Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 378

Chapter 378 The Second Stage Of The Inheritance

There were not too many of the Fox Spirits, only 23 of them.

While handling them was quite hard for Xiao Longnu and his other four followers, they were not too difficult for Jiang Feng and Mu Xi.

After spending half an hour, all 23 Fox Spirits had been killed, and had been transformed into 23 Soul Orbs.

Jiang Feng was filled with joy after he had received 24 Soul Orbs in total.

"Xiao Longnu, take these High-Level Evolution Pills, and then all of you try to evolve into a Sacred Beast as soon as possible!"

When he saw that Xiao Longnu and his other four followers could not hold against their own, he then used his 150 Evolution Pills and fused them in 15 high-level evolution pills. He then passed 10 of them to Xiao Longnu.

Heifengs tail swung and he licked his lips, saying "Boss, maybe you can give the high-level golden pill to me? Then, they would have to beg me, and I can Hehe"


Just as Heifeng had finished saying that, Guapi, Yanhu, the Thunderclap Mantis all went forward and gave him a whack, beating him until he had green eyes and a swollen face.

Xiao Longnu smiled as she covered her mouth, and then gave everyone one. She would keep the rest.

"I will place you all back into the Lianyao Flask. Go and evolve!"

With that, he waved and had Xiao Longnu and the five placed into the Lianyao Flask.

Now that their bloodline purity level was already full, and they had obtained enough Sacred Blood, it would be enough to help them evolve into a Sacred Beast.

Meanwhile, the increase of his bloodline purity was extremely slow. He was still an Immortal Beast.

If he could evolve into the Divine-level Shifter Emperor bloodline, his stats would double, and he would have an easier time fighting Rank Three Sacred Level NPCs and monsters.

"Take the Lianyao Flask and continue your journey. I will enter the Lianyao Flask."

Jiang Feng passed the Lianyao Flask to Mu Xi, and then entered the Lianyao Flask, preparing to recruit Daji.

The only reason that he gave the Lianyao Flask to Mu Xi so open-handedly was because the Lianyao Flask was account-bound to him. No one could take it from him.


The first level of the Lianyao Flask, the Qiankun Microworld.

Next to a lake, he could already see Su Daji and Su Ningxiang.

The original souls of Su Daji and Su Ningxiang had already been consumed by the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox and the Three-tailed Spirit Fox. Now, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was Su Daji and the Three-tailed Spirit Fox was Su Ningxiang.

"Shifter Emperor!" When Su Daji saw Jiang Feng appeared before her, he called out with a frown.

"If you know who I am, why did you not kneel?" Jiang Feng said calmly as he stared at Su Daji.

"Kneel? Haha! You must be joking. Before obtaining the inheritance from the Shifters Ruins, what authority do you have to make me kneel?" Su Daji said.

"Shifters Ruins? Inheritance?" Jiang Feng became curious.

Su Daji said, "All of you came from the Divine Dominion Continent. The inheritance that you obtained there is only the first stage. That means, as the Shifter Emperor, you can only command the monsters from the Divine Dominion Continent. But you are useless on Silvermoon, unless you can also find the Shifters Ruins and receive the stage of the Shifter Emperors Inheritance!"

Jiang Feng listened to Su Daji earnestly. He did not expect that he would get such important news from Su Daji.

The Shifters Ruins? It looks like he would need to spend some time to gain the second stage of his Inheritance. Otherwise, the Shifter Emperors Flag and the Donghuang Bell would be useless on Silvermoon!

When he thought of that, he looked at Su Daji. "I will receive the second stage of the Shifter Inheritance. Now, I want to tell you that you have two choices. Submit to me, or die!" Said Jiang Feng.

"Hmph, submit to you? Impossible!" Su Daji said and attacked Jiang Feng.

"A death wish, huh?"

Jiang Feng did not move at all. With simply a thought, Su Dajis physical body had returned to where she was when she started rushing toward him. No matter how Su Daji moved, she would reappear on the same spot in the next second.

After trying it a few times and it all ended in the same way, Su Daji had no choice but to give up.

She must be joking. The Lianyao Flask was one of the Ten Primordial Divine Artifacts, and were bound to him. While he would not be able to say that he could decide the life and death of any players or NPCs within the Lianyao Flask, he could at least make them unable to attack him.

"Su Daji, stop resisting. Swearing fealty to me is your best choice," Jiang Feng said.

"If I do not?"

"Why dont we put it this way. We can forge a contract. You only need to be loyal to me for one year. Afterward, if you wish to walk your own path, no one will stop you. And I will also give you some high-level golden pills. How does that sound?"

Jiang Fengs last words had both Su Daji and Su Ningxiang fall into deep thoughts.

If they agree to Jiang Feng, they would secure their freedom and no longer need to stay in the Lianyao Flask for the foreseeable future. Not only that, they would receive high-level golden pills. The time limit was one year, and it would be very quick for them.

However, if they do not agree to Jiang Feng, they might be imprisoned within the Lianyao Flask forever. Or if they were killed by Jiang Feng, they would gain nothing.

After giving it some thought, Su Daji said, "Alright, I agree with you!"

Under Jiang Fengs intimidation, Su Daji the Nine-tailed Fox Spirit and Su Ningxiang the Three-tailed Fox Spirit had agreed to Jiang Fengs request without much of a choice.

When he saw that Su Daji and Su Ningxiang had agreed to his conditions, Jiang Feng was glad.

Next, Su Daji and Su Ningxiang swore to be loyal to Jiang Feng for one year, and signed a System Contract.

After signing the contract, Jiang Feng then nodded satisfyingly and said to Su Daji with a smile, "Since you have agreed to my request, here is the task that I need the both of you to do."

Su Daji said, "What task?"

Jiang Feng replied, "Seduce King Zhou."

Correct. The reason that Jiang Feng recruited Su Daji was to defeat King Zhou.

The King Zhou in the game was still a very lecherous man. Therefore, as long as Su Daji appeared before her, she could then even take away his soul.

Once Su Daji could participate in the administration of the state and could ask King Zhou for some rights to rule Silvermoon, his objective would be met.

When he thought about the possibility that the entire Silvermoon would be his to control, he became slightly excited.

"What would you have me do?" Asked Su Daji.

Next, Jiang Feng and Su Daji discussed the details of their plans, and he then released Su Daji and Su Ningxiang from the Lianyao Flask.

After leaving the Lianyao Flask, Su Daji and Su Ningxiang headed toward Shuiyue City. They were going to use the Teleportation Circle to head to the Imperial Palace.


After sending away Su Daji and Su Ningxiang, he then accepted the Lianyao Flask from Mu Xi and continued to head toward the center of the Golden Sea Wetlands together with her.

After flying for quite some time, they had finally arrived at the depths of the Golden Sea Wetlands.

"Hm? Where is the Fox tribe?"

When he arrived at the Golden Sea Wetlands, they had made a few rounds around the center of the Golden Sea Wetlands to search for the Fox Tribe. When they found nothing, he became confused.

"According to my quest, the Fox tribes location is very well hidden. I think, somewhere nearby should be a passage that would lead to the Fox Tribe. But theres no reason for us not being able to find it after making the few rounds." Mu Xi said to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng nodded, and looked down into the seawater. "We have looked around outside and didnt find anything. The only place left is underwater. We should have a look down there."


Just as Jiang Feng and Mu Xi were looking for the Fox Tribes location, Su Daji and Su Ningxiang had reached the Imperial Palace.