Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 363

Chapter 363 Shifter Emperor Cloak

Ueno Kiku was the leader of the Japanese Server army.

He purely focused on his Sacred Health, and he had a large pool of it, reaching 150,000.

When he saw Jiang Feng teleporting over, he was very anxious.

Especially when Jiang Fengs name meant death to them.

"Quickly, protect me!"

Ueno Kiku told the nine players in his party and quickly withdrew.

But Jiang Feng, who had already locked on to him, would not allow him to retreat. The Deicide in his hand whacked his head, throwing him away.


The attack was a critical hit and had almost dealt around 100,000 damage. It terrified Ueno as he retreated even faster.

"Sweep the army!"

He did not chase after Ueno Kiku, but enlarged Deicide and slammed it toward the 500 men on the ship.


The attack had completely blown away all 500 of them, and a majority of them had fallen into the water.

On the other side, Xiao Longnu and Heifeng had also launched an attack against the leader of the American Server.

They seemed to have played through his dungeon before, and knew things about this dungeon. They cornered the leader of the American Server to where the poison mist was.


At this time, Johns and his groups were also in the same dungeon.

Within the dungeon, the armies that they both faced were from the American Servers.

When he saw that, he became excited. He stood on the ship, and then said to the leaders of the other two armies, "Brothers! Let me get the First Clear, and I will give each of you 10,000! You wont lose anything after you die, and you can still redo this dungeon! You wont lose anything!"


The two leaders of the two armies nodded in agreement.

Next, the two leaders guided their ships to where Johns ships were, then entered the aggro zone of Johns soldiers. Next, a large group of soldiers rushed in and killed both of them, causing them to drop two keys.

When Johns saw that, he quickly headed toward the two keys with joy.

However, he forgot that when his soldiers killed the two leaders, they had also entered the aggro zones of the other armies soldiers, and they instantly attracted the attack of the two thousand soldiers.

As they focused their attacks on the leaders, Johns did not notice that a large group of soldiers was targeting him when he went to pick up the keys. Before he could react, he was already killed by the soldiers.

After he was dead, he reappeared next to the Dungeon NPC with an angry face on.

"Sh*t! I was instantly killed by the soldiers! Damn it, I should have let others pick up the keys!"

Ding. World Announcement: Congratulations to the Shifter Emperor for being the first to complete the "Battle of Chibi" dungeon. Reward 50,000 experience points, 2,000 reputation, 1 bag of supplies, and 50pp. We hope that other players will continue to work hard!

"Damn it!"

When Johns heard the World Announcement, he was furious.

That meant that both first clears for the only two dungeons in the Starter Town had been snatched away by the Shifter Emperor. It would be strange if he were not furious about it.

Not only was he furious, but all the leaders of the other five servers were also furious.


After obtaining the First Clear for the dungeon, Jiang Feng took the two keys and headed to the treasure chest in the middle of the ocean using his ship.

Once he was next to the chest, he took out the two keys and inserted them into the locks.

"Hopefully theres going to be an Inheritor Equipment Set!" He mumbled to himself as he nervously opened the chest.

There were three items within the chest. One piece of equipment, a dozen ores, and a dozen herbs.

"A piece of equipment!"

When he saw the equipment, he became excited. With an expectant heart, he slowly took out the equipment from the chest and checked its stats.

Shifter Emperor Cloak: Shifter Emperor Inheritor Set, First Grade Sacred Artifact.

Introduction: Shifter Emperor, one of three Shifter Emperor Inheritor Set.

Sacred Health: +50,000

Sacred Defense: +5,000

Weaken enemies critical attack

30% chance of evading an enemys attack

30% chance of reflecting an enemys attack

Active Sacred Skill: Sacred Stealth, becomes invisible. Can attack when invisible, but once attacked, you will be exposed for five seconds. If you were not attacked within those 5 seconds, you will once again become invisible. Duration of 30 minutes. Once the skill has ended, it will enter into a 30 minutes cooldown.

Passive Sacred Skill: Pictogram of the Ten Thousand Beasts: every time you kill a Sacred-level Monster, you can absorb the souls of the Sacred-level monsters into the Shifter Emperors cloak. When you are in combat, you can sacrifice one soul to block one attack.

Gather three pieces of the set equipment to unlock the set equipment bonus.

Prerequisites: Shifter Emperor

"Haha! It looks like I am lucky this time! I didnt expect to get my equipment set!"

Jiang Feng laughed out excitedly as he looked at the black cloak in his hand.

"While the stats are quite ordinary, the two Sacred Skills it gives are quite overpowered!"

Sacred Stealth allowed him to attack while he was invisible. And he could return to invisibility after his attack. With this skill, his ability to survive and to hunt down others had become much stronger.

As for the passive skill Pictogram of the Ten Thousand Beasts, it was even more overpowered.

As long as he had killed enough Sacred Beasts, they would then be sealed in the cloak. It could help him dispel many dangers during battles.

Jiang Feng immediately equipped the Shifter Emperor Cloak.


The moment he had equipped the Shifter Emperor Cloak, the cloak automatically extended like a black dragon swaying behind him. He looked very cool.

"Whoa, boss! You are so cool! Can you let me try it on?" Heifeng ran over and said to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng did not pay any attention to the joker.

"Lets go. We should continue to farm this dungeon and see if we could get another piece of the Shifter Emperor equipment set!"

Once he had gotten a piece of the Shifter Emperor equipment set, he was looking forward to seeing what kind of effects it would have once he had gathered all the other pieces.

Next, he left the dungeon, submitted the quest, and continued to farm the dungeon.


Divine Dominion Continent.

Ding. World Announcement: Congratulations player "Yu Ling" for reaching level 150. As a player has reached level 150, the option to teleport to Silvermoon has been unlocked. All players that have reached level 150 can use the teleportation circle to teleport to one of nine main cities on Silvermoon. Hope you all have a great day!

Ling Feiyu, who was leveling together with Ye Wufeng, Xiao Yatou, and the others were momentarily stunned.

Xiao Yatou blinked and asked, "Yu Ling? Is there such a person in this game? Doesnt the first place belong to Xing Kui and the others? I have never seen this name."

Ling Feiyu said, "He must have finished a quest that awarded him with a large amount of experience points and allowed him to break through the level 149 threshold, and directly reach level 150."

Ye Wufeng frowned and said, "The first group of players that entered Silvermoon are still at the Starter Town, but Yu Ling can already directly enter the main cities. Looks like we have to quickly level up too, and get to Silvermoon for the resource war!"

"Alright, let us focus, then!" Ling Feiyu nodded and led the others to continue with their leveling.