Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Youve Lost

While the Divines, the Infernals, and the Shifters were all factions antagonistic toward each other, they all stood together during the World War.

Not only did it involve ones honor in the server, but it also involved ones popularity.

Anyone betraying their own country would be rebuked whether they were in-game or back in reality.

Shen Yes actions had put him in direct opposition against the players from the Huaxia Server.

Not only that, many people back in reality had become hostile toward him.

"Damn it, what is Shen Ye doing? What he is doing is no different than openly selling ones country!"

"I think he went mad from being killed by the Shifter Emperor too many times. He has no loyalty toward his own server at all. With so many higher-ups watching this, he is committing suicide!"

"Damn it! What is Shen Ye doing? Quickly, stop all cooperation with Shen Ye! If this continues, it would drag our company into the mud along with him!"


Many of the companies that worked with Shen Ye back in reality canceled their cooperation.

Shen Yes father, Baili Yuanqin was the chairman of several companies and his family wielded considerable influence.

However, Baili Yuanqin was working when he suddenly received a call. His face paled.

"What do you mean that my son has an intent to betray the country? Bullshit! That is just a game, how would it become something as serious as that? Publish an article and clear this up! Also, get Shen Ye to me, now!"


Back in the game, Jiang Feng was still being suppressed by the Haotian Tower.

Qiu Si, Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, Ling Feiyu, Yao Qiong, Canaan, and the rest of Huaxias most powerful members kept on defending the players from the horned monster, pirates, and spiders from different directions.

Xue Haifeng struck away a spider but he was accidentally splattered with poison, and damage kept on floating out of his head.

"The spiders poison is too powerful, taking away 100,000 HP a second! And normal antidotes have no use, and it can only be cured using divine rank antidotes!"

Yao Qiong frowned and said, "Be careful, everyone! These monsters have much higher stats than we do! Get as many players together as possible to reduce casualties! If you have any honor points on you, use them to exchange for more Teleportation Gates and pull in more players!"

Ling Feiyu said, "The Ancient Citys respawn point has just been destroyed by Shi Long and Black Widow, and its being rebuilt as we speak. It needs another five minutes, hold on!"


Perhaps Shen Ya had discussed it beforehand with Shi Long and Black Widow, the moment that Shen Ye had gone on the offensive, they had immediately gone in and destroyed the respawn point in the Ancient City.

"Hahaha" Shen Ye laughed out loudly as he looked at the number of players that kept on reducing.

It was as if he had seen the light of victory at this moment.

As long as he could achieve victory, the pirate nation would become even stronger. And he would become the king of a nation called Skull Island.

As for the boss and third boss, he had already had them killed.

They were only NPCs and not inheritors, so after they were killed, they would immediately disappear.

That was why he could completely control the entire Skull Island.

"Little animal, look! Look! Can you see how beautiful blood is? Are you hurting to see the Huaxia Server that you have spent so much to protect? You have never expected to see me win the World War in the end, have you? Haha! Arent you quite arrogant? Why dont you show me that arrogance once more?!" Shen Ye smiled maniacally as he gritted his teeth.

"I never thought that you would be this weak, that you wouldnt even be able to handle the pressure," When Jiang Feng saw the mental state that Shen Ye was in, he was no longer enraged. He only felt sorrow.

While he was the one that caused all this, Shen Ye had it coming.

"Little animal, look at that! You only have 65,000 players left! Around 20,000 players have died in less than a minute! In a short while, the World War would truly end! Ahaha!" Shen Ye laughed like a crazed maniac to the point where he did not realize that his saliva was flowing down from the edge of his mouth. He had truly become mad!

Jiang Feng looked at the battleground, only to see that despite the numbers of Teleportation Gates being fielded and the number of players arriving as reinforcements, the number of players dying was much faster than the number of players joining. It was just as Shen Ye had said. In a minute or two, the Skull Island would be the victor of the World War.


As soon as Shen Ye had finished his sentence, prismatic arrows appeared from the horizon and violently fired toward the army made from horned monsters, pirates, and spiders.

The numbers of the magic arrows were so many that they had blocked out the sky and the sun. It was extremely terrifying if seen from afar.

"What What is this?!" Shen Ye asked in shock when he saw what had happened.


All the arrows seemed to know who their targets were, and it instantly cleared out the area around the players from monsters. Tens of thousands of monsters died from the magic arrows.

Around 800,000 elves quickly flew toward them from the surface of the ocean as everyone looked at them, shocked. As they flew, they kept on unleashing magic arrows to kill the monsters that were heading toward the monsters.

"Teehee, Im back, Big Sis!" The elven army was led by a teenage girl. She was very cute and pretty, but she was like a child as she flew into the sky gleefully. As she ran, a rainbow formed under her feet.

Next to her was a white Snow Tiger.

"The Inheritor of the Elves, Nangong Tiaotiao? How could she have led so many elves here? Are the elves considered a nation by themselves too?" Jiang Feng said in shock as he looked at the girl running on the rainbow.

Only servers and nations could join the World War. That was why Yao Qiong, Qiu Si, Wen Yan, Miaoer, and other inheritors did not bring too many of their own. Because their races were not considered as nations, and they could not bring too many of them into the war.

But nations were different. They could freely lead 1,000,000 of their own to join the World War and compete for victory.

Jiang Feng remembered something as he smiled.

The elves were called a nation in the Divine Dominions history. Naturally, they would be considered as a systems nation, just like the pirate nation.

When he looked at the Snow Tiger next to Nangong Tiaotiao, he could only smile bitterly.

He never thought that Nangong Tiaotiao, who only had the intelligence of a thirteen-year-old girl, would refuse to forget about him after he had saved her twice. She even looked for pets that would look similar to his White Tiger form.

In a short while, Nangong Tiaotiao had led her army to the skies of the battleground.

The handsome and beautiful elves appeared in the air as their wings as thin as those of cicada buzzed. It was truly a majestic scene.

"Big Brothers! Big Sisters! Teach these bad people a lesson!" Nangong Tiaotiao stopped smiling as she pointed her thin finger at the horned monsters, pirates, and spiders.

Under her orders, the elves pulled their bows and unleashed their attacks upon the monsters that were attacking the Huaxia Server players.

A group of elves seemed to have used some kind of skill to make the sky rain with light green droplets. All the players that were poisoned were instantly cured of the poison status.

"Impossible! Impossible! There cant be any other system nation in the game!" Shen Ye kept on shaking his head as he looked at what was happening with wide eyes.

"This game has a lot of settings that you dont know. Youve lost!" Jiang Feng said calmly as he looked at Shen Ye.