Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 63

Chapter 63

For the entire day, Jiang Feng had been running around the Imperial Dragon City picking up the Barbaric Giants’ corpses.

Canaan was responsible for providing him with the information, and he was responsible for looking for them.

He had spent the entire day and transmuted eleven Barbaric Giant corpses. He had succeeded eight times and failed thrice.

He had received six pet eggs and two skill books, and the experience pill that he had obtained had been used on himself. His level had also been increased to Level 17.

The six pet eggs excluding the Thunderclap Mantis, the other five eggs were two Rank 5 pet eggs, two Rank 6 pet eggs, and one Rank 7 pet egg.

Other than the ‘Blink’ skill book, the other skill book was “High-speed Movement.”

Correct. He had already learned the skill, so he had let Yanhu learn from the newly acquired skill book.

“The event had ended. While I’ve spent the whole day on this, the reward is still not bad.”

Jiang Feng lay on top of a giant rock and smiled as he looked at the items inside his spatial bracelet.

According to the information that he had gathered, those major guilds had used all that they had to farm the Barbaric Giants, but they had only received four pet eggs and three skill books. Some guilds didn’t even get anything and spent their time for nothing.

He considered himself incredibly lucky when compared to them.

He took out the Crimson Flame Rabbit Pet Egg and placed it at the Trading Hall and designated for it to be sold to Canaan.

Since she had helped him a lot, he needed to show his appreciation by giving her something in return. And it seemed like the Canaan Guild did not manage to get anything.

He didn’t sell the rank 5 pet egg at a premium rate and had only asked for 20,000.

At the current stage, the price of a pet egg could be very high. A rank 5 pet egg had its price bumped up to 30,000. A rank 6 had increased up to 50,000. A rank 7 had increased to 100,000. A rank 8 had increased to 150,000 The rarer the pet egg was, the more expensive its price became.

Not to mention that the pets had no so-called transition period and could be improved slowly. That was why their price was much higher than the equipment.

After he had completed the designation, the money was quickly transferred and the Blazing Rabbit Egg had been bought away by Canaan.

“It’s already 5 in the evening, I better go and make dinner!”

Looking at the time, it was already time for a meal. He was then prepared to log out to go have dinner.

Beep beep.

At this time, his Friend panel began to blink. It was a message from Mu Xi.

Mu Xi: “I heard that you have pet eggs? Could you sell me one?”

Jiang Feng was slightly shocked, and asked: “How did you know?”

He did not know that Mu Xi was a member of Canaan Guild. If he had known about it, he wouldn’t have asked such a question.

Mu Xi: “A feeling. You are strong, so you must have been farming the Barbaric Giants. And with your luck, you must have been able to get an egg or two.”

For reasons unknown, Mu Xi did not mention Canaan.

Seeing Mu Xi’s answer, Jiang Feng could only shake his head with a bitter smile. He silently thought to himself, ‘this woman’s sixth sense is too strong.’

Looking at the four pet eggs in his spatial bracelet, he then mumbled to himself, ‘These four pet eggs are not appealing to me at all. I better sell them then. I can save some money and get a bigger home for Dad. Dad loves fishing, so I can lease a fishpond or buy a terminal and let Dad join the game as well. I can also hire a caretaker afterward, then I can play the game without worries.’

Now that he had established his career in the game, he didn’t want to go sweep the streets anymore. He also wanted to improve his living condition. With those things in mind, he was ready to sell all four of the pet eggs.

Mu Xi was wealthy. The reason that she bought so much equipment from him was to build up her guild. Otherwise, she wouldn’t need that much equipment. Since she was part of a guild, he was sure that she did not have enough pets. If that was true, then this would be easy.

Jiang Feng gave it a thought, then replied, “I have four pet eggs in my possession. One rank 5, two rank 6, and one rank 7. How much can you pay me?”

After he had sent the message, he didn’t receive a response from Mu Xi. Perhaps she was shocked.

It was understandable. So many guilds went to farm the Barbaric Giants, and they only managed to get four pet eggs, and he himself had that many. It would be strange if she wasn’t surprised at all.

After several dozen seconds, Mu Xi had finally recovered from the shock. She then responded, “All of them. I’ll give you 250,000!”

‘250,000? It’s higher than the market price by 20,000. The wealthy can spend so much without thinking twice, how extravagant!’

“Let’s trade!”

He would be a fool to refuse such a deal.

With that amount of money and the one that he had originally earned, he could buy a small detached house in the slums with a decent environment. He no longer needed to feed the animals, and his life would become easier.

With the four pet eggs having been placed for trade, they had been bought by Mu Xi very quickly. The 250,000 had entered his account.

After deducting the 50,000 that he had repaid to Zheng Tao, and his transactions with Canaan, he still had 30,000 in savings. Including the 250,000 that he earned this time, he now had a grand total of 280,000.

In just a few days, he had already earned 280,000 from the game. It made him feel like this was all a dream.

He clicked on the log out button and logged out of the game.

After making dinner, he then called his father to have dinner.

When they were having dinner, he noticed that his father wasn’t paying attention. He even noticed some of his hair had turned white.

Looking at what had happened, he became sad and ridden with guilt and thought to himself, ‘Dad must still be worried about the money from Zheng Tao. Well, I better tell Dad.”

“Dad, I’ve already given Zheng Tao his money back,” he told his father as he picked up a pickle using his chopsticks and put it into his bowl, and ate a few mouthfuls.

“What did you say?” His father was startled as he looked at Jiang Feng with a troubled face.

Jiang Feng shrugged, then went back to his room to take out the receipt, and showed it to his father. “I said I have paid Zheng Tao back.”

His father looked at the receipt, but instead of being happy, he looked at Jiang Feng in worry. “Little Feng, even if we’re poor, we still need to have our dignity. Don’t be a sinner in this society and do something that is anti-social, what you did”

“Dad, what are you thinking about? I earned the money lawfully. I didn’t steal, didn’t rob, and didn’t commit any crimes,” Jiang Feng quickly explained as he knew that his father had misunderstood him.

“You didn’t go out much and lie on your bed every day, how did you earn so much money?” His father asked.

“You said that I’ve been lying on my bed every day, and that means I couldn’t have committed any crimes.” Jiang Feng took out the game terminal and placed it in front of his dad. “I wasn’t sleeping when I was lying on my bed. I was playing a game. And the money came from the game. Do you remember the conversation from the people from Fatty Wang’s Stall? I was afraid that you wouldn’t believe me then, but I am the ‘Number One in the Game, Jiang Feng’ that they were talking about.”

“Then where did you get the money to buy the terminal?” His father continued to doubt him with a frown.

“A schoolmate lent it to me, but I’ve bought it now.”

Jiang Feng didn’t dare to say that he had picked it up. He knew how his father would think, and he would definitely want him to return it, so he had to lie about it.

After half an hour’s worth of explanation, his father finally accepted the truth. Even his face had brightened and he was no longer frowning.

After dinner, he didn’t log into the game, but went to a property sales office and bought a small western-style house near a lake at the border between the slums and the city for 250,000.

The only reason that he could buy it at such a cheap price was that the house had some problems. Somebody had died in the building, and it had been empty since. After the owner’s death, his children needed money urgently and sold it at an even cheaper price.

But Jiang Feng was indifferent. Who said that a place where people had died before could not be lived in? Is there anywhere in this world that someone did not die in?

He was not superstitious and bought the place without hesitation. He even looked for cleaners to have it cleaned as he planned to move over tomorrow.

After he had done all this, it was already around eight or nine at night. After freshening up, he logged back into the game.