Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Pretentious

Chapter 293: Pretentious

Michael Mountain Range.

After Jiang Feng had left using the Teleportation Cauldron, Johns and the others finally arrived.

When he looked at the twelve empty pillars, he became very angry.

"Two out of five of our Sacred Beasts have been stolen. The one Sacred Beast that we managed to get has also been taken back by Xue Haifeng. This time, we have really lost a lot!" Davies said to Johns with a cold smile.

Johns turned and stared at Davies. "So, its all my fault now?"

Davies simply opened both his palms. "I never said that. Its impossible to get back the Blood of Origin from the Shifter Emperor at this point. We should just focus on leveling up and win the World War. Let me remind you, if you want us to fight off the Shifter Emperor, we need to find Zeus!"

With that Davies then turned and left.


When Johns remembered Zeus killing all of them during the Guild War, he could still feel the fear in his heart.

What made him feel confused was that Zeus had never reappeared after the Guild War.

Zeus was already so powerful when he first appeared. Maybe he went off to do a quest or training? If I can find him, then perhaps we can defeat the Shifter Emperor! After listening to Davies, Johns spent some time thinking about it.

In the end, he decided to look for Zeus. While he had a grudge against him, this was about the glory of their entire server. He had to put down the grudge in his heart.

However, there was another reason that he wanted to look for Zeus. That was to let the two most hated people in his life attack each other.

"Relay the orders and ask some of our members to find where Zeus is. Have all the other members focus on leveling and increase their levels!" Johns told the Inheritor of the Undead Eve after he gave it some thought.

"Of course!" Eve said with a nod.

Johns then turned to another one of his followers and said, "Ask Yero if he can find where the Shifter Emperor is. I feel that he is still in the American Server!"

His follower sent out a message, and very quickly said to Johns, "The Eye of the Pharaoh can only be used to search for someone like that once a day. We have to wait till tomorrow because today is a no go!"

"Fine, lets go back. Even if he is in the American Server, there is nothing he could do to us!" Johns said with a scowl as he used the Town Portal skill.


After Jiang Feng had used the Teleportation Cauldron, he was teleported to somewhere close to the Holy Light City.

He did not choose to leave and instead headed to the African Server from the American Server.

But before that, he was going to use the Divine Fate Compass and search the entire American Server, stopping the Donghuang Bell fragment from being left somewhere here.

Once he had finished searching, then he would go to the next server to steal their Sacred Beasts.

After looking at the Holy Light City, he then became Zeus and changed his information, and headed into the city.

He also wanted to use this chance to improve the Teleportation Cauldron, since random teleportation was quite troublesome.

If he could teleport into a set coordinate, that would be best.

The Holy Light City was a city under the rule of the Divines faction. Fortunately, it was open to everyone otherwise he would not be able to enter.

After he had entered into the Holy Light City, its streets were filled with people, and most of them were players from the Divine faction.

All the players were discussing their Sacred Beasts being stolen.

"Sigh Looks like the Huaxia Server is going to dominate all of us. I did not expect that the Shifter Emperor would be so powerful. Not even the Sacred Master could defeat him!"

"Every server has someone like that. Dont forget, Zeus has disappeared for so long, he must have gone to better himself. He would definitely come back one of these days!"

"Thats right. All we can do now is to put our hope on Zeus. I heard that Johns is looking for him. Hopefully, he would appear and we could get our Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin back!"


He could hear similar conversations all over the street.

But what made him feel awkward was that despite them talking about him, no one had actually recognized him.

Looks like the players had forgotten how Zeus looked since he had disappeared from view for so long.

"Ze Zeus!"

That being said, it did not take very long for someone to finally recognize him.

The person that recognized him should be one of the players that had watched his fight with Johns and Davies.

As that player yelled that out, all the players present looked toward him.

"Oh my god! Its really Zeus! My idol, Zeus!"

"Zeus, can you give me your autograph!"

"Zeus, add me as a friend!"


At this point, he was surrounded by the players from the American server who would not stop talking. Some of the ladies were looking at him with starry eyes and excitement.

"Hello," Jiang Feng replied with a smile.

In truth, he could have ignored all of these people. But once he heard that Johns was looking for him, he had an idea.

Since Johns is looking for me, that means he wants to recruit me to attack me myself. If that were the case, I can probably get the Blood of Origin from American Servers three other Sacred Beasts! Jiang Feng thought to himself and he especially wanted to build a relationship with these players and let them spread the news out while he waited for Johns to give him the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin.

While the bet did not include Sacred Beasts that had already become a Blood of Origin, but it would be beneficial for him either way for him to get more Blood of Origin.

He really looked forward to seeing what kind of Sacred Beast would be born from the Blood of Origin from all six countries.

"Whoa Zeus, youre already level 95! How did you level up so quickly? Why isnt your name on the level leaderboard?" A female player asked him.

Jiang Feng smiled modestly and said, "I had been farming monsters all this while, that was why my levels had been increasing so quickly. I didnt want to go up the leaderboard, so I used an item to hide my levels."

Such lies!

His true level was only level 89, and level 95 was just because of the Imposter Glasses.

"Zeus, who is more powerful between you and Shifter Emperor?" As more people were surrounding him, he began to feel like it was an interview after a short while.

However, Jiang Feng did not avoid any of the questions and answered all of them regardless of who was asking.

Jiang Feng then said, "The Shifter Emperor is very powerful. There is no mistake about this. But we have never fought, so I cant say who is tougher. What I wanted to say though, is that I remain undefeated!"

This answer was to elevate the status of his other identity, and also to be slightly more pretentious in the end.

"Zeus, why didnt you appear when the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin was stolen? Is this related to our entire servers honor?"

"I am very sorry. I was working on a plot quest and was imprisoned in a dungeon and I couldnt escape. But dont worry, Im confident Ill be able to get the Blood or Origins back!"

"By the way, Zeus. What kind of girls do you like?"

"Girls as cute as you, of course!"

Her answer made that girl screamed out in shyness, and she instantly became Jiang Fengs fan.

It could be said that Jiang Feng had been faking it the whole time, and also sometimes flirted with the girls.

Not only that, he would even look at the clothes of some of the women with a scrumptious build, and said, "I also do some smithing on the side. Your equipment is a bit weak and doesnt fit you. If you have the time, come and visit my business. I can build custom-made armor for you!"

If Heifeng and the rest of his followers were here, they would definitely scream out that he had lost his dignity!

"Look, its Johns!"

Just when Jiang Feng and a bunch of American players were having a great chat, he heard a voice and looked straight up.

He saw that Johns, Davies, and the other elites were all coming toward him.

Theyre finally here! My lips are almost dried off! Jiang Feng thought to himself as he smiled when he saw Johns.