Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 321

Chapter 321 King Zhous Body Duplicate

Both Shi Long and Black Widow were at Rank 3 Lesser Sacred Master level, and they were much more powerful than Hundun.

But after the first round of attack, both of them were taken aback by how Hundun easily negated their attacks.

As they were more powerful than Hundun, their normal attacks would not be that easily blocked even if they did not use any skills.

"Hmph!" Shi Long snorted and pulled back his chain, then used his Sacred Skill. The horn on his forehead shot out a bolt of purple lightning.

The purple lightning transformed into a purple monster as it opened its gaping mouth, and blasted toward Hundun.


When Hundun saw it, he did not dodge at all. Instead, it unleashed a roar, and its giant mouth opened up and swallowed the purple monster that was flying toward it.


After eating the purple monster, Hunduns big round stomach gave out the sounds of cracking electricity.

"Burp" Hundun burped as he gave his tummy a massage, then smiled at Shi Long and said, "Your attack is too weak. Come on, give me something more powerful so I can have a full stomach!"

When Shi Long saw his skills being swallowed by Hundun, he could only open his mouth in amazement.

He knew that the skill could be blocked by weapons or skills, but he had never heard of consuming skills before. This made him feel defeated.


Black Widow could not believe it and spat purple-black liquid from her mouth right toward him.

Hundun opened his mouth and swallowed Black Widows poisonous bile.

"It smells, ptui!" Hundun swallowed the poison liquid and gurgled in his mouth. He felt that it tasted bad, and spat it out toward Black Widow.

Except, the purple-black liquid had become pure black when he spat it back out.

Unable to dodge, the black liquid splattered all over Black Widows face.


At the next moment, the poisonous liquid on her face began to corrode her body.

"Poison Domain!" When the Black Widow saw her HP falling continually, she quickly expanded her Poison Domain and surrounded herself with purple-black liquid. Only then did the black liquid that Hundun spat out get canceled out by her poison.


The Black Widow looked at Hundun again, there was fear on her face as she thought about the effort it took her to remove the poison that he spat out.

Not only could Hundun block all their attacks, but he could even transform her poison into something even more powerful. They were not going to be able to defeat him.

"Withdraw!" In the end, Black Widow decided that they should first retreat.

While they could still revive as they were NPC Inheritors, but their powers would also fall. They did not want to lose anything here when they would fail to gain anything back.

"No, it took so much effort to get here, we shouldnt withdraw that easily. If we summon King Zhous body duplicate here, he can definitely defeat it. King Zhou is also very interested in the flesh and blood of Humans," Shi Long felt powerless as he looked at the 300,000 Humans worshiping a statue.

"King Zhou is so greedy, he would definitely not share them with us!" Black Widow said with a frown.

"No problem, it is only a body duplicate. Once the summons duration has ended, we can at least have a few," Shi Long said.

"Alright," Black Widow nodded.


It was as if Hundun could hear Shi Long and Black Widows conversation. It quickly said to Ling Feiyu, "Go and put away the Humans! There might be a great battle here later!"

Ling Feiyu nodded. "Yes."

When Shi Long saw that Ling Feiyu was flying toward the Humans City, he closed his eyes and began to communicate with Silvermoons most powerful being, King Zhou.


When Hundun saw what was happening, he shot toward Shi Long with his third eye opened.

When the Black Widow saw that, she quickly spat out a spider web hoping to block Hunduns attack.


Hundun flash stepped and appeared next to Shi Long, and its claw viciously tore at his back, dealing around 10,000,000 points of damage.

Shi Long merely grunted and ignored the damage, and kept on communicating with King Zhou.

When Hundun was about to attack Shi Long again, Black Widow placed herself between it and Shi Long.

"Greetings, King Zhou!"

At this time, Shi Long opened his eyes and he threw a jade scroll up into the sky.

Crack Boom

As the jade scroll was thrown up into the air, a great boom came from the skies. The blue sky suddenly darkened as black clouds appeared and a giant vortex appeared between the dark clouds.

At this moment, all the players, NPCs, and monsters on the Divine Dominion Continent in the first map of the Divine Dominion could feel a powerful presence, as if someone was choking them by covering their mouths and noses, causing them difficulty in breathing.


Jiang Feng, who was killing a group of players, sensed the powerful presence from the sky.

"With my power equal to that of a Lesser Sacred Master, it could still make me feel so much pressure What is that vortex?" Jiang Feng said as he looked at the vortex astonishingly.

At this moment, all of the players had stopped as they looked at the vortex in the sky with their bodies shaking.

Before long, a figure appeared from within the vortex.

When that figure appeared, many NPCs almost knelt down.

When Jiang Feng saw that, he gave the Monster Cloud to Xiao Longnu and flew away toward the Ancient City.

Just as he had arrived at the Humans City, he saw Shi Long and Black Widow laughing brazenly.

"King Zhou has descended upon us! Let us see how you wish to protect these Humans!" Shi Long sneered at Hundun and Jiang Feng, who had just made it back.

"What? King Zhou is coming?! Damn it!"

When he heard Shi Longs words, Jiang Feng was shaken as he remembered something, and quickly headed toward the Humans City.

It did not take him long to find out that Shi Long and Back Widow could not defeat Hundun, that was why they summoned King Zhou. While he did not know if he would personally come, he knew that King Zhous focus would be the Humans. He needed to save the Humans as soon as possible.

"There are indeed many Humans here. Shi Long, when you return to Silvermoon, I shall reward you handsomely!"

At this time, the figure that appeared in the sky instantly appeared above the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. When he saw the Humans in the Humans City worshipping, he did not hide his excitement at all.

Jiang Feng looked up and saw King Zhous physical appearance.

King Zhou had grown a thick and heavy beard. He wore a black dragon robe, and there were nine black dragons on the dragon robe. He also wore a crown. He was a tall and formidable figure, and a powerful aura emanated from him.

"This is King Zhou? A level 250 Rank 10 Greater Sacred Master? No, this is not the real him. This is just a body duplicate!"

Jiang Feng looked at King Zhou and used Identify on him.

King Zhou: Level 250 Rank 10 Greater Sacred Master

Introduction: The ruler of Silvermoon, and possesses some power to manipulate the entire Silvermoon. Despite his great power, he is a naturally lecherous, ruthless, and cruel man.

Stats: ???

Damn it! How the hell did we end up bringing the most powerful being from Silvermoon over because of a World War! While this is just a duplicate, it can still easily crush us like insects! Jiang Fengs face paled as he looked at King Zhou.