Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Elimination Of The Five Servers

After Jiang Feng and Hundun had fused, he had confidence in his power.

While he only had the power of a Rank 5 Lesser Sacred Master, he still had other cards to play.

He still had Abbot Lanruos Golden Body, the Berserk, Slaughter, and Indifference statuses.

If he had all of them active at the same time, he should be able to just hold King Zhous body duplicate at bay.

"You overestimate your own abilities!" King Zhou sneered as he raised the Nine Dragons Sword against Deicide.


The moment Deicide almost reached King Zhous head, Deicide instantly enlarged and slammed toward King Zhou.


To Jiang Fengs surprise, King Zhou merely raised the Nine Dragons Sword in his hand and easily blocked his attack.

"You wish to resist my Rank One Absolute Artifact using your Rank One Saintly Artifact? Die!"

King Zhou pushed Deicide away with his hand, then the Nine Dragons Sword in his hand began to shake, and nine black dragons were summoned out from the sword, crashing toward Jiang Feng.

"Dimension Door!"

When Jiang Feng saw them, his face paled and he quickly escaped toward the outskirts of the Ancient City.

What surprised him was that the nine black dragons seemed to have locked on to him, chasing after him.

He was only momentarily surprised before letting out a smile and quickly rushed toward the players from the American Server.

Johns was slaying the Huaxia Server players when he saw the nine black dragons chasing after Jiang Feng that were going to crash into the players from his server. His face paled and he yelled out, "Everyone! Scatter! Scatter!"

"Dimension Door!" When Jiang Feng saw that he was almost caught up by the nine black dragons, he teleported away and reappeared in the midst of the group of players from the American Server.


In the next moment, the nine black dragons crashed into him and exploded on Jiang Feng violently. As the nine black dragons were actually an attack with an area of effect, all players including Jiang Feng within 10,000 meters radius had been instantly slain.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll Use -1.

With that strike from the nine black dragons, it had instantly killed around 100,000 players belonging to the American server. It had also expended one use of Jiang Fengs Sacrificial Doll. Now, the Sacrificial Doll he had only had two more uses left.

When he saw King Zhou chasing after him, he opened the World War panel and looked at the number of players from the Huaxia server. They only had around 200,000 players left. He frowned and quickly took out the Donghuang Inner Bell.

Ding Ding Ding

He shook the Donghuang Inner Bell, and called out coldly, "Shifters from all directions, heed my call!"


As soon as he had finished his sentence, all the monsters within 50km obeyed his command. Even the sea monsters from the oceans broke through the surface of the ocean and attacked the players from the five servers.

At one point, all the pets that belonged to the players of the five servers turned coat and the sea monsters attacked them.

With the help of innumerable monsters, the remaining 200,000 players felt that the pressure on them was instantly lifted.

"Come here if you dare!"

After he had solved the danger of the Huaxia server, he continued to head toward the direction of the American Server and yelled out to King Zhou.

He was going to use King Zhous power to help him eliminate the American Server.

When Johns saw that, he quickly turned to his followers and said, "Stop the Shifter Emperor!"

A large number of elite American Server players immediately attacked Jiang Feng.

King Zhou lashed out with the Nine Dragons Sword in his hand at this moment, and a thousand-meter long sword made out of light came crashing down.

"Dimension Door!

After teleporting for the seventh time, Jiang Feng managed to avoid King Zhous attack. But around 60,000 American players behind him were instantly killed.

The players stats were too low. In the face of King Zhou, they were like insects.

When he saw what happened, Johns and his group of Inheritors from the American Servers almost vomited blood.

Despite their anger, they could not do anything to Jiang Feng and King Zhou. The levels of their power were too far apart.

As Jiang Feng fought King Zhou for about ten minutes, he had lost the Sacrificial Doll. But the players from the American servers had almost all been wiped out.

Ding. World Announcement: As the American Players have less than 50,000 players, they have lost in the World War. All system cities and players cities -1 level, city capital -20%, and all American Players stats have been decreased by 10% and sent back to their home server. They can no longer participate in the World War!

"Damn it!"

Johns became irritated when he heard the world announcement.

After losing five Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin, the cities from their country had all become huts. Even if they had been penalized one level, a hut was still a hut. Not only that, but the American players had also become useless because their stats had been too severely decreased after the World War.

The games most powerful server had become the weakest.

After another ten minutes, another World Announcement was made.

Ding. World Announcement: As the Japanese Players have less than 50,000 players, they have lost in the World War. All system cities and players cities -1 level, city capital -20%, and all Japanese Players stats have been decreased by 10% and sent back to their home server. They can no longer participate in the World War!

With both the American Server and the Japanese Server eliminated, the other three servers instantly felt the pressure.

But Jiang Feng did not let them leave. Using the monsters, the remaining 200,000 players from the Huaxia server, King Zhou, and his large Area of Effect attacks, the remaining three countries were also eliminated.

In the end, all five servers that fought with the Huaxia Server had been eliminated. And there were only around 80,000 players from the Huaxia Server left.

Whew Ive finally managed to use King Zhous body duplicate to clear out all the other servers. Alright, all I need to do now is to focus on King Zhou!

Jiang Feng heaved a heavy sigh of relief when he listened to the World Announcement as the battleground that was originally filled became empty.

As he used 20 minutes to clear up the five servers, he had made a lot of sacrifices as well.

He was currently soaked in blood, and most of them were his own. He had used up all his survival items. If he were caught by King Zhou, his death would be guaranteed.

"Shifter Emperor!"

"Shifter Emperor!"

"Shifter Emperor!"

With the five servers eliminated, all the remaining players from the Huaxia Server became excited.

They never expected that 5,000,000 players would be decimated that easily between Jiang Feng, King Zhou, and a group of monsters.


On Skull Island, Shen Ye was surprised at how the five servers were defeated by the Huaxia Server. He thought to himself, The Shifter Emperor is quite crafty. Using King Zhous area of effect attacks to defeat the five servers.

If it were not because of King Zhous large area of effect attacks and the cooperation of the sea monsters and pets, he would not be able to destroy them in such a short time.

"The Huaxia server only has around 80,000 players left. My turn to go!"

Shen Ye stood on top of the Skull Island and looked at the surviving number of players, then he smiled coldly, "Attack!"

By his command, a gigantic stretch made of shadows stormed toward the World Wars battlefield from Skull Island.


When 500,000 Hellraiser monsters, 500,000 spider-like monsters, and 300,000 pirates headed toward the World Wars battleground, an innumerable amount of elves left a forest close to Nanhai City and headed toward the docks owned by Nanhai City.