Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Insectoid Queen Dungeon

After he had arrived on Silvermoon, his skills area of effect had also been reduced by the rules on Silvermoon.

If it were not suppressed, Hellfires area of effect could reach a radius of 500 meters.




"Lets go!" Looking at Johns and his groups who were in a daze, Jiang Feng said to Mu Xi and his followers, and they ran into the Starter Town together.

"Shifter Emperor! You bastard!" Johns roared out angrily when he realized that Jiang Feng, Mu Xi, and the others had run into the Starter Town after the Daze status had been cleared.

Originally, he thought that he could kill Jiang Feng at least once this time. But what he did not expect was that he had still fallen into Jiang Fengs trap.

After the Requiem Bell became a Sacred Skill, the Requiem skill had also become much stronger.

All the players did not have skills that were high level enough to remove the effects of the Requiem. That was why Jiang Feng managed to escape.

"Heh, youre the one to talk. Have you looked into the mirror lately?!" Jiang Feng snorted and led Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and five of his followers deeper into the town.

Johns looked at Jiang Feng and angrily stomped the ground, and said to his followers, "Damn it! Surround the town! Kill them as soon as they leave!"


Jiang Feng was not in the mood to deal with Johns and his lackeys. The most important part of this stage was to increase his power.

He could only do quests and kill monsters on his own.

But with Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers arriving, he could finally attempt the dungeons.

Silvermoon had very little resources, so dungeons were the fastest way for them to get resources.

While they did not give too much experience, they do drop Sacred level set equipment and Inheritor specific set equipment.

If he could get a full set of set equipment, that would be great for him.

However, he only had one objective for going into a dungeon. That was to get set equipment for the Shifters Inheritor.

At this point, he had no other equipment other than the Requiem Bell. Even if he were to forge some himself, he was not sure how to forge equipment that would be suitable for him. And that was way before forging a whole set of equipment.

If he wanted to enter a dungeon, he needed to find the mayor of the town.

After telling Mu Xi about it, Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotioa agreed to it and both of them went to the mayors home.

When they were on their way there, he observed Nangong Tiaotiao without being too obvious about it.

Perhaps it was because she had become the Inheritor of the Elves, Nangong Tiaotiao was no longer as playful as before. It was like she had grown up in the span of a night.

When she noticed that Jiang Feng was looking at her, she looked back at him and gave him an innocent smile. "Shifter Emperor, do you know a shifter called Xiao Bai?"

He sighed deep down, Why is she so stubborn and wont forget about me?!

"No!" Jiang Feng shook his head.

"Do you know where he has gone to? I wanted to tell him that I can protect myself now!" Nangong Tiaotiao lowered her head in sadness.

"Hed know," Jiang Feng said to her as Mu Xi patted Nangong Tiaotiao and helped her comb her long hair with her hand.

Yanhu looked at Jiang Feng complicatedly.

Jiang Feng shook his head at Yanhu as they walked into the mayors home.

There were already many players gathering at the mayors home.

Of course, there were no players from the Huaxia Server here. All of them were players from the other five servers.

"Insectoid Queen dungeon! Sacred Attack 4000+ DPS. Loots are rolled."

"5-1, still need a tank! Healers with sacred level healing skills can choose loot first!"

"100,000 for a Super Divine Artifact! PM!"


At this point, all of the players skills had been weakened. Especially skills below Sacred Level could only deal very little damage unless they had reached Sacred Level.

The Healers skills could only heal tens of points of damage. The systems shops also did not sell any Sacred level pills. That was why healers that had learned Sacred Level healing skills were very popular.

Not to mention that equipment below Super Divine Artifacts level was practically worthless on Silvermoon.

A Divine Weapon would probably be worth several hundred thousand. However, they were worth little here.

Of course, the equipment between the two maps could not be transferred easily. Even if they brought them over, they had no stats at all. As such, arbitrage of equipment still did not exist.

"Shifter Emperor!"

When they saw Jiang Feng come in, many of the players were hostile toward him.

It was easy to understand why Jiang Feng would not be welcomed among them.

Jiang Feng did not pay them much attention and brought Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers before the mayor.

"Mayor, do you need help?"

The mayor was an old man. He only gave the other players a faint smile. But when he saw Jiang Feng, he became excited, "It is you, Shifter Emperor! The Insectoids have been causing chaos, and Insectoid Queens have been spread throughout the Silvermoon. I would like you to slay an Insectoid Queen for me!"

Ding. System Prompt: Would you accept the Slay the Insectoid Queen dungeon quest?


Ding. System Prompt: The dungeon quest is separated into Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the chances of set equipment being dropped. Please choose your difficulty!


He was going to first give it a try to see how powerful the Insectoid Queen was.

Slay the Insectoid Queen: Normal Dungeon Quest

Head to Silent Hill and slay a Divine Beast Insectoid Queen

Suggest a party size of 5 to 10 players.

Loot: Divine rank materials, Divine Artifacts, Sacred-level Set Equipment

Dungeon Requirement: Level 100 Level 130

Once he had accepted the quest, he then led Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers to the wormhole next to the mayor.



There was a flash. Jiang Feng and his group appeared on a hill.

He opened the map and gave it a look.

Silent Hill was a completely separate location. There were plenty of red dots in this location. The red dots were all normal level 100 spider monsters.

In the middle of the hills were 20 purple dots and one black dot.

The black dots were where the final bosses would be.

Black Poison Spider: Level 100 Normal Monster

Sacred Health: 15,000

Sacred Attack: 3,000-3,200

Sacred Defense: 900

Skills: Poison after being poisoned, decreases 200 HP per second. Duration of 5 seconds. Does not stack.

"Damn it. A normal dungeon is so difficult already?" Jiang Feng frowned when he saw the Black Poison Spiders stats.

Their stats were not that high, and he could instantly kill them in one hit after using skills.

But what made him have a headache was that the spiders were only the size of a watermelon, and they were distributed everywhere in Silent Hill. They were on the roads, on the trees, on the rocks. There were spiders everywhere, and they kept on making bone-chilling noises.

"Dont move. We are in a safe area. Ill go find places where there are fewer spiders. If we march up directly, well be killed by their poison as we dont have Silvermoons Antidotes!" He said to Heifeng, who had just wanted to rush over to attack a group of spiders about ten meters away.

They did not have any healing pills or antidotes. If they were to attack them just like this, they would surely die.