Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Challenging The Earth Leaderboard Elite

Jiang Feng looked at the tables of players and then headed toward a table of players from the Huaxia server.

"Excuse me, do you know where the locations of the top fifty on the Earth Leaderboard are?"

When he came to the Turquoise Sea City, he had already used Polymorph. Now, he only looked like a normal player.

When they heard his question, the players from the Huaxia Server that were enjoying the good food were silently surprised.

One of them, a slightly fat man who was called "BrotherQiangIsNotFlirty" asked him with a smile, "Why do you want to know about the Earth Fifty? Are you going to challenge them?"

Jiang Feng nodded with a smile. "Yes."

"Haha, are you joking? Do you want to challenge the Earth Fifty with your stats? Brother, you really have to stop joking."

"I think you cant even beat me, and you want to challenge the Earth Fifty? You should know your place."

At that moment, all the players started to sneer at Jiang Feng.

One of the female players called "SoftlyOneStrike" took out a book and said to Jiang Feng, "This book records the names of the Earth Fifty, their levels, class, and current whereabouts. 1,000pp and its yours."


Jiang Feng looked at the book in SoftlyOneStrikes hand and directly spent 1,000pp on it. He then took the book and sat down on his original seat.

"Goodness, that guy is an idiot, right? The Records of the Earth Leaderboard is sold in every city, and one of them is only 500pp. He really doesnt know about it? Or is he faking it?" BrotherQiangIsNotFlirty said.

"Who cares. At least we got our money for the meal back," SoftlyOneStrike said.

Once he was back in his seat, Jiang Feng heard the conversation between BrotherQiangIsNotFlirty and SoftlyOneStrike. He smiled and paid them no more attention.

1,000pp was just a small change to him, so he did not care much about it.

He flipped open the Record of the Earth Leaderboard and began reading.

On the Earth Leaderboard, most of the top 40 were all NPCs. And most of these NPCs were famous individuals from history or myths.

Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Chen Xiang, Lin Yueru all these famous individuals were on it.

The dozens at the back were mostly players.

No. 39th, Xuanyuan Qi, Level 159, Warrior, currently at Royal Qin City.

No. 40th, Lux, Level 160, Inheritor of the Fallen, currently at Bayi River near Cia City.

No. 41st, Johns, Level 158, Inheritor of the Divines, currently at the Restaurant in Cia City.

The Record of the Earth Leaderboard not only recorded the players on the Earth Leaderboards levels and class, but it also recorded their current location.


As he looked down, he did not expect that there was a player located in Turquoise Sea City. Not only that, but he was also within the restaurant.

That player was none other than the Inheritor of the Infernals from the Japanese server, Sakaguchi Shouta.

When he saw that, he let out a faint smile and walked over to the restaurants second floor.

Very quickly, he discovered Sakaguchi Shouta.

At this time, Sakaguchi Shouta was enjoying his delicious meal with a beauty. They were having a chat, and it seemed that he wanted to court that female player.

When Jiang Feng saw that, he gave him a faint smile, took out the clothing for the Black Ice Set, and slammed it on Sakaguchi Shoutas desk and said, "I challenge you and this is my ante! If you are a man, dont be a coward!"

When the Black Ice Set was taken out, the entire air had also become cold.

Jiang Fengs voice was also quite loud, and all the players that were eating there all looked at him.

Sakaguchi Shouta and the beauty opposite of him had all been shocked by Jiang Fengs action. But when they saw the Black Ice Set, Sakaguchi Shouta squinted his eyes and looked at Jiang Fengs stats. He then sneered, "You sure you want to challenge me?"

Jiang Feng nodded. "Why are you wasting your breath? Will you accept it or not?"

He was intimidating Sakaguchi Shouta, so that he would not be able to refuse his challenge.

When someone had challenged a player, the player could refuse and would not suffer any losses. However, if the player accepted the challenge, he or she would lose their ante and their Earth Leaderboard Ranking would also drop. Therefore, the players on the leaderboard usually would not accept another players challenge unless they were sure that they could win.

Of course, if the ante was tempting enough, he would try it.

The Black Ice Set was a part of the most popular Sacred Artifact Equipment Set. At this point in the game, no one had gathered one whole equipment set yet. But just one was enough to make others envious of you.

That was because there were very few Sacred Artifacts now. Even if just one was spawned, it would make others try to snatch it. Even Sakaguchi Shouta, who already had a Sacred Artifact, could not resist the temptation.

Not to mention that Jiang Feng had challenged his pride and that there was no reason for him not to accept it, or he would lose his dignity.

"How prideful. I will accept your challenge!"

Sakaguchi Shouta jumped through the window and into the streets as soon as he had finished saying that.

Jiang Feng let out a smile that symbolized that his plan had worked, took his Black Ice Set and also jumped down the window, and stood in front of Sakaguchi Souta.

"If I lose, this pair of shoes from the Black Ice Set is yours. But looking at your stats, you cant win even if I let you!"

Sakaguchi Shouta took out a pair of shoes that radiated a blue light and said to Jiang Feng with pride.

Jiang Feng was still in his polymorphed form and had used the ID card to change his stats. His current stats was very normal. It would indeed be foolish if he was using his displayed stats to challenge Sakaguchi Shouta.

"We will only know the winner after the duel!"

Jiang Feng smiled and took out the clothes from the Black Ice Set and threw it aside.

When the players nearby saw that he wanted to challenge Sakaguchi Shouta, they all moved to the side.

Many of the players were going to watch the show and they started to discuss among themselves. From the voices, many players were not optimistic about Jiang Fengs chance of winning.

"Black Ice Set. The ante is quite valuable. That player called "Yao Feng" seemed to have overestimated his own abilities. With that stats, even I could win against him!"

"Tsk Sakaguchi Shoutas luck is so good, being able to get a piece of the Black Ice Set for free. Currently, the price for the Sacred Artifacts are quite high and can probably get him around 600,000pp. If Sakaguchi Shouta exchanged it into Japanese Yen, that would be tens of billions. He could make a fortune out of it!"

"Yao Fengs stats are really bad, and he is challenging the players from the Earth Leaderboard? He is such a daredevil!"


Just as the players nearby were still discussing, Jiang Feng and Sakaguchi Shouta had finished their preparations. With a command, a transparent barrier covered them within a span of fifty meters.

When the duel officially began. Jiang Feng took out Deicide and his figure flashed and appeared next to Sakaughi Shouta. In one strike, he immediately slammed Sakaughi Shouta and threw him into the barrier.


The attack took out one-fourth of Sakaguchi Shoutas total health pool.

When they saw this moment, all the players nearby had their mouths opened in shock. Even the players that were sneering at Jiang Feng felt that they had been slapped across the face, and their faces went red.

"Youre the Shifter Emperor!"

Sakaguchi Shouta stood back up, his face paled as he stared at Jiang Feng.

Only Jiang Feng would have a staff weapon with such a high Sacred Attack in the game. Therefore, it was not hard to guess Jiang Fengs identity.