Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Fusing With Hundun

Jiang Feng could not defeat Shi Long when Deicide had buffed him by six-folds.

King Zhous body duplicate was much more powerful than Shi Long. Even if his attack had been buffed tenfold through Deicide, he was still no match against King Zhous body duplicate.

Originally, he thought that he could easily end the World War. He did not expect such a change to happen.

The system said every server could dispatch 1,000,000 players. It never said that NPCs that did not belong to the six servers could not join the war.

"Looks like it wont be that easy to be victorious in the World War!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as his face paled.

With that, he took out the Lianyao Flask and made his way into the Humans City, and began to pull in all the NPCs and Humans into the flask.

Since he knew that King Zhous body duplicate was here for the Humans, he would naturally need to put away the Humans first.

Currently, the Lianyao Flasks speed in using its Absorb skill was amazingly fast. In the blink of an eye, he had taken away hundreds of thousands of Humans.

Ling Feiyu had also already taken away around 50,000 Humans when she made her way there.

"Animals, die!" When King Zhou saw what was happening, he became enraged and attacked Jiang Feng by striking his palm toward him across the air.

A giant palm appeared in the middle of the air and quickly made its way toward Jiang Feng. Hundun flash stepped and appeared before the palm, opened his mouth, and ate the palm. But King Zhous attack was extremely powerful. Even if he could eat the skill, the powerful force that came with it still blasted Hundun into the Humans defense array, and it let out a painful cry.



Hundun spat out a mouthful of blood. Even though it consumed King Zhous skill, it had still lost around 10,000,000 HP.

"Hm? Not dead yet?" When King Zhou saw that his attack did not kill it, he looked at Hundun with curiosity. "I was wondering why you did not die from my attack. You are the mythical Primordial Divine Beast, Hundun!"

According to the Divine Dominions myths, the Primordial Divine Beasts were powerful monsters that had appeared when the Divine Dominion was first formed.

These Primordial Divine Beasts had the ability to destroy the heavens, and their powers were extremely terrifying once they were fully grown.

And that was why King Zhou became interested in Hundun, "Hundun. Henceforth, you shall obey me!"

Hundun brushed the blood that was flowing out from his mouth as it looked at King Zhou and roared angrily, "I wont obey you! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?"

After being rebuked by Hundun, the prideful and ruthless King Zhou was infuriated. He appeared before Hundun suddenly and slammed him using his fist. At the same time, the Nine-Dragon Sword appeared in his left hand and he attacked Jiang Feng with it.



Hundun knew that King Zhou would do something like this, so it transformed into a puff of black smoke and disappeared.


As for King Zhous sword, it broke the Humans Citys defense array, and it sped toward Jiang Feng with incredible speed.


When Little Hua Yan standing next to Uncle Hua saw the Nines Dragon Sword quickly flying toward them, he was going to use his Consume skill to consume the Nine Dragons Sword. But he was pulled by Jiang Feng to the side.



The Nine Dragons Sword stabbed into Jiang Fengs chest. His body flashed, and his HP did not change.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll Use -1.

"You cant consume that sword, little guy!" Jiang Feng, who had survived by using his sacrificial doll, said to Hua Yan and waved his hand, pulling Hua Yan, Uncle Hua, and the other NPCs into the Lianyao Flask.


Hundun was once again struck away and brutally fell in front of Jiang Feng.

At this time, Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu had almost saved all the Humans. Only around 20,000 remained.

"Cough Shifter Emperor, I cant hold on any longer! I cant defeat him!" Hundun spat out another mouthful of blood and said to Jiang Feng, who was by his side.

Jiang Feng took out a Coming of Spring Pill and handed it to Hundun, and said, "Eat it!"

Hundun opened his mouth and ate the Coming of Spring Pill, and his HP slightly recovered. However, it was not fully healed.

Looks like the Coming of Spring Pill had little use on the Lesser Sacred Masters!

With his current power level at the Spiritual Level Shifter Emperor Bloodline, one Coming of Spring pill was enough to restore his health to full. But Hundun was a Lesser Sacred Master, using the pill only restored 20% of his HP.

Just as Jiang Feng was saving Hundun, King Zhou appeared on the remaining Humans. He grabbed a Human and his size grew, then he threw that Human directly into his mouth and said excitedly, "Haha! This tastes good! I have not eaten Human flesh for so long! If I can eat several hundred thousand Humans, I would be able to ascend to Dragonquarry!"

As for the remaining 20,000 Humans, he waved the sleeve of his robe and took all of them.

When King Zhous body duplicate ate the Humans, it would not affect the original King Zhou. That was why he took all the Humans away.

"King Zhou, damn you!" Jiang Feng was enraged as he yelled at King Zhou when he saw him cannibalize the Human.

"Animal, you dare to rebuke me? Die!" King Zhou snorted coldly and appeared in front of Jiang Feng, and punched him with his fist.

"Two Become One!" When King Zhou disappeared, he quickly used his Two Become One skill and fused with Hundun.

In truth, once he had gained the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin, he could fuse himself with them. In that case, he could become even stronger.

But he also knew that even if he had fused with all the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin, he would at most reach Sacred level. He would not be able to reach the level of the Lesser Sacred Master.

Even with Deicide boosting his attack damage, he still could not become as strong as a Lesser Sacred Master that was formed from the amalgamation of all the Sacred Beasts.

That was why he chose to fuse the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin into a new Sacred Beast. It was for him to use the Two Become One skill with it.


The moment he fused with Hundun, King Zhous attack was negated and he was blown away by a black light.

"This is"

King Zhou looked at where Jiang Feng and Hundun was. It was now emitting a black light as he looked on with astonishment.


After fusing with Hundun, Jiang Feng let out a powerful roar.

As he roared, the entire Ancient City began to quake. All the monsters from the oceans nearby and the pets that were fighting with the players trembled.

In a short while, the shining black light receded and a figure appeared.

Jiang Feng was surrounded by a black miasma, and his silver hair became long and thick, and as sharp as a needle.

There was an extra eye on his forehead with black wings growing from behind him, and he was stepping on a black vortex.

"Even if you are King Zhou, if you have offended me, you still have to die!"

Jiang Feng extended his hand and Deicide responded by flying into it. As he wielded Deicide, he walked toward King Zhou. With each step he took, the ground shook.

"Hmph, so what if you have fused with Hundun? You have only reached the power of a Rank 5 Lesser Sacred Master!"

King Zhou sneered at Jiang Feng, who had grown in size and changed in form. He extended his palm, and the Nine Dragons Sword appeared in his hand. He said, "Give up the Humans and I shall spare your life. Otherwise, you shall not know a moment of peace whether you are on the Divine Dominion Continent or Silvermoon!"

"Then, come and try!" Jiang Feng called out coldly and struck at King Zhou with Deicide.