was because Johns had used up all their items, they did not make it in time to stop him.

Jiang Feng entered the Michael Mountain Range and struck the Sacred Beast. It let out a cry before transforming into a Blood of Origin.

This time, when the Pope once again reappeared, he picked up the Blood of Origin. He did not fight with the Pope though, but instead immediately left using the Teleportation Cauldron.