Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Ill Destroy All Who Stop Me

When James J saw Jiang Feng return, his face paled.

Looking at Jiang Feng standing on the flag, he had finally decided to run!

"The Shifter Emperor is back! Withdraw now!" He shouted and quickly escaped toward the outskirts of the Ancient City.

Jiang Feng took the flag and put it behind him, and he then took out Deicide. He teleported next to James J and slammed him directly using his staff. He was immediately crushed, and his white robe was splattered with blood.

"Run? All of you will die today!" He brushed away the blood on his face and he smiled coldly. He then took a step and headed to where Johns and the others were.


The Shifter Emperor is back!

James Js final scream before his untimely death was very loud.

It was so loud that the players and NPCs nearby the Respawn Point heard it.

There were also some reporters and streamers within the area.

They rushed over as soon as they heard it.

When they saw that Jiang Feng had the flag behind him and was headed toward Johns and his groupies direction with Deicide in his hand, they screamed out in excitement.

Some of the beautiful streamers cried when they saw Jiang Feng holding the flag behind him.

"Its the Shifter Emperor! It really is the Shifter Emperor! Hes back! The flag was cut down by Kawaguchi Shinki and he threw it away! I didnt expect that the first thing he did when he came back was to take back the flag instead of protecting the Ancient City! No, Im in love with the Shifter Emperor Shifter Emperor, I love you! Really love you!"

"Damn it, its time for us from the Huaxia Server to counter-attack! Hehe Brothers, hang on! Our counter strike begins now!"

"Oh no, the Shifter Emperor is so handsome! How can he be so handsome The moment he appeared, I even started crying!"


Back in reality, in some universitys classroom, a group of students filled up the entire classroom as they looked at the screen and listened to the music.

When they looked at the players from the Huaxia server being slain, they all lowered their heads as if seeing China being invaded back in history. They were saddened.

At this time, the video on the screen was switched out.

On the screen was a man standing with his back straight and a flag behind him, he was holding a staff, and heading toward the Humans City on a cloud.

"Look, its the Shifter Emperor! Its the Shifter Emperor!" A student screamed out suddenly.

"Ah! It really is the Shifter Emperor! Damn, wasnt the flag thrown away by Kawaguchi Shinki? Why would it be behind him!"

"It must be the Shifter Emperor! The Shifter Emperor got it back! The flag is the symbol of the Huaxia Server! The Shifter Emperor didnt give up on the Huaxia Server! He really loves the Huaxia Server Damn it, why would there be sand in the classroom! Sand has entered my eyes!"

"Ugh Not only is there sand in the classroom, but there are also even rocks. Rocks have entered my eyes!"


The same thing happened to everyone everywhere that was paying attention to the World War in Divine Dominion.

They did not know why, but there was strong confidence arising within them.

If it were said that the Chairman leads the people to have hope and makes the country stronger and richer.

Then, Jiang Feng was the Emperor within the game, leading the players in the Huaxia Server to remove all obstacles and to walk toward hope.

That was why he was very important in the hearts of the players within the Huaxia Server.


Divine Dominion, Game Development Base.

"Professor Ling, heres a tissue!"

Looking at Ling Zhenhong who was crying like a child, many of the higher-ups within the meeting room were sweating profusely. One female employee even gave him a few tissue papers.

Long Zhenhong grabbed at the tissue papers, then complained loudly and said, "This Shifter Emperor is seriously getting on my nerves! What was he doing previously? He only came out now? Is he trying to make me mad! Damn it, delete him! I must delete him! He makes me angry just by seeing him!"

The female employee was speechless as she thought to herself, Professor, why do I feel like you like the Shifter Emperor a lot through your expressions and emotions? You want to delete him? Why do I feel like if we really were to delete him, you will go into a frenzy?

When Ling Zhenhong cried when he saw the appearance of the Shifter Emperor, everybody knew that Ling Zhenhong did not hate the Shifter Emperor at all. Instead, he liked him. A lot!

Jia Liang looked at Ling Zhenhong, and then looked at Jiang Feng who made it to the Humans City, he became extremely nervous and quietly left the meeting room.


Within Divine Dominion, Jiang Feng had arrived at the Humans City on the Monster Cloud.

When he saw Johns and his group heading towards Grandma Sang and Uncle Hua, he squinted his eyes. He then teleported directly into the Humans City and appeared in front of Johns.

Johns was about to attack the group of NPCs with his sword when he was shocked to see the figure that had suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Shifter Shifter Emperor! Why are you here? Arent you supposed to be in the Anti-Magic Prison?!" The words he said mirrored James Js when he first saw Jiang Feng. He could not accept the truth.

"Big Brother, kill all these evil people!" Hua Yan, who had a head of fiery red hair, said to Jiang Feng as he walked next to him.

"Alright!" Jiang Feng nodded with a smile as he looked at Uncle Huas grandson.

"Work hard, kiddo! Well leave our lives in your hand," Said Grandma Sang.

"You should all leave. Leave this to me!" Jiang Feng said to Grandma Sang, and then approached Johns slowly together with Hundun.

When Johns, Kitazawa Hinata, Adam, Eve, Park Eum-uk, Lux, and the other elites saw Jiang Feng walking toward them, all of those that had interacted with Jiang Feng before this showed their fear of him, and rapidly took steps back.

"Shifter Emperor, even if you kill us, the Huaxia Server will still fail!" Johns said.

"Is that right?" Jiang Feng waved Deicide with a cold smile as he continued walking ahead.

"Shifter Emperor, even if the Huaxia Server wins, you wont get to enjoy it for long. The Official Website has said that once you get to Silvermoon, King Zhou would aim at the number one person on the Divine Dominion Continent, and that would be you. And when that time comes, we will have our vengeance upon you!" Kitazawa Hinata said to Jiang Feng with a sneer.

"King Zhou? Haha. Ill destroy anyone thats going to stop me!"

As soon as Jiang Feng said that, he blinked over and appeared next to Kitazawa Hinata and slammed him using the Deicide.

Kitazawa Hinata was struck away, but because of the survival items on him, he did not instantly die.

"Go, kill the Shifter Emperor!" Kitazawa Hinata said to the other elites as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

At the same moment, all the elites surrounded Jiang Feng and were going to attack Jiang Feng together.

Jiang Feng did not want to waste any more time and said to Hundun, "Kill them!"