Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Buyuan Gourd

Heifengs action made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the players from the Japanese Server scolded Heifeng and kept on talking bad about the players from the Huaxia Server.

"You dog! Stop being so arrogant. Once were at Silvermoon, I will kill you first, then roast your meat for dinner!"

"The Shifter Emperor is just an animal that isnt cultured, so his pet isnt cultured as well."

"Only animals from the Huaxia Server could raise animals that are similarly uncultured!"


"Roar! Damn you!"

While Heifeng was just a monster, he could understand what they were saying. Unfortunately, they did not understand his retorts to the point where he was getting agitated.

When Qiu Si saw what was happening, he walked over and gave Heifeng a pill. It was indeed the Divine Speech Pill.

When Heifeng saw it, he swallowed the pill and started shouting back. "You idiots, you think I dont understand what youre talking about? Come on, you want to get into a verbal fight? Im the most skilled in verbal fights! Whoever that doesnt fight for three days and three nights will be animals!"

With that, Heifeng lay down in front of Kawaguchi Shinki and said, "Whats the name of your mother?"

Xue Yingqi and everyone else. ""

While they could not fight in the airship, thanks to Heifeng, it had become very lively.

Xue Yingqi, Mu Xi and Xue Haifeng, and the other players at the Huaxia Server also did not join the fight. That was because they believed in Heifengs ability.

Under the leadership of Xue Yingqi, Qiu Si, and Yao Qiong, the other players from Huaxia Server looked at a place to sit down, waiting for the airship to depart.

"Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi I wonder why your parents gave you such a name? Yo Why did you open your mouth so wide? Even your face makes me disgusted!"

"Oh, you bastard!" Kawaguchi Shinki roared at him.

"Haha! I dont even have parents, and that makes me a bastard?" Heifeng then pointed at Yanhu, "I dont have parents, but I do have an older brother. I can introduce you to him and you can roll together!"

Yanhu rolled his eyes at Heifeng.


As the verbal fight continued, Kawaguchi Shinki quickly backed down. Many of the Japanese Server players could not continue watching this and went over to fight with Heifeng.

Many of the players were still quite innocent. When they heard some of the words used, they were not sure what they meant. Some of the female players even asked their friends about it.

"Hey, what does the dog mean when he says to roll?"

After knowing the answers, many female players blushed and turned their heads away.

Many of the players could not stand the verbal fighting, and all turned on the games music and started listening to it instead.

Some of the players that had access to crafting skills took out a bed and started to sleep.

Seeing that, some of the players went over to them to buy some beds from them.


Looking at the time that they would be departing, Xue Haifeng frowned and turned to Xue Yingqi, "Big sis, theres less than one hour left. Do you think that the Shifter Emperor could make it?"

Xue Yingqi said calmly, "Hes only at level 99, and there were still some things he needed to do. He should be able to make it in one hour!"

Mu Xi patted Nangong Tiaotiao who was sleeping next to her, and said, "Dont worry, hell make it!"



Jiang Feng finally found the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain in Youmin City.

He attacked where he was staying using Deicide.

He had little time left, and he could not waste any more of it.

Just as Deicide was going to crash at his home, two figures flew out from it. It was the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain and the Purgatory King. However, both of them were in their humanoid forms.

"Shifter Emperor!" When the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain and the Purgatory King saw Jiang Feng, their faces paled as they immediately turned tail and ran.

"Shadow Strike!" Jiang Feng immediately used his Sacred Skill.

And the seven Deicides stacked together in a powerful attack, and violently struck on the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain.


The attack only left a slither of health for the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain.

"Shifter Emperor, we can discuss this, do not" When the Ancient Fiend saw the damage he had suffered, he could only shudder and beg for his life.

Unfortunately, before he could finish his speech, he was killed by Jiang Feng in one strike. All three Primordial Ancient Artifact fragments were dropped as loot.

They were the Donghuang Bell fragment, Pangu Ax fragment, and Kongdong Seal fragment.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 100. You have gained 10 free attribute points.

After killing the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain, he then quickly headed toward the Purgatory King.

When the Purgatory King saw that the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain had been slain, he quickly used his positioning skill to dodge away.

Unfortunately, he was too weak compared to Jiang Feng at his peak. He only had the power of an Archmaster, while Jiang Feng was a Lesser Sacred Master. They could not even compare their powers.

He was also slain by Jiang Feng after a short while.


Just as he was going to leave, Jiang Feng noticed that the Purgatory King dropped an item.

The Purgatory King was not considered as a humanoid. Even if he had killed him, he would not get any equipment from him without using Transmute Monster, unless it was a fragment of a Primordial Divine Artifact.

That was because when an NPC was killed, the fragments of Primordial Divine Artifacts were guaranteed drops.


When he saw the item that he dropped, Jiang Feng was so excited that he skipped a heartbeat.

Next to the Purgatory Kings corpse was a crystalline gourd.

He quickly went over, picked up the gourd, and used Identify on it.

Buyuan Gourd: Divine Level Item.

Introduction: The Buyuan Gourd is one of the fragments of the Primordial Divine Artifact, the Lianyao Flask. 10,000 years ago, it was obtained by the weak Purgatory King.

Alchemy: Possesses an extremely huge herbal garden and the Buyuan Furnace. Herbs within the Buyuan garden could increase growth. The pills created from the Buyuan Furnace will all be Sacred level.

Prerequisites: None

"Haha, I finally managed to gather all the pieces of a Primordial Divine Artifact!" Jiang Feng laughed excitedly, "I wonder what the true stats are for a whole Primordial Divine Artifact!"

With that, he took out the Lianyao Flask and placed it together with the Buyuan Gourd.


After a slight buzzing, the Lianyao Flask and the Buyuan Gourd was surrounded by a flame, and they began to fuse.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have received the Primordial Divine Artifact, "Lianyao Flask."

After a short while, the Lianyao Flask and Buyuan Gourd merged together.

And he saw that the two levels became three levels, and there were some major changes to its stats.

Lianyao Flask: Primordial Divine Artifact (Fragmented)

Destiny +50

Qiankun Microworld: Possesses a microworld within.

Absorb: Absorb designated item by sacrificing 500 HP every second. The more valuable and bigger the item is, the slower the speed of absorption.

Transmute Monster: It can be used to create and transmute Shifters in order to produce a Shifter of a different rank. The time required each time is different. Transmute Shifter and obtain the bloodline belonging to that Shifter or transmute it into a random pill.

Alchemy: Possesses an extremely huge herbal garden and the Buyuan Furnace. Herbs within the Buyuan garden can increase growth. The pills created from the Buyuan Furnace will all be Sacred level.

Passive Skill:

Automatic Pick-Up: Automatically pick up any items without an owner within a hundred meters into the Qiankun Microworld.

Mysterious Ability: Locked.

Prerequisite: Blood Bond.

The completed Lianyao Flask had combined the abilities from the three gourds, and they had been empowered. The boost to Destiny had also become 50. It also gained a passive skill and a mysterious ability.

As the mysterious ability was locked, he did not know what it was.

While it did not have many changes in general, he knew that the Primordial Divine Artifacts were something that surpassed Sacred Artifacts. They would not be so simple.

Currently, the Lianyao Flask has been completed and could be bonded to him, so he would not need to worry about dropping the item.

He looked at the time and noticed that he had less than one minute left. He was surprised and quickly took out the Teleporting Cauldron. He then wrote down the airships coordinates and teleported over.

"Theres no time, I need to get to the Pacific Ocean now!"