Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 295

Chapter 295 The Hellraisers The Insectoids

Casino, Nirvana Auction House.

A group of gamblers were staring at the screen, looking for Jiang Fengs whereabouts.

When Jiang Feng was being surrounded by his fans in the Holy Light City and flirted with the ladies, they all began to discuss among themselves within the Casino.

"Damn, the Shifter Emperor is pretty good! He actually had another identity in an enemy server? Not only that, he actually had so many fans."

"Have you forgotten one of the bets for the Shifter Emperor? To mess up Johns and Davies Guild War. My guess is that he gained those fans at that time."

"I never expected someone so powerful to already exist at this stage. With his current power, he has already exceeded that generations King Zhou and the God of Slaughter, Baiqi."


Just as they were discussing, Bobo was munching on a carrot stick and said to Ling Feiyu, "Your husband is flirting with other women, you can still smile?"

"Yes, not bad!" Ling Feiyu answered with a smile.

Actually, Ling Feiyu knew that Jiang Feng was simply acting. He already knew what Jiang Feng wanted to do.

True enough. Johns appeared not long after, and then Johns and Jiang Feng were speaking, and Jiang Feng managed to get three of the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin.

When they saw what happened, all the bosses in the Casino could only stare in disbelief.

"The Shifter Emperors acting is too good! Sad for Johns for one second!

"Haha! Johns that idiot! He wants me to die of laughter so that he can inherit all my purple pieces?"

"He is indeed an idiot. While the Shifter Emperors acting is quite good, he had been focusing too much on the Bloods of Origin. Those who are wise enough can see through his intentions almost immediately. If he were truly from the same server, he would not care who had the Bloods of Origin since it would only draw aggro from others if they were on you!"

Ling Feiyu smiled without saying anything as she listened to the discussion around her.


Cossack Mountain Range, American Server.


There was a burst of bright light and a giant cauldron appeared. Jiang Feng opened the cauldron and walked out from within with a smile on his face.

That was the first time he had used the Dominate Soul skill on the Requiem Bell. While it was only effective for about five seconds, he successfully gained all the American Servers Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin.

Normally, if he wanted something from the players, it would be very difficult other than forcing them to drop it as loot.

And with his Dominate Souls ability to control his enemies, he could now easily use it to control them and give up whatever he wanted from them.

Of course, the enemy must not have anything that could remove negative status effects on him, or the duration would only be a few seconds.

"When Dominate Soul was used on players, the game should have forced the player to go offline for a short time or shifted their consciousness somewhere else with their body remaining there, to do as the user of Dominate Soul pleases. I wonder how it works on NPCs?"

He had a new understanding of the skill after using it for the first time, and he was also more appreciative of the skill from the Requiem Bell.

"Originally, I was thinking of strengthening the Teleporting Cauldron. But now that Zeuss identity has been exposed, Johns and Davies would probably close all cities. I guess I have to look for the remaining Donghuang Bell fragments before heading back and strengthening it!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at the giant Teleporting Cauldron next to him. He then put it into the Lianyao Flask and took out the Divine Fate Compass.

"Treasure Hunt, Donghuang Bell fragment and Primordial Divine Artifact!"


As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Luo appeared on the Divine Fate Compass.

She looked different from the original Shen Luo. Her wings had become purplish-red and feathery, and she had grown three feathers on her head as purplish-red flames burned around her.

Shen Luo closed her eyes as the Divine Fate Compass began to turn.

"Master, I have found no Donghuang Bell fragments and Primordial Divine Artifacts. There are eight other treasures!" Shen Luo said to Jiang Feng after a while.

"Lets change places!" Jiang Feng called out the Monster Cloud and headed toward hundreds of kilometers away.

Other than the Donghuang Bell fragments and Primordial Divine Artifacts, other things were not able to make him interested at all. As he was not interested in anything else, he did not bother to check out the other eight treasures. He would not be interested even if it was a Cloth. He did not want to waste his three chances.

After he was far enough, he continued to let Shen Luo search.

Unfortunately, he still did not find any Donghuang Bell fragments and Primordial Divine Artifacts. He kept on moving.

Of course, before he moved, he had also recruited some of the bosses here and killed some of the Infernalized monsters that transmuted some Experience Pills.

His levels had once again fallen off the leaderboard. The current world number one in terms of level was a player called Lux, who had already reached level 95.

If his level were to increase by 5 and reach 100, the World War would then begin.

As such, he also had to increase his level for a bit. While increasing levels were not that meaningful for him anymore, he still had to raise it. Otherwise, he would not be able to enter Silvermoon if he did not reach level 150.


When Jiang Feng was looking for Donghuang Bell fragments and Primordial Divine Artifacts, an evil plot had been pushed into motion in Skull Island, deep within the Pacific Ocean.


Above the City of Desire, dark clouds had gathered. These dark clouds were swirling, forming into a hole. Within the hole, lightning would crack, and thunder would clap every once in a while.


At this time, a giant tunnel had formed from the center of the hole, and a large group of monsters headed toward the City of Desire from the sky.

These monsters were of many weird shapes, but all of them had a single horn on their forehead that had a purplish-black fire burning.

As the monsters rushed out, the tunnel became even larger, and more monsters were coming out.

As the monsters descended, they all fell into the mountains close to the City of Desire.

"Ahaha! Come, Shifter Emperor, and all the other Inheritors! You will soon tremble in your boots! I will let you all know who is the most powerful in the Divine Dominions! Especially you, Shifter Emperor! I will kill you to the point where you cant even maintain the identity of an Inheritor!" Shen Ye let out a burst of mad laughter as he looked at the monsters falling from the sky above, his eyes were bursting with murderous intent.

There were about 500,000 of those monsters and they all came from Silvermoons Hell and were considered to be the foulest of creatures.

The swirling in the sky continued and kept on becoming bigger. At last, a gigantic spider slowly descended from the sky, and a man and woman were standing on the spider.

The man had a horn on his forehead, while the beautiful womans hair looked like a spider. They were the Inheritor of the Hellraisers, Shi Long, and the Inheritor of the Insectoids, Black Widow!


The giant spider landed on the ground. At this time, the sacs behind her fell and cracked open. Spiders the size of watermelons climbed out of it and began to cover the entire Skull Island with spider silk.

There were many of these spiders as well, around 500,000 of them. There were so many of them that it would terrorize those watching it.

The swirls on the sky disappeared, and Shen Ye approached the horned-man and spider-woman who were walking toward him with a smile.

"Welcome, Inheritor of the Hellraisers, Shi Long and Inheritor of the Insectoids, Black Widow!"