Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Heaven And Earth Leaderboards

The Pacific Ocean.

5km away from the airship.


The air rippled and a giant cauldron appeared. Jiang Feng exited the cauldron.

He quickly put away the cauldron and sent a message to Ling Feiyu.


In the next moment, Ling Feiyu used the Match Made in Heaven skill and appeared next to him.

"Feiyu, give me your spatial item."

He was going to give everything in the Lianyao Flask to Ling Feiyu. Since they were not going to be used in Silvermoon anyway.

Ling Feiyu smiled and nodded, then gave the Match Made in Heaven ring to Jiang Feng. "Here, the ring is the spatial item. Ive asked Bobo to find someone to add storage capability to it!"

Bobo helped Ling Feiyu to add the storage ability to the Match Made in Heaven ring but did not ask for any compensation. That was because he had helped Bobo earn quite a lot.

He transferred everything from the Lianyao Flask into the Match Made in Heaven ring.

"Feiyu, Im leaving," Jiang Feng said as he helped Ling Feiyu put on the Match Made in Heaven Ring, then kissed her on the forehead.

"Haha Go. We wont meet each other in-game only, but we can be together back in reality every day," Ling Feiyu said shyly as she tried to hide her smile and pointed at his forehead.

"Teehee, Im going," Jiang Feng laughed and kissed Ling Feiyu on the lips. He had also given the Monster Cloud to Ling Feiyu before hastily heading toward the airship some distance away.

He only had Decide, Divine Fate Compass, Teleporting Furnace, Lianyao Flask, Requiem Bell, and some Primordial Divine Artifact fragments on him and nothing else.


There was around 10 seconds left before the Airship would depart.

Xue Yingqi frowned as she mumbled, "The airship is leaving soon, why isnt he here yet?!"

Xue Haifeng said to her, "Big Sis, dont worry. He should be here soon."

"Haha! My guess is that the Shifter Emperor is afraid of being pursued by us in Silvermoon, that is why he doesnt dare to come!" Kitazawa Hinata laughed.

"What are you laughing at? You are laughing because you are afraid that he would come, right?" Heifeng countered Kitazawa Hinata, then turned to the Japanese player next to him, "Come on, lets continue. Where did I stop? Or right, as I was saying, you damn bastard"



In the last two seconds, a figure rushed in from the entrance just as the players from the other five servers were waiting for the door to close.

The person that came had silver hair and crimson eyes as well as wearing a white robe. Indeed, it was Jiang Feng, who made it at literally the last second.

"Shifter Emperor!" When he appeared, the players belonging to the Huaxia Server all became excited.

Xiao Longnu greeted him with a smile.

"Im sorry. Thanks for waiting!" Jiang Feng said with a smile to those from the Huaxia Server and then glanced at those from the other five servers.

Ding. System Prompt: The airship will depart in three seconds. It will take 24 hours to reach Silvermoon.


As soon as the system said that, the door to the airship began to close.

The moment the door closed, the airship began to move as it headed into the sky.

"Come on, dont stop! Lets continue!"

Jiang Feng looked at Heifeng, who was having fun instigating verbal warfare. He did not have the time for him, so he gave the Lianyao Flask to Xiao Longnu, and then logged out. Of course, the moment that he logged out, the Lianyao Flask with Xiao Longnu would also disappear.

As such, he pretended to enter the Lianyao Flask.


After logging out, he had someone deliver him his meal.

It had been three days since he logged out. He wanted some real food seeing that all he had was the nutrient solution.

Not only that, when Xiaohei and Xiaohai saw him, they also wanted something to eat.

After a while, a cart of well-prepared meals was pushed in. They all began to gorge on it.

After he had finished, he then lay on his bed and went to sleep.

He slept until the afternoon the next day.

After waking up, he had another huge meal.

After his meal, he was going to leave the Animal Arena with Xiaohei and Xiaohai and drive home.

He had two promises after winning at the Animal Arena, but he had not figured out what he wanted to use them for yet.

However, his aims at coming to the Animal Arena had been achieved.

His bro, Lin Bao, was under someones protection. He still had four Enhancing Pills, and the rest had all been used by Xiaohei and Xiaohai.

XIaohei, Xiaohai, and he were all very strong. With his power, he could easily defeat a dozen mercenaries.

After he drove home, several screens were shown monitoring him from within a room from the Animal Arena.

"Brother Hao, he has left!" The person monitoring the screens took out a mobile phone and happily made a call.

"Continue to monitor him. I want to know where he lives!"

"Dont worry, Brother Hao! I have planted a tracker in his car. As long as he didnt install a jammer on it like the others, I will be able to find out where he lives!"


When it was time for lunch, Jiang Feng finally drove back home. He did not realize that someone had installed a tracker on his car the entire way.

When he was home, his dad, Ling Feiyu and Su Qing were having lunch.

When he saw him return home, his dad asked, "Boy, where did you go for the past week?"

Jiang Feng, XIaohei, and Xiaohai came in and he closed the door behind him. He said with a smile, "I was busy doing something."

Ling Feiyu walked forward and took his jacket from him and asked, "Have you eaten? Do you want me and Su Qing to fix something for you?"

Jiang Feng said with a smile, "I have eaten. Go and have lunch. Theres something I need to do, so I wont be joining you."

With that, he returned to his room and switched on the computer, and he was prepared to check the information on Silvermoon.

He opened the official message board and began to read about Silvermoon after entering its section.

What made him speechless was that Silvermoon only had three simple instructions.

1: Stats Conversion Ratio

All players and NPCs that enter the SIlvermoon from the Divine Dominion would have their stats automatically converted, and the ratio was randomized.

But he knew that the so-called random was actually within King Zhous control.

2: World Background

Silvermoons background has been changed to historical myth. They are different from the original work. Please do not confuse between the two.

3: Heaven and Earth Leaderboard

There is a Heaven and Earth Leaderboard on Silvermoon. All of those on the Leaderboard are NPCs at this point in time. Those between level 100 to 200 would be on the Earth Leaderboard, and those who have reached level 250 would enter the Heaven Leaderboard. All those that enter the top ten of the two leaderboards would receive a fief and they can use a Lords Order to create their own country, and they can also move their built cities to their fief, creating their own country.

The top ten on the Earth Leaderboard have a chance to loot a Lords Order by killing a Rank 10 Sacred Beast.

Under the three simple introductions was another sentence: Remember, all the NPCs on Silvermoon are NPCs created with Super A.I, and all monsters are of Sacred level and above. If one wishes to survive, one must possess great power!

"Interesting. If I want to move the Ancient City to Silvermoon, I need to first get the Lords Order. If I want to enter the Earth Leaderboard, it might be very difficult!" Jiang Feng smiled as he read Silvermoons simple introduction, his will to fight burning within him.