Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master

City of Desire, Skull Island.

Within the Stewards Residence, a round table was filled with delicious food.

Shen Ye, Shi Long, and Black Widow were all seated at the table

Black Widow looked around for a while, then asked Shen Ye with curiosity, "Hm? Where is your boss?"

Shen Ye was slightly stunned and then laughed out, "The boss is not in the city right now. He has gone to the Divine Dominion Continent to seek out a certain item."

Shi Long grabbed a lump of meat and threw it into his mouth. "It looks like you are already fully prepared. Then, say it. When shall we begin this sublime war? I cannot wait to eat the flesh of Humans once more. It has been such a long time since I have feasted on Human flesh, I miss it so much!"

Shen Ye said with a smile, "Not long now. In a short while, the World War would begin. Once the World War has begun, all you need to do is to allow me to lead your armies. In the meantime, you may then head to the Humans City in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. I heard that there are around 300,000 Humans there. It should be more than enough to keep you well fed!"

When Shi Long heard that there were around 300,000 Humans, his eyes beamed with excitement. "300,000 Hehe, I did not expect that after so many wars had been waged on the Divine Dominion Continent, there would be so many Humans alive. All of them have the Great Saints Bloodline within them. If I could eat all 300,000 of them, my power would increase to that of a Fourth Rank Lesser Sacred Master immediately!"

That meant that he was a Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master!

If Jiang Feng were here, he would be shocked.

Even Grandmaster Bodhi was just a First Rank Lesser Sacred Master. A Fourth Rank Lesser Sacred Master would be much more powerful than Grandmaster Bodhi.

"300,000! I cannot wait until the World War begins. Number two, tell me where the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor is now!" The Black Widow licked her lips.

"Do not be hasty. While you are powerful, if the Shifter Emperor were here, both of you wouldnt be able to eat those Humans. That is because he had a Space-type treasure that could absorb all of them into it. And he is immortal, so it would be much more difficult if you want to find Humans to eat later!" Shen Ye said.

Shi Long and Black Widow both frowned after they heard what Shen Ye had to say.

Shi Long then said, "It seems to be quite difficult. Very well, we shall be patient and wait until the World War begins!"

Shen Ye plotted within his mind, then smiled viciously. "While you cannot eat the humans now, you can look for the Shifter Emperor. As soon as you have killed him and taken the Space-type treasure, then you need not worry about anything anymore."

"Why didnt you say that earlier?" Shi Long threw down the meat in his hand as he stood up. "Tell me where the Shifter Emperor is now. I will seek him out!"

"He is at the American Server, and this is the map of the Divine Dominion"

Next, he showed the map of the Divine Dominion Continent to Shi Long and Black Widow. Of course, he would not know where he was at exactly. But he knew that Jiang Feng was still in the American Server.

After memorizing the map, Shi Long and Black Widow granted Shen Ye authority to lead the Hellraisers and Insectoids and then left Skull Island and headed toward the American Server.

Seeing that Shi Long and Black Widow had left, Shen Ye smiled coldly. "With Shi Long and Black Widow, the Divine Dominions history is going to become very interesting now. Hopefully, they can bring back to me the Shifter Emperors spatial treasure. Then, the Shifter Emperor would have no more cards to play. Lets see how hes going to kill me this time."


Two weeks had passed.

Jiang Fengs level had reached 92. He had also recruited a lot of bosses from the American Server. Heifeng, Yanhu, and the rest of his followers had grown even stronger. All his followers that were from the first batch had become level 90 Spiritual Beasts.

Because he had fused them with so many monsters, their stats were much higher than normal Spiritual Beasts. About two to three times higher, to be exact, and they could even be compared to the Divine Beasts.

Other than increasing the powers of his followers, he had also used the Divine Fate Compass to seek out the entire American server, but he could not find any Donghuang Bell fragments. Not even one Primordial Divine Artifact.

He felt that this was unscientific.

It was fine if he could not find any Donghuan Bell fragments, but it was impossible to not find even one Primordial Divine Artifact fragment that was native to the American server.

All the servers Primordial Divine Artifact had been fragmented into many fragments and spread throughout the game servers. It would not be possible for him to have found none at all.

The only possibility was that Shen Luo could only be used to find Primordial Divine Artifacts in Huaxia Server, and was useless in other servers. Or he should say that because the Primordial Divine Artifact had been shattered and not whole, causing her to make mistakes while searching and she was looking for whole Primordial Divine Artifacts. That was why she couldnt find any.

"Fine, Im too lazy to make another round. I should go to the European Server and steal their Sacred Beasts first," He had arrived at the border between the American Server and European Sever, and he was going to head to the European Server.


Just as he was going to use Dimension Door to enter the European Server, the Requiem Bell kept on buzzing.


When he heard the Requiem Bells sound, Jiang Feng quickly used Dimension Door and entered the European Server.


As soon as he entered the European Server, he turned around and saw an arrow burning with a black flames crashing into the border.


At this time, a horned man appeared on the other side of the border.

When he saw the horned man, Jiang Feng could feel an immense pressure coming from him. This pressure was even much stronger than Grandmaster Bodhis pressure.

Shi Long: Level 199 Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master

Class: Inheritor of the Hellraisers


Oh sh*t! Level 199 Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master? He is even more powerful than Grandmaster Bodhi! Where did he come from? Inheritor of the Hellraisers? His level is so high, he shouldnt belong to the Divine Dominion Continent, Jiang Feng was shocked beyond belief as he looked at Shi Long.

"You are the Shifter Emperor?" Shi Long asked him from the other side of the border with a cold smile.

Jiang Feng frowned and said, "Thats right, Im the Shifter Emperor!"

The game had mentioned that after the World War, players and NPCs that had reached level 150 can enter Silvermoon. However, NPCs from the Silvermoon could not enter the Divine Dominion Continent that easily. That was because they did not want to affect the continents development.

Unless they had some special ways to enter, they were usually on a strict time limit.

When he thought of that, he was not that afraid of facing Shi Long.

"You are not afraid of me? Shi Long saw Jiang Feng being so calm when facing him, he was displeased.

"Afraid of you biting me?" Jiang Feng said to him coldly.


Jiang Fengs words made Shi Long very angry. He blinked over next to Jiang Feng and a chained sickle appeared in his hand, he then threw it toward Jiang Feng.

"Seal, open!"

The cooldown of the seal suppression that Grandmaster Bodhi placed in his body was complete and he could use it once again. He immediately suppressed the seal and unleashed his full power.

He wanted to see if he could fight a Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master at his peak.

Even if wanted to run, he could not due to the gap between the two. Since that was the case, he might as well fight him!